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Merged 'Kill Bills' set for cinema

Citizen Kane

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Credit: Digital Spy

Quentin Tarantino plans to release a merged version of both parts of Kill Bill in cinemas .


"I want to cut the whole movie together like one big epic with an intermission in the middle like a 60s film," explained the iconic director. "It'll be coming out in theatres."


"I've been holding off because I've been working on it for so long that I just wanted a year off from Kill Bill and then I'll do the big supplementary DVD package."


He is set to start work early next year and get the final product in cinemas late next year.

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He is currently making 'Grind House' with Robert Rodriguez.


The film will be broken up into two seperate Horror films, with Tarantino writing and directing one and Rodriguez doing the other.


Apparently Tarantino's film will be 'a slasher flick but with a car'.


There will also be spoof trailers in between the films, including a sexploitation trailer for a film called 'Cowgirls in Sweden' or something.


Inglorious B@stards hasn't even been fully written yet and Tarantino himself has stated that it could be another 2 part film.

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Not heard of Grind House before but its obviously sounds like another 70's inspired movie and maybe a little bit of a 'Christine' remake though I hink there have been a a few killer car/slasher movies.

IB sounds good but I though it was written. oh well QT does take his time after all Kill Bill was started during the making of Pulp Fiction.

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The interesting thing about Grindhouse is that different cinemas will get different cuts of the movie. One theatre might recieve a copy with Rodriguez's film, then 3 trailers, then Tarantino's movie. Another theatre might recieve theirs with Quinton's effort first, followed by 4 trailers, then the film from Rodriguez.


Anyway, this Kill Bill news is nothing I wasn't expecting, and it's the only reason I didn't buy Kill Bill parts 1 and 2 on DVD. I'll wait for the super duper boxset with more added features and hopefully a commentary by Tarantino.

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