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Ten Track of the Year


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Your making a CD with your favourite ten songs from the year 2005. What the devil do you put on? Give reasons also


1. TRUSTcompany-Stronger-Superb return to form for TRUSTco with their new album and the first song from it. Possibly the best TRUSTco song ever, I just fell in love with it instantly and still need to listen to it on a daily basis to get through the day. Shame TRUSTcompany are no more, but I cant wait for Kevin and former guitarist Josh's (Josh was guitarist for the first album) new band Amity Lane :)


2. Taproot-Calling This song I first heard in around August and loved the tune to it. It forced me to buy the Blue-Sky Research album which at first I wasnt overly impressed with but its grown on me loads and Im happy to say I do indeed enjoy listening to Taproot


3. Funeral For a Friend-History-It was hard to pick just one track from Hours, Monsters was such an amazing first track, and Streetcar and Drive also deserve special mentions, but in the end History, bar Juneau, is probably my fave FFAF song ever. Legendary stuff


4. Foo Fighters-DOA-Damnit its Foo Fighters at their best....bitch ;)


5.H.I.M-Rip Out The Wings of a Butterfly-HIM returned, they kicked ass, signed a new major record deal and just got bigger and bigger. This song owns the entire Dark Light album :)


6. Audioslave-Be Yourself I never really liked Audioslave, still cant say Im a big fan, but this song is just amazing, simple as really. The guitars, the drums, the lyrics, it just works :)


7. boykillboy-Civil Sin True Story, In August me and ...cjr... went to Coventry for a night on the town. We went to Colloseum, we went in the live room and this band were playing, I really liked them, looked them up, found out they were boykillboy, then I stuck on MTV2, and say their video for Civil Sin :) I was amazed. Killer tune really, shame you could only get the single from the net when it was released, should be bigger than they are really but theyve just signed a big record deal so I imagine we may see more of them in 2006 :)


8. TRUSTcompany-Rock The Casbah-All I can say is its the best cover song Ive ever ever heard and its brilliant. Even Tom liked it, and hes a total Clash fan


9. Seether-Remedy Seethers 3rd Albumm, if you include Disclaimer and Disclaimer 2 seperate, and from what Ive heard, its the only song I can actually bare to listen to. Sad but true, they were really good too as Disclaimer 2 had so many good songs like Gasoline, Fine Again, Broken, Out of my Way and Sold Me :(


10. The Soundtrack of Our Lives-Bigtime I would of put Fozzy-Enemy here but well that was released in late 2004 so it doesnt qualify, but meh well TSOOL's Bigtime ruled anyway :) Great song, and yes I did hear it when they were hyping WrestleMania 21.

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Hmmmm, summing up the year in just ten tracks eh? Well might as well give it a go


1. Bloc Party - Banquet - Saw these guys first in Feb and for me this is their best track, a real thumper of a song - yes I said thumper


2 - Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence (Repartee) - One person's old song is another person's latest, just love this track. Embodies so much


3 - Elbow - Leaders of the Free World - Good song off a pretty good CD


4 - Anthony & The Johnsons - Hope there's someone - Such a haunting voice, I love this guys work


5 - My Chemical Romance - I'm not Okay - Just a cool track


6 - The Futureheads - Decent Days and Nights - Forget thumpers, this is a stomper!


7 - Ben Harper - The Drugs Don't Work - Man this song just tears my heart out, stomps on it and shives it back in place


8 - Ben Folds - Landed - Great return to form for one of the best performers in the world


9 - Partyben - Boulevard of Broken Songs - Mash Up mixing to the extreme, this song is amazing


10 - Jack Johnson - Sitting Waiting Wishing - This guy has produced some real quality, this is probably my favourite, just shading it over Breakdown.

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I've got a dire memory so a lot of mine's will be quite recently. Quite seriously, I cannot remember the beginning of 2005... a worrying thought


1. Queens of the Stone Age - Burn the Witch ::: Just a good song and with it just having a video released makes it a 'must have'


2. Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure ::: First song I heard by them and it's a super-duper (yeah and christof thought we was hard saying 'thumper') single


3. Gorrilaz - Kids With Guns ::: Dunno, but I really like this song from the new album !


4. Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name (live) ::: Technically not a new song but from their live album released this year, if you have heard it you will understand I don't need to state a reason !


