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Boogeyman's best song

It wasnt my WOOO

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Its 'London Bridge is falling down' that he sung to Cena wasnt it?


Yeah it was. I seriously cracked up when he did that ashe made Cena seem a right prat. Than again I'm slightly biased as I was there and I hate Cena as much as the next wrestling fan.


I also really liked when he did "A spoonful of sugar" too. Almost wet myself.


If he sings "Nobody loves me' date=' everybody hates me i think i'll go and eat worms.." I will DIE laughing![/quote']


What is that from? Its familiar somehow.....


He should make the songs his main part of his gimmick and reserve using the worms for something big, like concluding a feud. It'd make it seem more special and even more gross if its rarer.

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