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The PS 50


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1. AJ Styles

2. Shawn Michaels

3. Samoa Joe

4. Kenta Kobashi

5. Kurt Angle

6. Kenta

7. Christopher Daniels

8. Naomichi Marufuji

9. Eddie Guerrero

10. Kensuke Sasaki

11.Chris Benoit

12. Rey Mysterio

13. Satoshi Kojima

14. Edge

15. Jamie Knoble

16. Triple H

17. Toshiaki Kawada

18. Austin Aries

19. Chris Jericho

20. Jun Akiyama

21. Yoshinobu Kanemaru

22. Koji Kanemoto

23. CM Punk

24. Chris Harris

25. Suwa

26. Bryan Danielson

27. Hiroshi Tananashi

28. James Storm

29. Roderick Strong

30. Chris Sabin

31. Shelton Benjamin

32. Doug Williams

33. Alex Shelly

34. Christian

35. Low Ki

36. Petey Williams

37. Hiroyshi Tenzan

38. Milano Collection A.T

39. Takashi Suguira

40.Randy Orton

41. Eric Young

42. Jay Lethal

43. Matt Hardy

44. Homicide

45. Nigel Mcguiness

46. Jeff Jarret

47. Abyss

48. Booker T

49. Batista

50. Sabu

I actually think that is a reasonable list. There are a few mistakes I would say, such as Ric Flair not being in there (The Triple H feud alone, is worthy of him beating Sabu, or James Storm), and some wrestlers who have had a phenomenal year, see James Gibson is being overlooked, for say Benoit, who has how many great matches this year? None at all.


But overall, I think this list is far better than the usual rubbish by websites, and magazines.

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what the hell is this list. Cena should easily be top. What did this guy base the list on. It seems to me that this guy based it on talent and technical ability. Sadly alot of the time that is not important. The list is not the best technical wrestler, It is who has had the best year. Cena has been in and won every Pay per view main event possible since wrestlemania. Batista to should be higher. Even if others have had runs like that cena did it in the most popular and mainstream organisation. In my opinion this list is a load of crap. What did this guy base it on?


P.S.I don't actually like cena

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I actually think Kurt Angle is very overrated' date='................................... listens for anyone to agree *slience follows a tumbleweed*[/quote']

more silence, then finally Spiral Tap champions the rights of all of those who have hope!


Kurt Angle was beyond great, now just really good though.


I agree with this list, HBK has had some great performances this year.


Angle x3





He made all of those matches.

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Maybe a WWE guy could have crept into your list around 30-40?

:worship I couldn't agree more. Actually i'd love to see a top 50 list of Dave's. If you wouldn't mind say tomorrow.


Anyway I think the list is quite reasonable, there are a few names to be puzzled about why they even made it, but i'd say it's better than any other i've seen in the past year.

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Eh, I wouldn't be so hard on some of those guys - if they gave their all, and did the best they could then the commendation is well deserved, regardless of their actual status, or whatnot.


Besides, top 30 lists are all usually based on and judged against by personal views - just because you don't agree with those wrestlers doesn't mean somehow they deserve to be sent straight to hell. No one opinion is the right one...hence, why teh Cena fan/hater debate rages on for example.


Personally, I can't argue on many of those points...purely because I only know of the WWE guys on that there list.


Me, I'm a fan of most of the guys there...I'm not watching 100% for the skills, I watch for what I find to entertain myself personally.


We all do!


Even though you might claim to not understand why some of those guys on there deserve the places they have on the chart, it doesn't mean they don't...it's all based on what appeals to you, and what you allow/disallow in your own views as good and bad.


Heck, this post is redundant and probably likely to get shot down 'cause you guys know more on this than I, a humble casual fan who reads the net responses and agree on some, if not all, that you guys point out.


I personally admit to being a small fan of Cena an' Edge...they ain't the best, but on some small level they do what they say on the tin, even if that doesn't apply to 70/80% of the IWC.


...Hell, I'm a Triple H fan. I'm already used to being in the minority as it is!!! XD


My point? Meh, I guess it's have your opinions - but don't forget there's 2 sides to every coin.


*Puts soapbox away*


Okay, one request...don't pelt those tomatoes at me too hard now. Oo;

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