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first image of john cena from the marine *With Added Reviews*


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Jason McAteer's first club was a non-league side called Marine. I was hoping it would be a bio-pic about "Trigger" McAteer. They could have examined the background of his Head And Shoulders advert and how it felt to call HP Sauce "the brown red sauce". I'd have paid to see that.
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In order to gauge audience reaction to the film, WWE and 20th Century FOX have begun running industry test screenings of "The Marine." The first such screening of the film, which stars John Cena (WWE RAW) and Kelly Carlson (Nip/Tuck), took place this week.


Reviews for the film were mildly positive, with most calling it a cliched, yet entertaining action film. John Cena's acting skills are hardly put to the test in this particular "popcorn" action flick, although he is praised for having the right combination of looks and charisma to serve as a solid lead actor.


One other note of interest is that there were no references to WWE or pro wrestling in the film. Despite being a very early production for World Wrestling Entertainment Films, the movie is praised for having a very legitimate and big-time feel.


PWTorch.com reader Stonecoldmark of Hollywood, Calif. sent in the following review of "The Marine" starring John Cena...


I just got back from seeing the very first showing in public of "The Marine" starring current Renaissance Man and WWE World Champion John Cena.


The Marine is the first offering from WWE Films, the latest endeavor by team WWE to let you know that the "E" in WWE is for Entertainment.


Going in I did not have high expectations for this film. I have to say I was mildly surprised with it. It turns out to be not a great movie, but not pure crap either.


To Cena's credit, his acting is not bad. However, his acting is limited to about 20 minutes in the beginning then the rest of the film is Cena running through the woods. The action is incredibly loud, often over the top, but always thrilling and fun. The movie will surely play as a PG-13; there is little blood from gunfire, and any real killing is done off-screen and left to the imagination, but machine gun fire, car chases, explosions, and broken glass are all on the menu.


The breakout star in this film is Cena's movie wife played by Kelly Carlson, who very closely resembles Elisha Cuthbert. Pardon the pun, but she has a very "Girl Next Door" look. She spends much of the movie kicking and screaming, but looks incredible doing it. Hopefully this role will make her a mainstream star.


Cena surely has a film career ahead of him; his look is incredible for action. His Charisma onscreen is a combination of Arnold and Harrison Ford. His clean cut college boy looks will go a long way when bringing the ladies to the theatre. I think he can give the Rock a run for his money, and I would be lying if I told you I wasn't secretly hoping for a Rock cameo (no it does not happen).


The Marine is a good first movie for WWE Films, and a good vehicle for Cena. This guy arrived at the right time. I can just see Vince McMahon drooling at a guy that is the WWE Champion, a decent rapper, and now a movie star. Wow! Vince hit the jackpot with this one. Now if only Cena could increase his move set, and put on some decent matches when it counts, we are talking total package. And if only Vince could take his time to get wrestling back to this level, the sky would be the limit.


I am not sure when this is slated to come out, but if you like your action fun, loud, and mildly over the top there are worse ways to spend two hours (like watching Smackdown).


I saw The Marine Tuesday evening here in Los Angeles. After careful consideration I have only a few comments:


Cena was very good and there were some extremely cool action sequences. The major problem I foresee is that there were 13 year old kids in the audience who loved the film. If WWE puts this out as a Pg-13 version it'll suck. If WWE is willing to put it out with the R-rated version they screened last night, I think people will enjoy way more.


Cena has some decent scenes early, but the majority of the film is based around a pure popcorn style action film. Robert Patrick (Terminator 1000 fame) plays the bad guy of the film and does a good job. Kelly Carlson (Nip/Tuck series on F/X) is Cena's love interest who gets kidnapped and is the damsel in distress of the film.


There wasn't one single wrestling move in the film, which is good as it stayed away from the camp aspect. There is an awesome WWE Films graphic at the start of the film, but beyond that, no wrestling references. A smart move to differentiate from the wrestling brand and keep it from being looked at as just "a wrestling film" although they will get that as well from reviewers no matter what.


Cena's character does kick some good a**, which is what most wrestling fans will be looking for. It's not played for laughs at all and is similar to the "Commando" style films of the 1980s that Arnold Schwarzenegger made his name in.


The film, which will be distributed by 20th Century Fox this January, was about 78 minutes. There were a number of Fox staffers taking notes and comments from those at the screening, which looked to be 50% industry and 50% comps given to people on the street.



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