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The Sun interview the Hitman

Citizen Kane

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Credit:The Sun

FIRST the bad news - legendary wrestler Bret Hart says he will never again compete in the squared circle.


Now the good news - if you're a fan of The Hitman you'll be seeing an awful lot of him in the New Year.


Bret will be coming to the UK as part of two huge 1PW shows in Doncaster on January 6 and 7 and popping into Sun Online later that month to answer your questions in an exclusive webchat.


He'll also be releasing a three-disc career retrospective DVD that has seen him do the unthinkable and team up with Vince McMahon.


Bret and Vince have barely spoken since the infamous Survivor Series of 1997, when Vince - along with Shawn Michaels and referee Earl Hebner - screwed Hart out of the WWE title for real.


But, speaking to us from his holiday home in Italy, Bret said his legacy was more important to him than any feud with the McMahons.


He told us: "I had no choice but to take this step and work with the WWE again, as it was the only way to make sure that everything I did wasn't forgotten.


"I couldn't have done this by myself - I barely even own a picture of my career, let alone any video footage!


"This thing started when Vince called me up in the middle of August and said they'd almost finished a DVD on my career and wanted me to be a part of it.


"He told me the title was going to be Screwed and it was all going to be about the Survivor Series.


"I told him: 'I can't be part of anything called Screwed. That wasn't what my career was about. If that's what you guys are going to do then you can leave me out.'


"I reminded Vince of the promises he made to me when we met before Owen's funeral and again when he called me after I had my stroke. On both occasions he promised me a fitting tribute to my career.


"Then, right there on the phone, Vince changed his position. He started telling me: 'It doesn't have to be about all of that, we can highlight your career and it can be called Bret Hart: The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be.'"


After agreeing to the DVD in principle, Bret made sure he laid down some very specific conditions before flying down to WWE headquarters to film it.


"I made it really clear that my career was not just about Survivor Series," he revealed.


"I had a great career in the WWE and it has always frustrated me that all they ever talk about and look at is the last 10 minutes of it.


"I wanted to make sure that wasn't the theme of the DVD. I knew that we would have to discuss it, but I certainly didn't want to exploit it or make it part of the sale.


"For me, Survivor Series was a very hurtful thing and caused a lot of problems - it didn't turn out as rosy for me as it did for them.


"I think we talked about it enough on the DVD to satisfy people's curiosity, and I don't think Vince is going to come any closer to an apology than he did on that.


"The other thing I didn't want to focus on was the death of my brother Owen, as again I don't like to make money from things that are upsetting for me.


"And I've always felt that if I'd been treated right then Owen's death would never have happened."


After agreeing to terms with Vince - who Bret says he no longer has any animosity towards - The Hitman spent a week watching tapes of his old matches, personally selecting many of the bouts, clips and footage used on the DVD.


He also got a chance to see the original Screwed piece - a burial job in a similar vein to the WWE's recent Self Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior release.


"Screwed wasn't very good," Bret blasted. "My fans certainly wouldn't have liked it.


"It had a lot of guys slagging me off and making me out to be unprofessional, a bad businessman and saying they didn't know where my head was at the day of the Survivor Series.


"I was a little hurt by some of them, like Jerry Lawler and Hulk Hogan. It seemed like a lot of guys took their opportunity to bury me as much as they could.


"I don't know what I did to any of those people, like Hogan and Lawler, and they have never walked in my shoes.


"A lot of questions were also posed in a way to get a negative reaction.


"They'd ask things that were so over the top, like: 'Was Bret Hart the greatest wrestler who ever lived?' So the reaction would be: 'Well he was a great wrestler, but…'"


Bret's DVD is out in America now and hits British stores on January 23 2006.


The Hitman went on the WWE's Internet show Byte This to promote it and the release has lead to inevitable rumours of an appearance on Raw or Smackdown.


Rumours that Bret says are totally false.


He told us: "When I went to Stamford to make the DVD I saw the photo archive that they have on me, and that touched a lot of good memories.


"So I am now in the midst of talking to the WWE about doing a coffee table book that would include many of those pictures.


"But, while I'd never rule anything out, I don't see myself ever appearing on Raw or Smackdown.


"I don't really have anything more to say and I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable walking out on their show and giving people the impression that everything is OK.


"People always ask me what I thought about when I was in the ring looking out at the crowd at Survivor Series.


"And I remember shaking my head and saying: 'I'll never ever come back.'"


"Now, years later, it's always some little thing like: 'Why don't you come back and just do the Hall Of Fame.'


"But I remember what I said on that night and always turn it down. Maybe that will change though!"


One show Bret will be a part of is 1PW's No Turning Back weekend.


The star says he's looking forward to addressing his British fans and signing autographs.


Sadly, due to the stroke he suffered and concussions from his final WCW match with Goldberg, Bret cannot physically take part in any action.


He confessed: "I wish I could walk out and wrestle a match, but I can't.


