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Benoit or Booker

eoin cork

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Once Booker went 2-0 up, I says "I'm predicting 4-3 to Benoit"...the fact that I was alone in the living makes me wonder why I did that...and why I have now told the whole world on the Internet. Ah well.


Simply, I think that Chris Benoit will win. 4-3 will be the final score to either one, though.


That was "OFW's tip of the Week" *


*9.5/10 times OFW's tip of the week is wrong

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I'm not to sure about how it will turn out. I'm like 80% sure that Benoit will win at Armageddon and bring it down to 3-3 and i'm still undecided on the final match. As Good2go said, there wouldn't be much point of having a best of 7 series if Booker won 4 straight matches in a row.
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