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UK Scene #200

Dead Crow

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Hey all,


Wrestling101s UK Scene column has hit the big 200th edition with a bang. We'd like to thank everyone who reads the columns, or at least acknowledges their existence... even if only to point and laugh. Either way, thanks to everyone and we hope that we'll still be here come #300 with a more positive outlook on things.


In the meantime: http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/AdamS/734/


Hope you enjoy,

DraVen (on behalf of the UK Scene Team)

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thanks to saracen for proberbly giving the most accurate and fair discription of me as a wrestler and a person i have ever seen. its an honor to be along side names like Keith Myatt and Spud as one to watch this year. big thanks go to my burly brother in arms! :worship


A Just decision, Andy you're one of the gems in MPW and from my wrestling experience as a whole. I really hope you continue to rise and rise.


I mark for the Fan Daddy! :worship


A very good read, I particularly enjoyed the evaluations of British wrestling and the simple statement "Be neither, Be British".


Also good to hear big ups for MPW, I gurantee despite the few lapses in the past few weeks, I will personally make sure that 2006 is the year everyone is saying "MPW are really a very good wrestling company don'tcha know!"

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