"I can't take any sort of serious falls or blows to the head and I don't want to play with fire.


"When I first got into a wrestling ring I was pretty good and when I left I was pretty good. I wouldn't want to go out there now, even if I could somewhat pull it off, and ruin that memory.


"It would be hard for me to be that guy again and to walk out in front of a huge crowd would be heartbreaking if I couldn't give them what I wanted to and what they expected.


"But I would dearly love to go in there and have that one last match.


"I think about it all the time."


Bret also hits back at certain superstars:


Hulk Hogan:


I don't know what Hogan's problems are with me. Maybe he has some kind of issue because I was a much better wrestler than he was.


The truth of it is, Hogan would have a hard time putting out a DVD like mine.


Every match of his is the same thing - the same scenario and routine.


He had a great look and a great interview and sold out a lot of shows, but his matches were nothing special.


To watch four hours of them would be an expose of how limited he really was.


Ric Flair:


If you ask me who the most overrated guy in the history of the business is, then it would be Ric Flair.


I guess that maybe somewhere in his career he was good, but even when I won the world title from him in the WWE I thought he wasn't that hot.


He never impressed me after that and he definitely doesn't impress me now.


I think that, like Hogan, if you've seen one Ric Flair match then you've seen them all.


Shawn Michaels:


I would never work with Shawn Michaels again. He says he has changed, but I don't see it.


Wrestling is all about trust and respect and I couldn't trust him any more now than I could the day of Survivor Series. I don't have much respect for him and he doesn't seem to have that much respect for me.


I couldn't see any point in doing something with him, other than to make the promotion money.


I gather that Shawn, in his book, says I wasn't that good a wrestler and always had the same match. But that's sour grapes.


Shawn was a great wrestler, but he was also a rip off artist who stole other people's spots and ideas and made them his own.


He was certainly not an original, whereas a lot of the stuff I did was quite innovative.


The Ultimate Warrior:


The WWE have just done a DVD burying Warrior but it's hard to feel sorry for him, because he was such a rotten human being.


When I knew him, he wasn't a good guy and he wasn't a great wrestler.


That said, I feel he deserves better than what he got. Warrior is entitled to his fair place in wrestling history and deserves credit for what he achieved.

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He sure is a humble guy' date=' isn't he? I don't understand how he can talk bad about Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels when they are both better than he ever was. Of course, that's just my opinion.[/quote']


Probably because he was better, just my opinion of course.

"But I would dearly love to go in there and have that one last match.


"I think about it all the time."


An interesting turn of phrase don't you think?

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I think Bret's just like most guys from that era, in that they all have a very high opinion of themselves.


I never understand his criticism of Flair or Hogan, considering both can say exactly the same thing about him technically speaking. The HBK criticism I can understand considering, but he does come across a little bitter at times, although miles better than a few years back.


Still, I will be buying his DVD though.

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How can you call someone on being arrogant when you're a mark for HBK of all people.


Well, HBK used to be very arrogant, but now he seems a bit more humbled, besides I found HBK's arrogancy funny.


Bret Hart always seems like he's moaping over something.


Anyway, yes Bret was a great wrestler, and yes he was innovative, but he's not the best there is, was, and ever will be.


And I often though about getting Bret's DVD, considering I've blocked him out of wrestling history in my own mind.


But #1 on my Christmas list is Heartbreak & Triumph

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Well I am both a fan of Michaels and Brets work. Bret can be a little arrogant at times, but he has the name and the rep to be arrogant, same with Micheals, I find Hogan can be arrogant with the money aspect of things, and his comment on the money for summerslam is just a slap in the face for all wrestling fans which made me lose so much respect for him. Bret made some good points about the superstars and Bret is entitled to a point of view, and has great point of views, because even if you don't believe them yourslef and they are not your opinion, he has enough proof to back up his opinions and has the right to say them.
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Bret seems a bit full of himself doesn't he.


I hope he doesn't break his arm patting himself on the back.


Yeah, lets hope not.


You should buy the Sacred Heart Kids book - Lies and more lies, with 100% more lies than Hogan.


At least Bret never "lost his smile"!!!

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Exactly, Superkick kid, I am also a Shawn Michaels fan, but i do not completely go out of my way to defend him, I mean i know what is good and bad about him, same as Bret, but you just make yourself look so stupid on here sometimes because you contradict yourself and not even realise you are doing it, back up what you say before you say it or while you are saying it.
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Exactly' date=' Superkick kid, I am also a Shawn Michaels fan, but i do not completely go out of my way to defend him, I mean i know what is good and bad about him, same as Bret, but you just make yourself look so stupid on here sometimes because you contradict yourself and not even realise you are doing it, back up what you say before you say it or while you are saying it.[/quote']



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Then don't get into those arguments, I changed my name just to get out of these arguments because being called Shawn_Michaels everyone expected me to be exactly like you and not have another point of view, but I am more decent then that and actually look at more then one point of view on wrestling.
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