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Ok, I'm trying to do this right, I already have my reasons and everything down, but I want all of your suggestions for the Top 25 list as to who should be where. I will warn again, THIS LIST CONTAINS COMPLETE SPOILERS FOR RAW ON DEC. 12'TH & SMACKDOWN! ON DEC. 16'TH


Here's the RAW & Heat parts of the list:

Kurt Angle- Defeated Ric Flair on RAW to earn spot in Elimination Chamber at New Year's Revolution


Carlito- Defeated an overzealous Shelton Benjamin by small package on RAW to earn Elimination Chamber spot


Shelton Benjamin- A cocky Benjamin got beat by Carlito in an Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match


Triple H- Cost Big Show a spot in the Elimination Chamber; Lost to Kane w/ help from Big Show


Shawn Michaels- With "help" from Triple H, earned DQ win over Big Show to earn spot in Elimination Chamber


Big Show- Lost by DQ to HBK, thanks to Triple H; Helped Kane defeat Triple H

Chris Masters- Made 6'8" 500 lbs. Viscera submit to the Masterlock to earn spot in Elimination Chamber


Viscera- Put on a good showing against Masters on RAW


Matt Striker- Put on good heel segment on RAW


Chris Nowinski- Harvard graduate stated his case to Mr. McMahon for position as RAW G.M.


Dusty Rhodes- "The American Dream" is the top candidate for RAW G.M.


Trish Stratus- Will defend Women's Title against her 'biggest fan', Mickie James at NYR


Mickie James- Defeated Victoria to earn #1 Contender's spot to face her idol, Trish, at NYR for the Women's Title


Kane- With help from Big Show, defeated Triple H on RAW, earning him a spot in the Elimination Chamber


John Cena- WWE Champ & "hometown hero" overcame the odds by defeating Daivari while he was blindfolded in 1'st Ever, "You Can't See Me" Match


Daivari- Faced a blindfolded John Cena in "You Can't See Me" Match on RAW


Ric Flair- IC Champion put on a good showing against Kurt Angle on RAW


Lance Cade- Won squash match on Heat


Chavo Guerrero- Continues on w/ a win over Rob Conway


Rob Conway- Conway picked up some good heel heat while facing Chavo


Gregory Helms- Defeated Tajiri in Tajiri's final match w/ the Shining Wizard on Heat


Tajiri- Had final WWE match against Gregory Helms and gave a heartfelt farewell speech, post-match


Snitsky & Tyson Tomko- New tag team dominate the Heart Throbs on Heat


The Heart Throbs- Picking up traction on Heat as faces


Trevor Murdoch- Murdoch stated his case as new RAW G.M. to Mr. McMahon on RAW; Defeated Val Venis on Heat


Val Venis- Faced Murdoch, one-on-one, on Heat


Here are the SmackDown! & Velocity parts of the list (I will put them in spoiler tags to benefit those who just want the RAW & Heat part):



Sylvan- Picked up win in squash match on Velocity


Doug Basham- Makes rare appearance w/ a win on Velocity


Jamie Noble- Picks up win on Velocity


William Regal- British heel defeats Scotty 2 Hotty w/ help from Paul Burchill on Velocity


Scotty 2 Hotty- Picked up good reaction from crowd on Velocity


Paul Burchill- Helped partner William Regal defeat Scotty 2 Hotty


Brian Kendrick & Paul London- Cruiserweight Tag Team pick up win in tag action on Velocity


Simon Dean- Cuts heel promo on Velocity


Boogeyman- Continues undefeated streak beating Nunzio on SmackDown!


Randy Orton- Build-up towards Armageddon continues by taking Undertaker out (w/ help from Bob Orton) on SmackDown!


Batista & Rey Mysterio- Big night for World Heavyweight Champion: Batista & Rey Mysterio, winning WWE Tag Team Titles from MNM on SmackDown!; Picking up some big momentum heading into tag match w/ Kane & Big Show at Armageddon


Kid Kash- Defeats Super Crazy on SmackDown!


Super Crazy & Psicosis- Bad night for Mexicools, no longer getting chance at WWE Tag Titles at Armageddon and Super Crazy loses to Kid Kash on SmackDown!


Juventud- Cruiserweight Champion saves Super Crazy from certain injury at the hands of Kid Kash


Lashley- Continues Undefeated streak, defeating Paul Burchill on SmackDown!


Matt Hardy- Brawls w/ JBL after JBL interrupts Hardy's interview; Will face JBL at Armageddon


JBL- Attempts to assault Matt Hardy on SmackDown! & Costs him match against Booker T on SmackDown!


Booker T.- Picks up win (w/ big help from JBL) over Matt Hardy on SmackDown!; Will face Benoit at Armageddon in Match 4 of Best of 7 Series for U.S. Title


Chris Benoit- Will face Booker T. at Armageddon in Match 4 of Best of 7 Series for U.S. Title


Undertaker- Appeared on SmackDown! and attempted to spook out Randy Orton, but Randy & Bob Orton fooled Undertaker again, but took a low blow, an RKO, a steel chair, and a shot w/ the urn to keep Taker down.



I want to know who you think should be omitted, added, and/or what spot they deserve to be in.

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HAHA, laugh it up. Them are just the candidates for the Top 25. Ok, judging by your "suggestions" the following are cut from the lists:

Edge & Lita



The following are added:

Chris Benoit


Throw more suggestions out, we need 25 and we still have 46 superstars on the list. Do the ones that think promos don't count agree to taking Simon Dean, Matt Striker, Chris Nowinski, Dusty Rhodes, & Trish Stratus off the list?

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