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***RoH Final Battle 2005***


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Student Matches:


1) Smash Bradley/Mitch Franklin vs Dempsey Bros: Went around 4 min. Double team back senton for the pinfall, alright tag match.


2) Pelle Primeau vs Shane Hagadorn: Pelle gets the victory with an armbar, the same variation used by Danielson over Strong two months ago.


Main Show:


1) Milano Collection AT vs "The Crowned Jewel of The Embassy" Jimmy Rave: Went about 14 min, Rave scores the victory after his pedigree, good match, great opener.


2) Azrieal v. "Classic" Colt Cabana: Went about ten minutes, entertaining look as Azrieal tried to make it a comedy match, while Colt was trying to be serious. Homicide came out, cut a promo, saying he just had shoulder surgery and will be out of action for roughly six months. Told Colt he's only here tonight for Corino, and for Cabana to stay out of his business. 'Cide had his arm in a sling.


3) RING OF HONOR PURE TITLE MATCH - Nigel McGuinness © v. Claudio Castagnoli: Claudio used iron when ref was knocked out and got the pinfall in about 15 minutes. However, the second ref saw it and reversed the decision to award the match to Nigel via DQ.


4) Steve Corino v. Alex Shelley: Shelley over Corino with a rollup after 13 minutes. Homicide jumped Corino after the match and tried to pour Drano down Steve's throat. Colt came out to make the save, however 'Cide put him down and poured down Colt's throat. Students came out to save them. No big intro for Corino since Nana grabbed his announcer and pushed him down before he began.


- 4 Year Anniversary Night 1 announced for a return to New Jersey in February. Lethal gave an interview about being done as Joe's protege. Then announced his services are out for the highest bid.


5)FOUR CORNER SURVIVAL MATCH - Samoa Joe v. Jay Lethal v. "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels v. BJ Whitmer: Joe came out to his "Champ Is Here" theme since he had the X title with him. Catfight between Lacey and Allison, and Danger was wearing the nun outfit. Joe hit Daniels with a Musclebuster on X title. BJ took Joe out with chair. Lethal took out BJ with springboard dropkick, then Lethal gets Daniels with the swandive headbutt. Was a totally kickass match.




6) Davey Andrews v. Ricky Reyes: Reyes over Andrews in about 2 and a half minutes with a dragon sleeper. Took a lead pipe to the trophy. Aries came out to stop him, running him off. Aries cutting a promo right now.


7) RING OF HONOR TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH - Tony Mamaluke & Sal Rinauro © v. Generation Next of Austin Aries & Roderick Strong: Roderick lit up Sal with roughly 20 chops, Rinauro was bleeding from the chest. Aries/Strong win after Roderick hits a half-nelson backbreaker on Sal, with Aries following up with a 450 for the pinfall in 18 min. Great match.


8) RING OF HONOR WORLD TITLE MATCH - "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson © v. Naomichi Marufuji: Danielson wins in 22 min after a series of pinfall sequences. Very awesome match. Streamers for both men, crowd chanting "Please come back!" to Marafuji afterwards. Embassy on the ramp at end of match to demand title matches against Dragon.


9) GLOBAL HONORED CROWN JUNIOR HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH - KENTA © v. Low Ki: KENTA pinned Low Ki after 2 Bushido knee strikes to win after 26 minutes. Ki nailed 2 Ki Krushers as well as 2 Double Stomps, and still wasn't enough. Halfway through, there was a "THIS IS AWESOME!" chant which was just deafening. MOTY chants afterwards, "Thank you NOAH" chants, "Please Come Back" chants, "5 Star Match" chants.

Looks like a pretty good show. With Strong's push, I expected him and Aries to end up winning the belts, although I'm dissapointed really, as I like Sal and Mamaluke as a team. Hopefully they will get the belts back soon, as Sal in partiulcar has potential, so it would be a ncie stepping stone, when Mamaluke inevitably retires.


I'm looking forward to KENTA and Ki most though. Ki is steadilhy becoming a 'must see' wrestler again, just like when he was sh*t hot in 2002. KENTA is gold, so this match should live up to how people are rating it. It will probably piss all over Joe/Kobashi anyway.


And on a semi-related note, I'm dissaponited in AJ Styles. If he had to choose a company to work for, why not RoH? The company has always treated him well (On screen), given him success, and when he went to TNA (Which I'm OK with), he was welcomd back with open arms. This is a different case though, so if Gabe doesn't book him again, I can't say I'll be devastated.


(Apologies if this is a double post)

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