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First Band For Download 2006 Confirmed?

Dead Crow

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From Efestivals...

According to The Prodigy's official website, they're to play at the Download Festival on Saturday 10th June, and also at Creamfields in Liverpool on Saturday 26th August.


The official word is that they can't currently be confirmed or denied, but it's unlikely that they'd put the details on their website if not true.


Download Festival takes place from Friday 9th until Sunday 11th June 2006, at Donington Park, Leicestershire.


Download Tickets have now gone off-sale - it's likely they'll be available again when an official announcement is made. We've been led to understand that no announcement is imminent.

If it's true, I'm very happy about this.

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I saw them at Reading in 2002, and they were very good. Certainly a very entertaining live act. Will just depend on the style they choose. Sometimes they go very rocky, or dancy, or go for house, or punk etc. When I saw them, they went for ska dance, including a dance cover of Nightboat To Cairo. But invaribly whatever you get, its a good show.
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