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The Endless Circle...


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Hello folks. You may remember i posted a poem up a while back called "Wasting Away." Well a few of you liked it and gave me good feebback. Thanks.


Recently i've had a few more creative sparks, and came up with another. Still with the depressing feel, and this time it doesn't rhyme. I like it though. What do you think?


The Endless Circle:





Well there it is, or was should that be? Anyway, hope you like it.

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I thank a you Anithero. You've liked both of my poems i do abelieve. My first fan :D


Don't wortry folks, i won't be making a regular habit of posting poems (unless you'd like me to :),) i just had some sparks and thought i'd show you what i came up with. Mostly dark and gloomy because you get more of a reaction with that kind of stuff...

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