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TNA TV Results include NYE Special!!***SPOILERS***


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TNA Impact tapings from report for a long day in Orlando including New Year's Eve special


by Alan Wojcik


Welcome to a VERY long day of TNA tapings. Between the tapings we were asked, well more liked forced to exit the soundstage. Normally I wouldn’t be upset but it’s not exactly Florida weather today. Be sure to pick up Eddie Guerrero’s biography, it is excellent. They didn’t let anyone including wheelchair guests sit off camera, so I am on some of TV wearing a blue Santa hat. The Pit taught Spanish announcer Arnando Quintero how to do the Bentley Bounce as he stood with them for a couple of the first session matches. Jeremy Borash was joined by $o Cal Val and Miss Vanessa. Former CEO Frank Dickerson was in attendance. Car driver Hermie Sadler was sitting with Dickerson.




Taping session one, most likely Xplosion matches:




(1) Sonjay Dutt and Austin Aires defeated Diamonds in the Rough members “Primetime” Elix Skipper and David Young (w/Simon Diamond dressed in a track outfit) when Dutt countered out of the Play of the Day and hit modified acecrusher into a double knee shot to Skipper’s back.




(2) “The Prince of Punk” Shannon Moore defeated Cassidy Riley when he blocked Riley’s attempted top rope huricurana, then came off to hit a spinning neckbreaker like move.




(3) “The Future” Chris Sabin and Lance Hoyt defeated “the Messiah of the Backbreaker” Roderick Strong and John Bolen (the guy who debuted on the PPV pre-show) after Sabin hit Bolen with the Cradle Shock. Bolen got over as a heel.




Mike Tenay and Don West entered the ring to film some stuff for the New Years Eve Impact show. I used this time to read more of the Guerrero book. A kid standing next to me told me the following ha

ppened as I read. NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett, Gail Kim and Monty Brown said they would be teaming up on the NYE special. Christian Cage came out next and said some stuff. He was followed by America’s Most Wanted with Gail Kim who said they were facing AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. That would make sense then since Styles and Daniels came out next for a promo. Being NYE they dressed the fans in party hats and other items. Borash said the second taping session would include the NYE matches.




(4) Team Canada members Petey Williams, A1 and Bobby Roode defeated The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas) and Shark Boy when Williams hit Shark Boy with the Canadian Destroyer.




Taping session number two:




They filmed matches to air this Saturday. In the studio we didn’t see an opening of any kind and none of interviews that were taped Monday were shown to the fans. NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett came out before the opening bout to confront Mike Tenay about Sting’s arrival in TNA. Only the home audience knows what Tenay said to Jarrett.




(1) NWA World X Division champion Samoa Joe defeated Jay Lethal.


Both men traded moves but neither made a difference until Joe laid in several kicks to the body. Lethal fired back with a Matrix-like drop kick but when he tried to Irish whip Joe it was reversed and he got hit with a boot to the face, a knee drop and chest chops. Next came a running knee to corner, the facewash and the Ole kick. Joe locked in a chinlock but Lethal escaped only to be hit with a Powerslam, the musclebuster and ended up submitting to the Kokina Clutch.




(2) Alex Shelley (w/digital camera) defeated Matt Bentley (w/Traci Brooks and the Pit doing the Bentley Bounce).


Shelley got in some forearms to the back but his takeover was reversed by Bentley who hit punches and a dropkick for two. As “the Prince of Punk” Shannon Moore watched on from atop the heel entry way, Shelley took over on Bentley with a back suplex and his move where he mounts his opponent to drive his face in the mat. They traded chest chops but Shelley hit Bentley with a running double knee to the corner. When Moore showed off a sign “the X division needs to get punked,” Shelley bailed from the ring and filmed it. When he went back to the ring Bentley hit Shelley with an STO but Shelley fought off Bentley and rolled him up with what looked like a hand full of tights.




(3) Rhino defeated Joe Doering (who debuted on the PPV pre-show).


Rhino started beating Doering down and didn’t let up even when Doering got in some offense. Rhino ended the match hitting the GORE!!!! After the match Rhino got on the mic as the fans chanted “You Got Screwed.” Rhino spoke about how many of Jarrett’s pals it took to win the PPV match. Rhino told Jarrett and Team Canada they would be in his sights real soon.




