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Merry Christmas!!

Miss T

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Merry Christmas to one and all at TWO, i hope you all get exactly what you wanted etc etc. I'm going to be in a comatose state as i'll be getting wasted xmas eve, then xmas day, then boxing day as well! then on the 28th i should have recovered enough to go see West Ham play wigan. All good fun over christmas!
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So its now Christmas Eve Eve, it's time to wish everyone at TWO a very Merry Christmas. I hope you all have a great time and you get everything you want. Think of me whilst I'm miserable! ;)


Have a good one!


Christmas Eve? But it's the 23rd. Surely Christmas Eve is on the 24th?

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I was looking forward to christmas yesterday at work,now im not at work I'm not really fussed,infact I'm really really bored.

Chris2Kface was meant to be taking me out tonight, but oh no badminton is more important,no presents for him.

I hope he feels reallly bad now.

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S'not the point,it's the festive good season and Chris is on his own so I thought I'd be the nice person I am and spend some time with him so he's not alone.

I'm going down the 99p shop tommorrow to buy him a giftset that will bring him out in boils.

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