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TWO Stars 43: December 15


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The following program is a post watershed production, it will contain scenes and storylines not suitable for children and some of the content may also be unacceptable to other viewers. This program may also contain strobe lighting effects.


'Carve me an Edge' by Fake Ideal starts to play as the XTV opening video plays. Images are displayed throughout the NEW title sequence:


Deadman striking the knee of The Incredible Holt

Dante Mueller delivering the Killshot to Sickness after winning the Battle Royal

The formation of S.E.X.

Jimmy Redman and The Judge celebrating their tag title victory

The Black Dragon debuting

Michael Howell III stepping out of a limo

Darkstar handing a contract between Gower and Deadman

Jordi Warner promoting his book

TLA walking a tiny green poodle.

Triple V burying two jobbers

Brett Banner looking out of his hood

Shane Cross cutting a promo

The Million Dollar Man, Christopher Eagles stepping out of a limo

Evil Gringo hitting one of his multiple finishers (you pick )

TIH trashing Akten’s TV


Brett Banner on his knees, holding the World Heavyweight Championship for the first time




Huge pyro’s fill the Hallum arena, racing up the aisle and out from the tron before the TWOstars generic music starts up as the camera rotates around the arena, multiple shots showing screaming fans and their home made signs


Dante Bites!

Who is Jordi Warner?

We want Eagles.....to leave.


Styles-Ladies and gentlemen welcome to TWOStars here at the sold out Hallum arena in lovely Sheffield, England. And we have got one hell of a show for you tonight.


Heyman-Thats right. We have the Evil Gringo against Drake Rush, as well as Shane Cross versus Jimmy Redman.


As Heyman gets done, Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit begins to boom accross the house speakers. This elicits a loud booing response from the crowd. Darkstar makes his way out to the ring. He grabs a mic and speaks.


Darkstar-Alright cut the damned music....Thats better. Now then, I'm out here to make an important announcement, so if you all would shut the HELL UP!!


This gets more boos from the crowd, as well as an unintelligble chant started.


Darkstar-You know what amazes me? No one here speaks English. I thought you were responible for spawning the language, so here's an idea. LEARN IT!!


The crowd boos more loudly, and nothing can be heard over them, except an ASSHOLE chant.


Darkstar-Now where was I? Oh yes. My announcement. Well I realize you people are probably pretty slow in the head(the booing intensifies, if its possible) , so I'm going to do you a favor. Tonight Twiggie, Michael Howell III, and Dante will be in this ring in a voting rodeo. That way all of you indecisive idiots will be able to have one last shot at voting who gets to wrestle Banner. THen again, you probably aren't smart enough to work a computer of cell phone, but what the hell? We can hope can't we?


With this, Darkstar throws down the mic and Break Stuff again starts to play. The asshole chant is started again, only this time with everyone in the arena joining in, so the music is almost drowned out.


Heyman-Well there you go. A voting rodeo tonight with Twiggie, Michael Howell III, and Dante.


Styles-The real question is, can they exsist in the same ring together?

We'll find out tonight.


Cut a a rundown of tonights card.

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*Camera cuts to a TWO backstage hallway. In the background men in black shirts can be seen unloading equipment and such. The walls are a pale white, with the intensity of the lights matching. Standing in the middle of the large hallway, is a rather dwarfish man by TWO standards. He has shoulder-length, well kempt hair. His eyes reveal him to be of far eastern descent, although he has a particualrly deep tan for someone of his ethnicity. He seems to be waiting eagerly, holding the microphone uncomfortable close to his own face.*


Sunaki (in HEAVY asian accent) - Greeting! I am SUNAKI! Tha numba one TWO reporta! Darksta has jus announce the Zero "Torrerance" Voting Rodeo "tripre threat" match. We waiting for "Michaer Howerr III", the youngest fighta in the match.


