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The New Talent in WWE


Which is WWE's best new talent?  

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  1. 1. Which is WWE's best new talent?

    • Carlito
    • Chris Masters
    • Rob Conway
    • The Boogeyman
    • Trevor Murdoch
    • The Heart throbs
    • MNM
    • Lashley
    • Mr Kennedy... Kennedy

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I have thought about this for a while but who do think is the best new talent to come into the WWE over the past year to year and a half ago. Lets take a look at the talent.


Carlito: Debuted last October. One of the best on the microphone but his in ring skills need to improve before being pushed really for the WWE title. He has everything needed but just doesn't have the final piece to make the puzzle at the moment.


Chris Masters: The self proclaimed masterpiece. At first I found him incredibly boring with the weekly Masterlock challenge but finally WWE booked him right and lately he has impressed me with his mic skills and his in ring skills are improving all the time.


Trevor Murdoch: A former tag champion with Lance Cade but I think he is one of the worst wrestlers WWE ever brought in. He seems slow in the ring and I find him boring. However he can change and I thought the tag team with him and Cade wasn't too bad.


Rob Conway: Now in all fairness he isn't a new talent but his Conman gimmick has changed his career for the better and was getting huge pops on Raw until he was taken off raw a few weeks ago. The guy was almost reborn to play this great character. His mic skills are very good and his in ring skills suprise me by how good they really are.


The Heart Throbs: They might have worked in OVW but they were pushed too soon and with a week gimmick their matches are nowhere near as good as their Smackdown counterparts.


The Boogeyman: The guy has a cartoon gimmick and his matches as of yet have gone about a couple of minute and so far as yet to impress. Plus what is the deal with those Worms?


MNM: Now I personally believe the best thing WWE has done the past year was with these three stars. Mercury, Nitro and Melina. As a tag team they have a great feel and a real tag team at last. They work well and Melina as their valet is extremely good and not too bad in real wrestling as she proved at Survivor series. Why they keep losing the tag belts is beyond me.

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i would have voted for mr ken kennedy or bob lashley, but they are missing from the list. They in my opinion are the future main eventers of the future of WWE.


Ken Kennedy has made an connect with the fans and a great talent, and a unique gimmick


Bob Lashley is the next big thing, and the WWE is smart to slowly build him up, he has the skill and talent to go far, but not very good on the mic yet

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I think Chris Masters has the most promising future' date=' being that he is a young, big guy with pretty good mic skills. I think if WWE puts the IC title on him, it could be the beginning of good things for him[/quote']


there's just one problem with that, he has zero heat, when he makes his entrance, nobody cares they dont cheer because they dont care, they dont boo because they dont care, putting the IC Title on him would be a huge mistake.

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I would say boogieman..... I love the fact that hes an over the top charactor..... WWE has got far too many generic razzlers....... people like boogie...carlito.....JBL.....and the conman, with their over the top and old school style personas, give us some badly needed panto style entertainment.

I hope that boogie sticks around, because after all undertaker aint gonna be around forever...and we're gonna need a new monster to take his place.

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Carlito looks like an adequate worker and as a heel he works in a very old fashioned way whereby he gets very good heat by doing very little. I think his in-ring form is improving and that he'll be an important superstar for a few years to come. I'm not sure if he'll ever make WWE Championship material but as an upper midcarder right now he's doing a good job.


Chris Masters

Personally, I'm not a fan of Masters. I don't despise him or anything, I just think he's being pushed a little too hard for a man with such limited in-ring capabilities. He is strong, but he misses spots and his selling is poor quite frankly. I don't think he's ready to be a main eventer. He's ok on the mic I suppose.


Trevor Murdoch

I like Murdoch. His facial expressions are funny, he's an old fashioned brawler who can work a half decent match with a competent opponent and he's a good on-screen character. He's not gonna set the world on fire but he's a good lower midcarder.


Rob Conway

Although his gimmick is a bit cliché, I gotta admit I'm a fan of his work. He shows intensity in the ring and he's a good solid worker. I think he could be a quality main event heel in a few year's time but it's important that his push is slow and calculated so that his character develops a little (and he should really change those trunks).


The Heart Throbs

They're gimmick is absolutely shocking first of all, so obviously they will forever struggle to get over now especially considering their work is unimpressive. They blow spots and can't make the basics look good. Release the Turds.


The Boogeyman

Injury plagued, old and with a ridiculous gimmick. I hope he doesn't wrestle much. He could be a funny backstage character if used in small doses. He should not be pushed towards any titles or anything.



As tag teams go, they have a lot to learn, but they seem eager to impress. They should be kept together for longer in order for them to improve more. I couldn't imagine them as singles wrestlers. Melina is damn hot too.


Ken Kennedy

Very impressive. Absolutely brilliant on the mic and looks handy in the ring too. Cool finisher. As someone who can play a serious to comedic character on-screen, he has all the potential in the world. Could be a future World Heavyweight Champion. He got my vote in this poll.


Bobby Lashley

Gets crowds going though he says very little. The sheer size of the guy impresses people. He's similar to the likes of Goldberg and Brock Lesnar in a way but he doesn't have the same charisma, yet. He could turn out to be a better worker than Goldberg in the future but he's nothing on Brock. It's hard to tell whether he will be successful. He has potential but how will he be used?

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I voted for MNM very good team and Melina is a good Valet too. Lashley is good but needs some personality, Murdoch is okay but not anything special. The oly others I considered voting for were the boogyman who is very good in ring and does amazing promos and Mr. Kennedy as he has loads of personality and is good in the ring... KENNEDY! Edited by Anime Otaku
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