5. The Strokes - Juicebox ::: Just heard it quite recently and it's another great song from the lads who have slowly won me over


6. Kasabian - Club Foot ::: Not particularly a fan of these guys but this song just does something for me... mmmm


7. Axl F - Crazy Frog ::: Every great album needs one 'skip track' :D (okay, so I'm running out of ideas...)


8. The Killers - All The Things That I've Done ::: Learning to play it on my keyboard, downloaded it and am enjoying it more with every listen


9. The Kaiser Cheifs - I Predict A Riot ::: I heard this WAY back at the beginning of the year (I remember because I was discussing it with a mate who sent me the song in question) before they became big. He said he knew this was their year... to an extent he's right


10. System of a Down - BYOB ::: No matter what anybody said about the album this relit my love for SoaD... not exactly the most politically genius (well that's what they were aiming for) of songs but meh, it's got a good tune !

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1. My Chemical Romance - Thank You For The Venom

Start as you mean to go on... The lead off single (although you wouldn't know it) off "Three Cheers..." it is the perfect, violent and fast way to start a trip to GringoLand...


2. Avenged Sevenfold - Beast and the Harlot

Carrying on the madness... Pure beautiful and driving metalcore that saw Avenged go mental in excess and wish to be Gun n Roses but with a more metallic edge... This song owns.


3. Trivium - Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation

Everyone harps on about "Pull Harder..." and as much as I love that track this is for me the best track on a glourous album by the future of metal... It quite simply kicks ass


4. System Of A Down - B.Y.O.B.

Any song inspired by a US army advert that goes through metal, reggae and historics from the deranged vocalists needs to be on a compilation...


5. Rammstein - Stirb nicht vor mir // Don't Die Before I Do Feat. Sharleen Spiteri

Did you expect this? A metal ballard that is almost the German industrial version of Nothing Else Matters but with the bird from Texas turning out her best vocal in years? No I didn't either but its beautiful and deserves a slot on this list!


6. Weezer - We Are All On Drugs

Quite simply just great pop-rock which is what Weezer have always done. Driving bass and guitar hooks and a wonderful, deadpan and comic message that will have you all singing come the end...


7. Finch - Ink

It twists, it turns, its brutal, its soft but its Finch all grown up and nasty... Ink spills on paper, paper spells my blood indeed...


8.Roadrunner United - The End

Look at this line up on this song...


Matt Heafy (Trivium) - vocals

Dino Cazares (ex-Fear Factory) - rhythm guitar

Nadja Peulen (ex-COAL CHAMBER) - bass

Roy Mayorga (ex-SOULFLY, MEDICATION, THORN)- drums

Logan Mader (ex-MACHINE HEAD, SOULFLY) - melodic guitar harmonics

Rhys Fulber (FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY) - keyboards, programming


Oh yes... and a bloody good tune as well with some of my favourite players in Dino and Mader and Nadja in the background and an emerging leader in Heafy at the front... Awesome.


9. Korn - Twisted Transistor

Great song, great smart ass vid, great comeback off a great album... Korn are HERE TO STAY!


and to finish...


10. Green Day - Jesus Of Suburbia

Finish on an epic punk rock tale of isolation, depression ,drug abuse, fallen families and all the sorrow LA can bring in the Suburbs... Green Day rock and this 9 minute opus is an ultimate statement that they are Punks true kings what ever the cynics or sell out callers may say... Releasing a 9 minute single with an anti-social video is as punk as you get people!

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1. Young Jeezy ft Jay-Z, Fat Joe Go Crazy Remix


Three of my favorite rappers on an amazing beat. All three of them kill it on this track.


2. Paul Wall Sittin Sidewayz


Damn, this track is just made for melowing it out. Paul Wall lays down some good lyrics in a smooth demeanor and the beat just gets the head nodding.


3. Memphis Bleek Like That


A club movin song with Bleek showing why he belong in the Roc with his lyrical skills. Swiss Beatz lays down a wicked beat on this one and always makes songs better with his hooks.


3. Smitty Diamonds On My Necklace


Swiss Beatz lays down another hot track and Smitty compliments it well with his flow. Plus the hook is catchy.


4. JR Writer ft Lil' Wayne, Cam'Ron Bird Call


Three of the best in the game lay it down on a street anthem. JR proves he is the Writer of Riders with this one.


5. Juelz Santana In The Streets(Murda Murda)


Takes the Welcome to Jamrock beat and gives it an edgier feels. Santana has a way of making great beats even better.


6. Damien "Jr Gong" Marley Welcome to Jamrock


A powerful and powerful words from the son of the legend. The first reggae song in a long time to have both commercial appeal in the States but yet a strong meaning towards Jamiaca. Damien has established himself has the true heir to his fathers thone. No more Ziggy please...