(4) Team 3D (Ray and Devon) defeated Diamonds in the Rough members “Primetime” Elix Skipper and David Young (w/Simon Diamond)


3D hit the ring and jumped Skipper/Young. Skipper was hit with a double team legdrop/side slam. Skipper fought back but Ray hit him with a clothesline. When Young tried to aid his partner it backfired. Ray press slammed Skipper and tossed him over to the floor, where Skipper’s face smacked on the apron. Young and Diamond motivated Skipper to continue. Ray suplexed Skipper back in the ring but he got too close to the Diamonds corner and it worked in their favor as Skipper hit an enziguri as Earl Hebner looked on from the rampway taking notes (I am not sure if I can get a merchandise discount.) The Diamonds made several tags working over Ray but couldn’t get the pin. Skipper went to the ropes but Ray hit a sitout full nelson bomb and tagged out to Devon. Devon held his own against Skipper and Young until Ray got his second wind. Diamond grabbed Devon so Skipper could hit him but Devon moved. Skipper ended up being hit with the Road Warrior clothesline, while Young was pinned by the 3D.




Once again NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett came to the ring. This time he was joined by all of Team Canada, Abyss (w/James Mitchell) and NWA World Tag Team champions America’s Most Wanted. Jarrett brought up the recent arrivals of Rhino, Team 3D and Christian Cage. Jarrett said TNA management wanted a war by bringing Sting they would get one. Scott D’amore and AMW pledged allegiance to Jarrett. Next he spoke to Abyss and Mitchell who pledged their allegiance to Jarrett who next called out Monty Brown. Brown came out and told Jarrett that the Serengeti was not a wildlife preserve, it was meant for Brown to run wild not to be held back by TNA. Despite calling Jarrett a liar to his face he seemed to side with Jarrett. The lights went out as the Sting logo played on the screen. Rhino, Team 3D and Christian Cage came on the babyface rampway. D’amore dared them to come to the ring to fight. When they came to the ring, everyone scattered for their lives. The fans chanted Sting’s name. Ray took the mic and asked Storm how his neck was.




Matches for the Christmas Eve show:




Santa Claus Bentley and TNA’s sexiest elf Traci Brooks came out to give away shirts but they were interrupted by “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage. Cage mentioned his upcoming match with Chris Harris and asked if Santa knew where he lived. Santa gave him a street sign for Slapnuts Blvd. Next Cage asked for aid in looking like the next world champion. So he received a pair of white jeans “just like Jeff Jarrett wears.” Next he asked for a catchy slogan to connect with the fans. So Santa gave him a Jarrett T-shirt, a wig and yellow tinted sunglasses. Santa left another item, Instead of a Jarrett sized guitar he gave him a mini-sized guitar. Cage asked the fans if he looked like a compete jackass and what a world champion should look like. This brought out Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown but Cage escaped a double clothesline and got out of the ring. Again the Sting logo appeared on the screens as Jarrett and Brown went back to the locker room.




(1) “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels defeated Team Canada’s “Showtime” Eric Young (w/Scott D’amore).


I am not sure if it was done on purpose or by accident but they played Scott Hall’s old TNA music. Before the match Alex Shelley came to ringside and Shannon Moore stood again on the top of the rampway. Daniels looked like he needed some time to loosen up so he slid to the floor for some exercises. Back in the ring Young introduced Daniels face to the top turnbuckles. Daniels recovered with forearms to the face of Young and an STO followed by the BME. D’amore got on the apron to break up the count. Daniels confronted D’amore but Young didn’t follow through from behind with a forearm as Daniels avoided it. Young turned around and got hit with the Angels Wings.




(2) Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell) defeated “the Future” Chris Sabin.


Sabin tried to get Abyss down on the mat but Abyss tossed him around the ring. Once again Earl Hebner came out to watch things. Sabin got in some kicks and Abyss bailed to the floor .Sabin followed but his huricurana was blocked and Abyss drove Sabin’s upper body into the ringsteps. Abyss brought Sabin back to the ring for more punishment. Abyss worked over Sabin’s neck but couldn’t get a submission. Abyss kicked Sabin in the gut but Sabin hit an enziguri, a slingshot dropkick and a multi spun DDT. Sabin went for the Cradle Shock but couldn’t get Abyss up in the air. Abyss fell out of the hold and hit the Black Hole Slam to win.




