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wrestlemania 2006


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What would your dream card be for this year comings wrestlemania?

Mine is as follows:

p.s some of my matches are raw v smackdown!


1. paul london v rey mesterio v juve v kid kash for cruiserweight title.

2. boogeyman v kane

3. hhh and hbk v flair and hogan

4. carlito v masters

5. edge v matt hardy

6. beniot v mr kennedy

7. lashley v angle

8. cena v shelton benjamin for wwe title

9. batista v taker v orton for world title.

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as follows

1.rey vs. kash vs. super crazy vs. scotty vs. Kendrick vs. nunzio elimination for the cruiser title.


2. Tag Title unification. Kane and Big shoe vs. MNM(by then champs)

3. Retirement match hell in a cell Taker Vs. Shawn Michaels


4.unification us and i.c titles falls count anywhere. Booker vs. Flair


5.no 1 contenders match for undisputed title Shelton vs. Lashley


6. Undisputed title match Batista vs. Cena

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Well Taker IS retiring at Mania at least' date=' so that actually a realistic idea.....not before time too.[/quote']


Only when I hear that from a reliable recource will I believe that. And if it's true, he should NOT lose at Wrestlemania.


And sorry, but the notion of either Orton,Batista (yet again) or Cena headlining Wrestlemania just doesn't interest me. All 3 men have had a terrible year and putting them in the main event again seems pointless when it's going to be an obviouse stinker. I'd much prefer Angle/HHH(bearing in mind that Angle should win) or Benjamin/Angle if the WWE were smart enough to push Benjamin instead of jobbing him out to losers like Carlito, Murdoch and Snitsky.

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Meltzer also said HHH vs Orton would happen at Wrestlemania 20.


And thank god it didn't. But seriosusly, the bookers would be complete idiots to just throw away Austin/Hogan after it's already been built up months beforehand(see Hogan interview on RAW after Summerslam).

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