7. Sean Paul We Be Burnin


Electric dance hall song about legalizing marajuna suger coated by the sheer awesomeness of the song.


8. Boyz In Da Hood Dem Boyz


Southern Rap at its best, a heavy hittin beat with slick lyrics. Young Jeezy leads off and the others gladly take the challenge of following him.


9. Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Jadakiss New York, New York


New York rap at its best. KRS-1 has to be proud of this remake of his classic. Fat Joe and Jadakiss show off their skills and Ja Rule reminds us he can out rap 50 Cent any given moment.


10. Purple Ribbon All-Stars Kryptonite


A great southern rap song with an original hook and catchy/impressive lyrics.

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Funeral for a Friend - All The Rage

Fletch is wrong, THIS is the best track off Funeral's "Hours" album. It's a killer track, one of the best openers to an album I've ever heard. It's the first thing you hear when you play their album, sets the tone for the following 10 tracks perfectly. Top sing-a-long stuff.


Audioslave - Doesn't Remind Me

Not many songs make me smile within a second of me hearing it. This is one of those songs. The opening riff is just magical, it's a real feel good song Even if it seems like it's about nothing in particular, it really is. The lyrics are beautiful, Chris Cornel is a genius. This track isn't so much about Morello's guitar like for a lot of 'Slave/Rage songs, it's more about Cornell's beautiful lyrics, and superb voice to match.


Jimmy Eat World - Futures

If I didn't want to vary my Artists in this list, then I'd have about 5 Jimmy Eat World songs. I've really gotton into them this year. I bought every album, plus the Split and Singles collection.

Futures is, start to finish, an absolute explosive track. The opener to their album of the same name, like "All The Rage" is another cracking way to open an album. It's insanely good, so much energy. Jimmy Eat World are all about pure emotion, and pure energy in their songs. They can write a kickass track, or a beautiful more mellow track. I can't really say enough about this band. I feel I can relate to their lyrics, and there's just something so sincere about Adkin's vocals. Also, mentions to "Work", "Kill", "Polaris", "Just Tonight", actually just the entire album. And "23" is epic.


pre)Thing - Stay Alive

Fletch is well proud of himself for getting me into this band, but I only have him to thank for telling me about one of the greatest albums on my CD rack. There's 10 tracks on "22nd Century Lifestyle", and you can't go wrong with any one. They're all superb. This track is my personal favourite. I can relax to this one, or sing along to it. I sometimes play this album as I'm getting ready to go out.


Nine Inch Nails - Right Where It Belongs

Perfect way to finish off the "With Teeth" album. Trent slows the pace right down from his drilling bass lines and trace-like riffs. This number is driven by his unique vocals, which are so distinctive, so heartfelt and he brings a sense of pain to his work. I have 2 versions of this track, the other came as a bonus on my version of this album. I was very pleased with this buy.


Silent Drive - 4/16

This album may have been released in 2004, in fact "Futures" was too, but either way I have to list this. I don't think Silent Drive are that well known, and it's a damn shame, because more people have to hear this band. From the "Love is Worth It" album, this again is another track 1. Very clever lyrics. Silent Drive bring a different style to their music, which makes a change from a lot of the bands appearing every fine minutes these days. "4/16" is a stroke of genius though, so impressive.


Bullet For My Valentine - 4 Words to Choke Upon

Bullet released their full album recently this year, and boy did it not disappoint. I had high hopes for this album, after enjoying the self titled 5 track for quite a while this year, with the highlights being "Hand of Blood" and "No Control".

"4 Words.." feels like it rips through your eyes, like a melodic chainsaw! It's just insane how good this is. It doesn't stop for breath, and almost leaves you exhausted. Top class.


Trivium - Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation

This followed their "Pull Harder..." single from earlier in the year. The drums start off frantic in this number, almost 6 minutes of some of this year's best heavy metal. These songs are becoming anthems, definatley high points of this year for rock. Nothing can beat a dozen metalheads on a Friday night throwing their fists in the air, in unison for after the killer solo part.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!..."


Limp Bizkit - The Truth

I wasn't sure about putting this in. A lot of people I'm sure must have felt disappointed with the effort this year. After poor reviews from 2003's "Results May Vary", Bizkit decided on going back to their old heavy metal ways. Unfortunately for many, "The Unquestionable Truth" just wasn't "3 Dollar Bill".

