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Mike Quackenbush Retires


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A few months ago, I was told that I needed to have back surgery in the fairly near future, to remove cysts that are not just in my back, but some that are dangerously near my spine. I have been forewarned that there exists the possibility that I will not be able to wrestle again, once the two operations are complete. Knowing this, I made some calls and managed to arrange one final match in Essen, Germany. This past weekend, wrestling for both FCW (England) and wXw (Germany), I may have seen my last bouts come and go. This is particularly distressing for me, moreso than the concept of surgery, because I can scarcely imagine what life I'll have left if I am unable to return to the ring. I can only hope for the best. Regardless, I am glad that I got to see my friends in Essen one more time, to entertain them and to be immersed in the unique atmosphere that only those fans can create. Now that the weekend is behind me, the only dates remaining on my calendar are with surgeons and therapists. It's a rather sober reality.


I've made some fond memories in the past year - winning CZW's Best of the Best V tournament back in May; training down at the Toryumon school in Naucalpan; visiting other countries; challenging myself against talented wrestlers; seeing CHIKARA blossom into this bizarre rose that ignores the boundaries of the garden of pro-wrestling. I can only pray 2006 will be as kind to me. Thanks for the positive words, the cheers and all the support. It means the world to me. - MIKE.


Really sad, I really enjoyed Quack's final match with Pheonix on Sunday


Adam :xyx

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