(3) Ron “the Truth” Killings defeated Kenny King (who has a WWE tryout this Saturday in Daytona Beach)


I am note sure if 4LK exists anymore so I won’t bill Killings as being part of them. King jumped Killings at the bell and didn’t let up until he got cocky and posed for the cameras. When he turned around he got hit with a missile dropkick and eventually fell to the hands of Killings. “Bullet” Bob Armstrong tried to talk to Killings but Killings refused to talk. I am guessing there will be an interview with Killings inserted with him talking to Armstrong.




(4) “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage defeated NWA World Tag Team champion “Wildcat” Chris Harris (w/”Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm and Gail Kim)


While we waited for the TV to come back from commercial Storm and Harris stalled. At one point Rudy Charles tossed Storm from ringside. Back from the break the match began with Cage dominating Harris. Kim got Cage’s attention and he followed around the ring, right into Harris who hit a clothesline. When the action returned to the ring Harris hit a top rope double sledgehammer, a standing suplex and several hundred boos from the fans. Harris took Cage to the mat with a chinlock. Cage fought to his feet but Harris hit a clothesline and Harris went back on the attack. Gail Kim got involved choking Cage as he lay on the second rope. Cage got a second wind and fought back, hitting Harris with several moves including a leg lariat that got two. Cage hit a second rope tornado DDT for two. Cage went up top but Kim stopped him. Harris tried for a superplex but Cage sent him back into the ring, only to miss his elbow drop, allowing Harris to get a two count. Harris hit a full nelson slam but got two. The AMW handcuffs got involved. As Kim and Charles argued over the pair of handcuffs Storm came out to hit Cage with a title belt shot. However Storm dropped his title belt and Rudy counted two on the pin. Cage went for the Unprettier but Storm distracted him and Harris shot Cage to the ropes. Cage avoided the contact from AMW and eventually hit Harris with the Unprettier. Jarrett hit the ring to try and beat down Cage, who escaped only to be hit from behind by Monty Brown. Brown, Jarrett and AMW beat down Cage as the fans booed. Brown hit the POUNCE while Jarrett hit the Stroke that sent Cage’s face into one of the tag title belts. While we got ready for hour three several security members aided the referees in escorting Cage to the locker room.




Matches for the New Years Eve special:




(1) Rhino defeated Team Canada’s A1 (w/Scott D’amore)


This was match number one in Rhino’s “Get Revenge on Team Canada” tour. Rhino jumped A1 at the bell and didn’t stop his attack, even as the fighting went to the floor. A1 recovered and got on the offensive, only to see Rhino get a second wind. Rhino hit the GORE to win the very short match. D’amore got in the ring and hit Rhino with the hockey stick. While Rhino focused on D’amore, Abyss led by James Mitchell came out and attacked Rhino. Abyss hit Rhino with the Black Hole Slam and the music came up to end the segment.




(2) NWA World Tag Team champion “Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm (w/“Wildcat” Chris Harris and Gail Kim) defeated “Phenomenal” AJ Styles.


Storm locked in a side headlock and refused to let go of Styles. When he did Styles got in a dropkick that sent Storm to the floor for a beer. Storm came back to try his luck a second time but after a flying head scissor, a bodyslam, a kneedrop and a clothesline to the corner, he wasn’t feeling good. Storm got in a backdrop and taunted the fans. Storm followed it up with a clothesline but his German and back suplex were countered so he kicked Styles in the gut. Storm buried a knee in Styles’ back as he locked in a chinlock. Storm’s superkick was blocked and Styles hit the Pele’ kick. Styles hit a clothesline and the springboard inverted DDT for two. Storm got Styles on the top and went for a superplex but Styles but blocked it. Styles sent Storm to the ring but Harris climbed up and stopped an attempted Spiral Tap. While the referee argued with Harris, Kim went for a top rope huricurana. Kim was caught by Styles who went to hit her with the Styles Clash. Storm got his trusty beer bottle and smashed it on the back of Styles head. Storm pinned Styles. Larry Zybzsko hit the ring with Christopher Daniels. Larry told AMW to rest up because they would be defending the belts at midnight against Styles and Daniels. AMW and Kim hit the ring, attacking Daniels and Styles. All this was ended by Christian Cage who ran down with a chair in hand. Cage took the mic and told the fans the titles were going to change hands tonight.