Never-the-less, this is definately the highlight from the album. Good enough to make it onto their Greatest Hitz anyway. I'm actually quite fond of this track. The bassline is wicked.


CKY - Familier Realm

One of the best moments from this year was definately the CKY gig in Manchester. I enjoyed that night with Fletch himself, although he spent most of the night at the back drinking while I was being carried over people's heads, over the barrier. An awesome gig. Chad asks the crowd if we wanted Familier Realm, or Shock and Terror. To his suprise, we all seemed to choose "Realm", and so they played away. I felt their album of this year was a bit hit and miss. Half the tracks are very good, the other half, are a bit crap really. A bit of a disappointment, but you can't go wrong with this one.



Man, I could list so many more songs, but those 10 just seem to stand out.

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Most of these songs are probably not from 2005, but still my songs from this year. And I will try to only go one from each band.


Kanye West - Diamonds Of Sierra Leone

This was basically what got me back into rap again for a period of time. A great song, and one I listened to literally 50 times in a row.


Atreyu - Corseting - It was hard to pick one song from 'The Curse', but this would be it I think. Just so relating to my feelings at the time. Lyrics own.


Brand New - I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light - God I hate typing that all out. But yes, Brand New are the (equal) best emo band on the planet, and this is proof. God I love these lyrics. Jesse Lacey is a genius.


Metallica - One - I also hate choosing just one (HAHA.Ha.) Metallica song, but alas. Still the best Metallica song (just), and is what got me into them in a bigger way, basically. Love the end verse/solo part. It just owns.


The Used - Sound Effects And Overdramatics - Also why The Used are the (equal) best emo band on the planet. Just one of those songs I cant help but nod my head to. Bertie at his screaming best.


36 Crazyfists - Slit Wrist Theory - One of the catchiest tunes ever. I cant help but get my air-guitar on whenever I hear this song. And Brock's voice is just awesome, going from soft and heartfelt to painful screams. Great song.


Altar Bridge - Metalingus - How could I forget this? A funking awesome song, one of the greatest rock songs I've ever heard. I love Tremonti as a guitar player, and he is brilliant here. And, c'mon, its a wrestling theme song to boot!


Britney Spears - She'll Never Be Me - Yes, my list wouldnt be complete without Britney Spears, whom I discovered a few months ago. I found this non-hit song and I took quite a liking to it. Sounds very shoot-like too.


Less Than Jake - All My Best Friends Are Metalheads - I also discovered LTJ early this year, and this song is clearly the pick of the lot. One of the best, catchiest, singalong songs ever.


Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven - Also recently discovered. I dont think I need to say anything else about Stairway. Its just a classic song, and I feel in love with it like everyone else.


Well, thats 10! Honourable mentions go to other songs by Atreyu, Metallica, RATM, Limp Bizkit, FATA, ...

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3 Doors Down - 'Right Where I Belong'

I got into 3DD in a major way last year and this was one of the best tracks on the new album, if not THE track. Great opener for the album, and was quite apt for me at the time.


Billy Idol - 'Body Snatcher'

I was gonna say 'Super Overdrive' or even 'Scream', but having heard/seen this live, I fell in love with it. The new album isn't the greatest ever, but there are some gems on it and this one one of them. Billy Idol isn't down and out just yet - in fact, he can still go better than 98.8% of all the kids around today.


Bullet 4 My Valentine - 'Four Words To Choke Upon'

I've seen them live twice, once in which I moshed until I died. This song gets the nod not only because it's a great mosh song, but because I take credit for kicking off the huge circle pit during it.


Foo Fighters - 'DOA'

Much like Trash had his happy feeling song with Audioslave, I have mine with this. I found it very hard not to hum this everywhere I went. It was, without doubt, a cracking song and definately some of Daves best work in a while, especially since One By One wasn't exactly Earth-shattering.


Kanye West - 'Heard Em Say'

A really underrated song. I'm not a big Adam Levine fan, but his voice adds a lot of depth to the song. I like the tune, and the video is quality. It's nice to see more fans of Bill Plympton out there.


Korn - 'Twisted Transistor'

So easily could I have put the entire album in here, but I'll just settle for one song. It's not actually my favourite one off the album, but it is the one I got to hear live(~~~~~~), and the one that convinced me that Korn were gonna come out with probably the best album all year - I was right :)


Roadrunner United - 'Tired N Lonely'

The album is hit and miss, but this is a definate hit. It has a nice Velvet Revolver-esque edge about it, but has enough differences to not be a rip-off and survive on its own merit. Love it, for sure.


