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How Would you rate your year?


How would you rate your year?  

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A 10 for me...


Got a pay rise at the start of the year...


Started going out with Gothic Angel...


Went to Download and it rocked...


Got engaged to Gothic Angel...


Had a great birthday thanks to Gothic Angel...


Got pissed off with Dunphy's and left after telling the GM to stick it which was MOST satisfaying...


Got better paid job where they treat you... SHOCK HORROR... Like human beings!


Christmas is coming and I get to spend it with Gothic Angel and it's nearly our one year anniversary....


Now thats a good year!

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6/10 probably. Was great cos i graduated from uni, got a lot more self confidence, really got a lot closer to my friends, and now am in a stable job. But not so good was leaving my friends and moving back home, still not being in a relationship, not losing more weight, and whilst my job is stable its not where i wanna be really.


So not bad, not brilliant, but it coulda been worse.

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Average Birthday In January

Got my first proper full time job in February, met Raven, Mick Foley, Chris Daniels and Chris Sabin in March (Winner :D)

Made many new friends

Travelled the country (Reading, Stockport, Manchester, Doncaster, Sheffield, Derby)

Met a load of TWO peeps

Got myself an awesome girlfriend, spend every single weekend with her and all of Christmas

And then just gonna have an amazing Christmas and New Year


10. Couldnt be better :)

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Give or take a few emotional issues, I've had an awesome year. Definately a 9 out of 10 for me.


-- Saw WWE live for the first time ever (a dream since birth)


-- Went to my first ever festival (a dream for a few years) and saw Ozzy/Sabbath, Megadeth, Slipknot, System, MCR, Velvet Revolver, etc


-- Went to the huge Green Day festival gig just a week later, got to spend the weekend in Milton Keynes


-- Went to my second festival at Reading for the day, finally saw MARILYN BAH GAWD MANSON (a dream since 1997)


-- Finally saw KORN (a dream since 2000)


-- Turned 18, big milestone


-- Got over my fear of drugs, drinking and piercings and tried all three, to mixed but mostly positive results


-- Saw a shedload of gigs, including Killswitch Engage, Bullet 4 My Valentine, Alice Cooper/Twisted Sister, Billy Idol, Wednesday 13, Trivium etc


-- Went to 1PW, on their penny no less


-- Met Saracen, Darkstar, Gem, TGO, DC, Vikki, Fletch and Ravenmark


-- Met Raven


-- Got adminned ;)


-- Did well on my AS level exams, although there's lots of scope to improve


And some other stuff I forget.

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One of my pals died in January aged 17 in a car crash,another died today in a car crash aged 17 my Great Uncle had six heart attacks and Hearts had a great chance of winning the league but boardroom decisions are going to end that.


So i'm gonna say 2/10,was bad but could of been worse.

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