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2 Violent Night's this weekend


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It's quite obvious they are ripping off FCW. Wish they could come up with their own ideas.


Carl Mizzery vs. Cupid Valentino

Jimmy Casino & Spiritwalker vs. Darren Donaghan & King Khan

Staxx vs. Rob Long

Sal Americana vs. Tyler Reyne

Blondie Barratt vs. Nicky Mace

KSW Rumble


We've got absolutly nothing to worry about :)

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Finally, why would you have anything to worry about? Currys and Dixons dear boy!

Of course it's nothing to worry about, competition is a good thing.


I just wonder why they chose to copy the name of an FCW event, in a similar area on a similar date.


Some (ill informed) people may go to KStar expecting to see FCW.

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Like I said, complete accident and would have been changed had the money not been spent on the advertising before we realised.


As far as I've noticed though (though I admit, I haven't been promoting for long), most of your average wrestling consumers don't care what the name of the promotion is, that is left to your hardcore fans such as yourself and none of you are ill informed.


Besides, it really doesn't matter what you call a show, the show name is just to name the DVD.


Like I said I'm new to this and learning all the time and the mental note to "check the other local promotions' shows to prevent a name clash" has been stored.


Just so you know, there is no evil intent to try "steal" things from FCW, the Midlands is a big area and there are a lot of fans, plenty around to share.


Besides, being a Yam yam myself, Walsall and Baggeridge are miles away, so it would have to be a real imbecile to mix that one up and a different day!



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