System Of A Down - 'Radio/Video'

I know, why didn't I choose BYOB? Great song, but this is sentimental purely because nothing beats a group of drunk teens sitting in a row, not knowing the words but chiming in loudly with "I'm on the RADIOOOO!". I was this close to adding Vicinity Of Obscenity, though.


Trivium - 'A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation'

I'm going to be arrogant and brag that I heard Trivium before everyone else did, and saw them live before everyone else too. I saw them again at Download and was even more impressed. This song is great, and better than "Pull Harder...". The only thing better about that song is that it got SIX, that's right, SIX circle pits going at 11.30 in the morning. Quality.


Wednesday 13 - 'God Is A Lie'

I had to choose one Wednesday song, so it's this one. It was a case of getting the album after seeing him live, so I don't remember how it sounded. The album version is quality though. Respect to him for composing the whole album himself.




Honorouble mentions to...


-- Alter Bridge - 'One Day Remains' (2004, BUT... I only got the album this year, and this is by far the unsung hero of the album - Metalingus was vastly overrated by everyone)

-- White Stripes - 'My Doorbell' (SO DAMN CATCHY!!!)

-- Rob Thomas - 'This Is How A Heart Breaks' (I didn't expect much from this guy, but he really shocked me)

-- Daniel Powter - 'Bad Day' (I thought it'd be the best song on his album - turns out it's the only good one on there. Terrible terrible album, but this song rules)

-- Dope - 'I'm Back' (Good album, great song)

-- The Darkness - 'One Way Ticket' (I love it, sue me)

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1. Straylight Run – Existentialism on Prom Night.

My song of the year, I only discovered it when I went on holiday and listened to my sisters ipod on random and I adore this song. Just gorgeous really, a lovely piano is under the music and makes it work so well. Makes me smile whenever I hear it.


2. Kano – Nite Nite

Again a lovely lovely song. The sweetest intro ive ever heard from Mike Skinner, and the rest of the song is just as sweet. One you need to listen to the lyrics to as they pretty well sum up what its like to be with someone you really like.


3. Jeff Buckley – New Years Prayer

I only discovered this due to it being the theme tune to The Dead Zone. One of the few completed songs for his follow up to Grace, its haunting in every sense of the word and makes it all the more sad that he died before competing the album.


4. Kanye West – Golddigger

Ill keep on saying it, this is hip hop how it should be. Forget the posing of Fiddy and the Game and the like, this is inventive, and stylish hip hop. The sampling of Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles is inspired, and the subject matter makes the song. Proof that Hip hop doesn’t have to be about bling and bitches.


5. Chevelle – Vitamin R (Leading us Along)

I love Chevelle and think they’re severly underrated. They play that lovely sorta melodic/screaming rock like the Deftones only not quite as screamy. Think Minerva and that’s pretty close. This song is from their newest album and is fantastic, just a perfect example of what the band are.


6. Armand Van Helden – My, My, My

This is a song that sums up my last university year. I love it as it never fails to make me smile when I hear it, simply because it signifies how much fun I had. Makes me smile when its on, makes me feel sad when its finished cos im not with my friends anymore :(


7. Jay-Z – Lucifer

Not new I realise but I only really discovered this gem from the Black Album this year. Produced by Kanye West and it shows as its got a fantastic sample as the hook. Just works really well and is a great example of Jay-Z.

8. Eminem – Never enough

From his Encore album, this song just grabs me and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the slightly menacing air of it, but the cameo by Fiddy works really well and I just enjoy the whole song.


9. Girls Aloud - Biology

I know its only just been released but I think its brilliant! Its great to dance to, and just a smiley song! So damn catchy, id love it if all pop music was as good as them.


10. Im leaving this space open for all the other songs ive loved this year but didn’t make the top 9 including – Kaiser Chiefs: I predict a riot, Daniel Powter: Bad Day, Kanye West: Heard them say, Kelly Clarkson: Since you’ve been gone…..etc.

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pre)Thing - Stay Alive

Fletch is well proud of himself for getting me into this band, but I only have him to thank for telling me about one of the greatest albums on my CD rack. There's 10 tracks on "22nd Century Lifestyle", and you can't go wrong with any one. They're all superb. This track is my personal favourite. I can relax to this one, or sing along to it. I sometimes play this album as I'm getting ready to go out.


