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What makes a classic for you ?.


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It all comes down to the persons opinion. Some people will say that for them a classic match is one full of amateur wrestling holds, others will say the telling of a story, others will say a match full of high spots and others will say the crowds reaction.


For me it doesn't take all of them at once to make a classic.


For example Vince vs Shane at Wrestle Mania X-7, it wasn't a wrestling masterpiece but it had every other ingredient in it. It told a really good story, Vince wanting to divorce Linda and treating her like crap. Shane coming to the aid of his mom, Vince buying WCW thinking it was a done deal, but then Shane comes and buys it so he's the owner of WCW.


Then in the match itself they told the story perfectly, and with the addition of some high spots (Shanes top rope elbow into the spanish announce table and Shanes top rope kick into Vinces face with the garbage can to end the match) made the match really fun to watch.


So what makes a classic for you ?

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Of course nothing can beat an ECW crowd.


How about a sledgehammer?


My opinion of a classic is how you react to it yourself, regardless of what others say...

It's all about how people interpret a match, then realise that along the way, many other people think the same way - that there was something intangible, extra, unique...whatever you wanna say...that made this match special.


Was it something in the water, or the air?

was the crowd extra 'into' it?

Did it actually have a gripping story/point that squeezed and squeezed you more and more breathless every passing instant?


It's after asking youself those kinda points that you begin to realise it was an outright classic...and a memory of Sporting Entertainment awesomeness.


S'just me though. ^^;

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I feel that the last thing of importance to a match is a storyline. Who remembers the storyline to a lot of classic matches. You remember the match not what led up to the match.

Well it depends, cause for example. Early this year HBK and Shelton had and awsome match on RAW. I think it was for the Gold Rush Tournament, not sure thought. In wich HBK was in the ring and he was waiting for his misterioys opponent wich was Shelton.


Sure the match was great, but I doubt people will remember that match in the future, since it didn't have no build up or anything, it was just a random match on RAW.

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What makes a great match to me....


Its has to be fast paced to start with, I don't like slow drawn out matches (Flair and Benoit are examples of match types I don't like) so people like RVD in it is a good start to the match, so its a flawless mass of action, no stop start submission just lots of action, there would be some high flying and ground work at a fast pace, a big bump or 2 is a must, a wepon being used but only sparingly is also on there.


Add to this a good knowlgeable wrestling crowd (people who know what the moves are and how they are meant to look) and you have my classic match


(RVD vs. Jerry Lynn in ECW matches are a good exapmle oof what I like)

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There are plent of elements that defines a wrestling classic:


1.Build up:Every great event has to have a build-up.Nothing paves the way better than the series of the events leading up to the enevitable confrontation.


2.Crunchers:Moves that simply makes you get all ugly in the face once someone gets get with it. Whether its a killer offensive move or somebody getting sandblasted with someones finisher these things truly sticks in classic bouts.


3.Brutality:Wrestling matches are indeed good when you have two great technical wrestlers going at it.But what truly sticks in terms of a wrestling classic of any kind is the sheer brutality of it. Whether its a cage match,a ladder match,an Indian Strap match,a Texas Bullrope match,A Hell in the Cell match, a hardcore match,A vicious chairshot;etc this is what people remembers the most.


4.Contrast of styles:To me this is truly what makes classic wrestling matches worthwhile.

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