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Alonso signs for McLaren


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From Grandprix.com


Fernando Alonso has signed to drive for the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team in 2007. Both Kimi Raikkonen and Juan Pablo Montoya are still discussing their futures with the team but there have been many suggestions in recent months that Raikkonen will go to Ferrari and replace Michael Schumacher.


The signing of Alonso is not a big surprise given that there are rumours that Renault will be pulling out of F1 at the end of 2007. These have not been denied.


"It's great that our strong belief in the strength and competitiveness of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes package has been further endorsed by the World Champion," says McLaren boss Ron Dennis. "We always make it clear that we want to be the best and the only way of achieving this objective is by attracting the best people, the best drivers and the best sponsors. Both Juan Pablo and Kimi are extremely talented, professional and competitive Formula 1 drivers and they have and will continue to concentrate on our joint challenge for the Championships."


Alonso says he is very excited by the news.


"I'm very excited about 2007 and the fantastic opportunity to drive for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes," he said. "It will be a new beginning for me and a tremendous challenge and from what I have heard about this exciting new partnership there is something to look forward to. Obviously I will be sad to leave Renault but sometimes possibilities come along which are just too good to miss. I'm pleased that we are able to make this announcement already now as it will allow my current team and I to focus 100% on defending the World Championships next year."


So is Kimi off to Ferrari or could McLaren keep him aswell. If they do then they will arguably have the two top talents of the sport, if Mercedes can get their reliability sorted and the sport itself can sort itself out after 2007 then McLaren could be in for another period of domination. Although saying that Red Bull, Toyota and maybe BMW could all be big players come 2007, Formula One acually looks interesting for once.

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Personally I think its an interesting choice for Alonso. Adrian Newey has left McLaren, which will be a big big loss for them, thus I don't even see them dominating.


My bets are on Kimi going to Ferrari for 2007, as I reckon Michael will probably retire at the end of this season.


Thus interesting times ahead for F1 certainly.

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Its an interesting yet risky move for Alonso, Mclaren have not been the most reliable of teams lately, and if Alonso wants to try for more titles i think staying at renault would be a better option. But i find it a pain and a bit stupid that its announced now, with a whole season to go before he drives for them! Should be interesting though.
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