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Limited Semi-Annual Awards?


Should we have Semi-Annual Awards?  

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  1. 1. Should we have Semi-Annual Awards?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Are you insane? What a stupid idea.

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Do you think that we should do some Semi-Annual Awards, and have the full awards at the end of the year?


The reason I'm asking is that quite often the "Best Match" will be recent ones (within the last few months) and some of the best work earlier in the year gets over-looked.


So, would the idea of doing a 6 monthly Best Face, Best Heel, Best Tag Team/Faction, Best Match bits to give "awards" to those people who do good work, be a good one?



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Alas, i said no


Hark! What is that i hear! The Telf says NO!


My reason being that it is all well and good singling out people who have contributed well to the fed over a certain period of time. But there may be others who themselves feel have contributed equally as much and don't feel they are getting rewarded/recognised


Just a thought on the flipside of all this

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