(3) Monty Brown and NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett (w/Gail Kim) defeated Shark Boy and Kenny King.


Before the match began Jackie Gayda once again came out to confront Jarrett and Kim. Once the match began it was a brawl on the floor. King and Brown fought on the floor as Shark Boy brought Jarrett to the ring. King hit two missile dropkicks but his third one was stopped by Brown. Brown brought King back in the ring and hit the POUNCE while Jarrett finished off Shark Boy with the Stroke. The Sting logo showed on the screens once more.




(4) NWA World X Division champion Samoa Joe defeated Roderick Strong.


As Joe beat down Strong, Shannon Moore and Earl Hebner reappeared on the rampway. Moore left but Hebner stayed to watch Strong take one hell of a beating. Strong hit two clotheslines, a running kick to the face and a backbreaker that looked like it injured Strong’s knee. Joe locked in a sleeper but Strong back him into the corner. Strong went to the far corner and went for a move but Joe caught him and delivered the STO. Joe followed with the Musclebuster and Kokina Clutch to make Strong submit.




Before the TNA match to air after midnight, we did a countdown to celebrate the New Year with help from Christian Cage and Mike Tenay. Tenay and Cage stayed in the ring to tell everyone the worst kept secret in wrestling, Sting is coming to TNA Wrestling. Cage announced that at Final Resolution, Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown would face Cage and Sting. This brought out Jeff Jarrett who exchanged rather unpleasant words with Cage. Cage ended the words by saying his new year’s resolution was to beat Jarrett to oblivion. At one point Cage, Jarrett, Monty Brown, Rhino, AMW and Team 3D fought in the ring.




(1) NWA World Tag Team champions America’s Most Wanted (“Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris w/Gail Kim) defeated “Phenomenal” AJ Styles and “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels.


Storm and Daniels started the match by trading moves but Daniels and Styles got AMW off their game and briefly dominated the ring. AMW took a “time out” to confer with Kim on the floor. Harris re-entered the ring and Styles kicked him in the hamstring. Daniels and Styles tagged several times continuing the attack on the isolated Storm. Daniels reversed a corner whip but didn’t avoid a Harris clothesline from the ring apron. This allowed AMW to take turns attacking Daniels for several minutes. Despite the beating, Daniels kicked out of every pin attempt AMW went for. Storm made a tactical error and Daniels hit him with a DVD. Daniels tagged out to Styles who was well rested and showed it hitting AMW with a suicide tope to the floor. Many near falls occurred over the next few moments including one that sent Rudy Charles to the mat. While Rudy was down Styles hit Storm with the Styles Clash. Shannon Moore ran out and jumped Styles. This led to AMW retaining the titles via pinfall. After the taping ended, Daniels asked the fans if they wanted more action. Harris was hit by the Angels Wings and Rudy counted the pinfall.




The fans got an early Christmas present as the TNA locker room came out to sign autographs and pose for photos.




Announced matches for Final Resolution January 15, 2006:


**NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett and “Alpha Male” Monty Brown vs. Christian Cage and Sting


**NWA World X Division champion Samoa Joe vs. “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels


**The way things went down at the PPV it looks like AMW will defend the belts against Team 3D.


From the Observer.

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I hope I wasn't the only one thinking that TNARICK was booking when I saw Hebner's name appear on the spoilers. It'll be interesting to see if he'll work as a legitimate referee or get involved in some way. Hell, they could even use Dave Hebner and pull off the classic referee screwjob if they want to drag Jarrett's title reign out a bit longer.


It was good to see Jay Lethal involved too, even if it was just in a squash. He's a pretty talented guy who fits in exactly with what the X Division is all about. It would be amusing if they brought in his mum to work an angle, beating WWE to the punch. Joe Vs Roderick will be worth checking out I assume, as will AJ/Daniels Vs AMW. The big disapointment for me though is the lack of Homicide, who I heard was going to debut there tonight. I hope he's given a substantial push, because he's a scary scary man who can get over big time with the right booking.