Cannot agree with you there Im afraid. Firstly because the albums been out for a good year and a half :P And secondly, Can't Stop and Ascending totally own Staay Alive, as does Shoot Shoot. Still its a lot better than bloody faded love. But yes, the Fletchster owns pre)Thing :D


CKY - Familier Realm

One of the best moments from this year was definately the CKY gig in Manchester. I enjoyed that night with Fletch himself, although he spent most of the night at the back drinking while I was being carried over people's heads, over the barrier. An awesome gig. Chad asks the crowd if we wanted Familier Realm, or Shock and Terror. To his suprise, we all seemed to choose "Realm", and so they played away. I felt their album of this year was a bit hit and miss. Half the tracks are very good, the other half, are a bit crap really. A bit of a disappointment, but you can't go wrong with this one.


Yeah drinking is way more fun than having your face punched and stuff :) To me it was a weird kind of gig as theyd set the calibre so high the first time I'd seen them, so most of it was a letdown as they werent as good as the last time, they played some of the awful **** from the new album and they didnt play To All Of You...again damnit, someday guys you have to play that song live while Im there. But yeah anyway when they played this they seemed to play it so damn well, it was like exactly the same as on the cd which is a rarity. Still they absolutely killed the Human Drive In Hi-Fi for me that night. First time I'd heard it live, hopefully the last too

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Bad Day - Daniel Powter, this song just lifts my day for some reason makes me feel a lot better.


Wake Me Up When September Ends - Greenday, I love Greenday but this song kinda meant a lot more than most songs I've heard this year.


HIM - Wings Of A Butterfly, some songs I dont know why I like I just do and this is one of them, the first time I heard it I wanted to hear it more and more.


Eminem - When I'm gone. I cant believe this is it the end hes going and what a song to say it with the words are so meaningful, kinda reminds me of Tupac in a way though and look what happened to him.


Stereophonics - I cant pick a song as I love these guys everything they have brought out this year has been amazing .


Nelly - Over and over this song just grabbed me I didnt like it at first but I played the album a lot and got used to it then I liked it, then for some reason couldnt stop playing it.


Kieser Chiefs - I predict a Riot, its just one of those songs I jump around my lounge to I thought I'd heard it somewhere before and then I got told that it was released last year and only got to number 30ish I play this song that much my kids know the words to it.


Good Charlotte - Predictable, another of my favourite bands brought out a song I could relate to about certain members of my family, and hey I even made Tom into a fan.


Nothing else has really got my attention this year but then theres a lot I havent heard



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DraVen brags....


Trivium - 'A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation'

I'm going to be arrogant and brag that I heard Trivium before everyone else did, and saw them live before everyone else too. I saw them again at Download and was even more impressed. This song is great, and better than "Pull Harder...". The only thing better about that song is that it got SIX, that's right, SIX circle pits going at 11.30 in the morning. Quality.


You can't brag that right.... I was there too pal remember....


But you where right, was an awesome set, a great debut on the UK mainstage and a bllody rightous pit! Plus it is better then 'Pull Harder...'

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1. Thunder - I'm Dreaming Again

Best track on the latest album, and possibly the best track since Love Walked In. Criminal that this song isn't being recognised by the general public :(


2. Jem - They

Weird choice for me, but I love this. I don't know why, but I do.


3. Foo Fighters - Razor

For me, the best track on the acoustic set. A fine example of Dave Grohl's seemingly endless talent.


4. Hootie & The Blowfish - State Your Peace

Another obscure one, folks - dig it out, it's worth it - The Hootie are back in style!


5. The Darkness - One Way Ticket To Hell and Back

Heard it last night in a pub - and it's ten times better in it's 'natural habitat' and it's pretty damn good on record!


6. Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot

Had this as the ring tone on my mobile for so long - best track of the year, IMO


7. Franz Ferdinand - Do You Wanna?

Hate them, poncy gits - but love this track.


8. LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk Is Playing At My House

Obscure but genius. Check it out


9. White Stripes - My Doorbell

Jack White may be doing his best to turn into Johnny Depp, but he and Meg can still knock out a tune when they need to.


10. Ginger - You Me & BT

The Wildhearts frontman returns with an excellent album that got no publicity - this is the best track from it, and DESERVES TO BE HEARD!

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You were at the Roadrunner Roadrage tour too? Awesome. Didn't know. How Still Remains got the higher slot' date=' I'll never know.[/quote']


Probably the usual way forward in the business... you scratch my back and I'll and do something else if you catch my meaning...


I catch alot of the Roadrunner RoadRage tours because they are nice and cheap and often provide killer bands..


2003 for example... Killswitch Engage and 36 Crazyfists...

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