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*** Official Raw Discussion Thread - 19th December 2005 ***


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Tribute to the Troops

December 19, 2005


Next week the RAW Superstars bring you the action from Afghanistan in a very special Tribute to the Troops. For the past couple years, the SmackDown roster has gone overseas to bring a slice of Americana to the brave men and women who risk their lives every day for this great country. This year it’s RAW’s turn.


The RAW Superstars will be paying tribute to the troops who see action every day defending our country, by showing them the action inside the ring that only WWE can bring. Tune in to RAW Monday night at 9/8 CT on the USA Network for this very special edition.

This wont be airing in the UK, instead we'll have a best of Raw show.
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I don't understand why they're airing the (obviously pre-recorded) Best Of Raw at 2am, when the other show is on live. It would make more sense to show the US's coverage of Raw tonight, then on the Wednesday repeat they could show the Best Of Raw. That way we get to see both.


Oh, and doesn't the Raw repeat move to a Thursday night from this week onwards?

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it is odd.. well at least we don't have to watch Cena vs Masters... and maybe the WWE won't elude to the fact that CENA BRAKES THE MASTER LOCK in that match...


Is this actual pre-stipulated booking or just fan rumored conspiracy? I demand to know! Not that I'd care.

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So, how 'bouts a little rolling commentarry for all you across the pond?


Vince is out first, puts down the media who "refuses to tell the story of the troops" He keeps going like that for a good five minutes. Puts in a cheap pop by mentioning the hometown: Afghanistan. Lilian Garcia is out in a skanky pink Ms. Claus costume and Sings the national anthem (of America, not Afghanistan) Head to commercials, but not before a second "USA" chant. I think we'll hear many of those in the next two hours.


First match is Carlito vs Big Show. It's about 45 seconds before the choikeslam ends it. The crowd loved show and didn't seem to mind that the match sucked.


After that Cena, HBK, Shelton, and some G.I.'s perform a controlled detonation on some recovered land mines.


The Coach interviews a skinny santa wearing desert camo... I don't get it either. The idiocy continues, as Santa plays heel. Or maybe not? I don't get it... he's talking about how shitty of a country Afghanistan is, it's a little offensive. Santa says next year he's gonna cancel Christmas New Years... and everyother American holiday. He syas he'll cancel all the troops leave and gets a lot of heat. they start a "You Suck" chant. Oh no! Here comes a big fat jolly red Santa! Still wearing a crappy beard, but less crappy than camo Santa's. Red Santa sounds a lot like Mick Foley. Foley Santa proposes a no Ho Ho Hold's Barred match right now.


Match starts and bad JBL santa gets squashed. Foley uses his bag of toys to beat on JBL of a bit. Foley hits JBL with his pillow stomach, and gets a big boot. After a double arm DDT and Mr. Socko Mick Santa Claus Foley gots the 123.


I missed most of the Snitsky vs Shelton match. Came back and saw Shelton dive into an exposed turnbuckle (hard to say who exposed it, could've been Shelton's new attitude backfiring again) After a Big Bacne Boot Snitsky put down the old Benji.


Well I'm sorry to say that Cena's over with the troops. But I think they're just happy that they're not getting some crappy stand-up comey USO show. Woah, the first time I've ever heard a "Cena!" chant. :P Oh My GOD! Masterlock!! Cena tries to power out of it, but Chris tosses him to the mat. So no, that still doesn't count as breaking the Masterlock. Cena biffs the 5-knuckle shuffle, as usual. FU and it's over. So no, I guess Cena didn't break the full nelsn. But they put it over as "a moment longer and he would've"


They announce a "Boot Camp Match" batween HHH and HBK... I have no idea what that's supposed to mean.


I think I've stopped caring, sorry. MY commentary will stop here. Don't worry you beef-eaters aren't missing a damn thing... In fact, I wish I could be watching the Best of Raw right now. :(

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So far, Lilian has sung the national Anthem, and thats about it. The guy who is streaming has cut out the audio for it too, thank God. Big Show vs Carlito is up now, is the Show a heel or is just a big lump? Match was about 35 seconds and still managed to be awful. Carlito is now a jobber?? He should fare well in the Elimination chamber then. The happy Big Show loves the troops, but hates people that like Smackdown. HHH vs HBK is announced!! Nice!! A promo for land mines is aired. HBK helps the troops to seek out hidden mines with the power of Jesus in his heart. John Cena is here too, he uses gay jokes to seek them out. The troops wish Happy Holidays!!


The Coach is in the ring and introduces Santa Clause!! Joey Styles says that it couldn't be the real Santa. Santa shoots on the troops,he says who cares about them. Santa hates that there arent any bathrooms in Afghanastan. He says next year he is cancelling Christmas and St Patricks day, he better not!! This JBL Clause promo is really bad. The real Santa comes out out as he's heard enough. Its Mick Clause really, and this isn't getting any better. So its Mick Clause vs JBL Clause. Mick knocks JBL down with Santas sack. Mick uses some nutckracker on JBLs nuts! I can barely contain my excitement. Mr Socko is out and its over finally!!! Match of the year no doubt. Trish and Cena meet the Afghans at a press conference. Well you know what, I've had enough, I really can't watch anymore, awful crap!!!

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Well Twiggie' date=' I think the last thing the troops care about right now is a good wrestling show. They just want some general entertainment[/quote']


Oh, I get that. but from a wrester's stand point I for one would be going all out. The way I think about it, if I want to show them I appreciate them then show them they you're willing to push yourself to the limit for their general entertainment.

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Really cool RAW for me. Sure it wasn't a wrestling extravaganza but it's f'n nice to see the WWE stars making the soldiers life a little bit happier. It's really cool when you see the smiles in the soldiers, so at least Vince is doing something good, even if its for ratings.


Carlito holding the puertorican flag with the fans was also a nice moment on the show. So I really enjoyed the RAW. :)

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Or the end of a Cena match' date=' When the crowd knows it over[/quote']

Or y'know... any Cena match in 2004 when Cena way way over as a face and having his name chanted all the time during matches.



It's funny how people forget how over as a babyface he was just because he's started getting booed.

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