The PPV will be worth checking out in January too, and we might even see Christian turning on Sting in the tag match. It could lead to a feud between arguably their biggest two names and let Christian go back to working as a heel, not to mention allowing Jarrett to defend against the debuting Benoit, free from his WWE contract and the 90 day non-compete clause. Well, now I'm just fantasy booking, but I'd be a very happy man indeed if that came true.

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why do you still compare WWE's worst to TNA's best?


Why do you keep bringin this crap up. My point is, and I can't believe I have to point this out - Snitsky and Show are VERY SLOW, and the X Division is FAST.

These cows are SMALL but the other cows are FAR AWAY.

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yes because me an dave will have a punch up' date=' we will jump through each others screens and fight :roll[/quote']


No i mean that both of you seem to always seem to agrue over stupid and pointless crap.


Sorry if this seems like a flame on both of you but you both need to grow up. Mr P you always seem to look for a vebal fight on here, and Dave yes i see what your trying to do however just try using different people who are rubbish from WWE

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i dont look for fights on here, when someone says TNA is better than WWE i would expect them to give me a reason but dave always compar TNA's best to WWE worst, he always says things like, "i would rather watch AJ vs. Daneils then Show Vs. Snitsky" well i would rather what Benoit Vs. Angle than Roderick Strong Vs. Shark boy, he doesnt seem to realise that WWE have good wrestlers and TNA have some crap wrestlers, if your going to compare WWE & TNA do it fairly.
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I did, who is slower than Show and Snitsky? OK then Viscera and Tomko, whatever, I was just saying that Hebner will probably have a heart attack reffing the X Division matches when he was reffing Show and Snitsky matches previously! The defence rests...
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Why do you keep bringin this crap up. My point is' date=' and I can't believe I have to point this out - Snitsky and Show are VERY SLOW, and the X Division is FAST.[/quote']

He's right. Another example is how Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels are VERY GOOD, and Lance Hoyt and David Young are VERY NOT.


Very good... very not.



Very GOOD... very NOT.

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by Mike Johnson @ 10:15:00 AM on 12/14/2005



Last night, PWInsider.com reported that Earl Hebner made his TNA debut, coming out during a match between Team 3D and the Diamonds in the Rough at last night's Impact taping in Orlando, Florida. This morning, I learned it was actually Earl's twin brother, former WWE official Dave Hebner at the taping. I apologize for the error.


In other Hebner news, Dave will be working as the figurehead for a new promotion, the United Wrestling Federation which will debut next month with events in The Hebners' home state of Virginia, featuring a number of TNA stars.


Strange that TNA are using him on screen, although its probably a good signing for TNA, Dave worked as a road agent for year & years with the WWE, so i should think he's a good addition to the backstage crew at TNA.

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Is it just me or are TNA just using alot of ROH talent?and basically jobbing them out ?

With exception of Joe, Daniels, and AJ who are the only X-Division wrestlers, who get a good push, you're right. I'm not a big fan of Strong, and he is nowehre near good enough for the RoH Title, but jobbing him out week after week, is pathetic.


Strong is miles better than the spot monkeys TNA seem to love, yet gets nowhere. Even austin Aries, who I would the 2nd, or 3rd best in TNA, is stuck doing f*ck all.


By the way, how many results on them shows caught anyone by suprise? You basically have the talent, beating jobbers all the time. Hardly must see TV.


On the Homicide point, I really hope he doesn't debut, with the awful Killings and Konnan. He is so far above them both (Watch Konnan's match in RoH, to see the backlash he got, because the fans know eh can't wrestle to save his life), so it would be a massive dissapointment, if the idiots booking TNA partner them.

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Thats true' date=' but it doesnt have much to do with Earl Hebner now does it? [b']Lance Hoyt > Trevor Murdoch[/b]

So wrong, So wrong. May the lord have mercy on you for saying that.:D


But anyway this seems like some nice shows.


Roderick vs Joe = Bothe very talented workers and it should be a good match.


AJ and Daniels vs AMW = Can't F'n wait. AJ and Daniels as a tag team *drools*. I just hope they don't make Daniels backstab AJ so soon.


And I agree with Jack, it's sad how someone like Aries is being jobbed and isn't in any major storyline.

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