In the far side of the hallway, Howell can be seen walking down the long arched pathway, his shadow eclipsed by Niles, who is faithfully walking with him. Sunaki immediately lights up and sprints in Michael's direction...much to the alarm of Howell, who considers running away. But, he ends up resigning himself to fate, and standing still for yet another irksome interview.


Sunaki - Micaher!!! Michaer!!! Fans want to know!!! You have jus been booked for a "tripre threat" match. How do you "feer?"


Michael's face is totally frozen...he blinks repeatedly at great speed many times...his mouth hangs slightly open....he is completely and utterly confused.


MHIII -...........what did you say?


Sunaki - The "tripre threat" match. How do you "feer?"


MHIII -...............................what?


Sunaki - I said...


MHIII - I don't speak gook, don't you get it?!!! Niles, speech lessons!!!


Sunaki- But I...


Niles lifts Sunaki by the collar and takes him out of the camera shot..but not before rudely yanking the microphone and handing it to his employer. As he takes the microphone, Michael quickly yanks out a comb and brushes his hair, pretending like the camera isnt even on him. The procedure takes up the better part of a minute. Finally he whispers to the cameraman...


MHIII (whisper) - ...my hair okay?


The camera frame nods up and down.


MHIII (clears throat)- Oh, hello America! I didn't see you there! Now I know what you're thinking! You're thinking, "What was that horrible rice-gremlin trying to ask you? And why wasn't he focusing on the important issues like your triple threat voting rodeo?" Well, I don't know. You see, in Harvard political science, they always teach you to stick with the issues. "Who,what, where, when, why," you know. I guess Asian intelligence doesn't extend beyond math and hibachi steakhouses. Anyways, none of you need have any fear for you idol, MHIII. All this does is combine the CEO's two best activities: Wrestling and upholding an image. As you can plainly see, I can do both separately very well. And together? Well, it really isn't a problem. I mean I went to Harvard! I can throw a pass that will hit a dime on a pole! I am well versed in Adam Smith's trade theory! So really, who wouldn't like me? Because I like absolutely everybody! If I didn't then I wouldn't be here busting my hump trying to bring culture and education to you English...*sniffs the air*...ohh..and it looks like I'll be needing to bring some dental hygene as well. No wonder we superior Americans revolted. Those redcoats must have stunk up Boston pretty good.


In the background, Niles can be heard telling Sunaki in a British accent , "The Rain in Spain stays mainly in the....."


MHIII - Why can't you people be more like Niles? He is british, but he is well groomed, well kempt, and he knows the true places of the English is serving the Americans!!


*Loud boos fill the arena. A chant can be heard..' We want our colonies, We want our colonies...' "


MHIII- So like i said, this match is absolutely no problem for me, the CEO. Twiggie, that good for nothing pot-smoking unwashed hippy, will probably be too high to fight yours truly. He doesn't care about putting on a good show for you the fans. He doesn't love you like I do. And Dante? Here is a man who could not achieve anything in his life. He flunked out of school, disobeyed his parents, didn't say his prayers at night..and look what he's doing now! Killing people!! Is that what you're going to do to your problems, Dante? You're just going to 'kill' your problems? You need to turn your life around. You need to get out there and get an education. That is yet another thing that makes me BETTER than you!!!!!! So Twiggie and Dante, I hope you've sold your shares to the TWOstars World Heavyweight Title. Because that belt is long overdue for a CORPORATE TAKEOVER!......Niles are you done??


Niles scurries back into the camera frame, looking pleased.


Niles (with british accent) - Done sir.


MHIII - Good...let's go...


As they walk off, the camera pans to the side with Sunaki repeating quietly to himself "The Rain in Spain stays mainry in the prain....I don't get it."


*Cut to....*

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Backstage with Keith Jaxx and Michael Cole.


Jaxx: Ok Michael it's like this.


Jaxx raises his arms up in the air with his elbows touching to make a "y" shape. Cole then trys to mimmick the shape being made by The Sausage Jockey.


Jaxx: Ok you ready to try again then?


Cole: Yes Sir!!


Jaxx: Alirrrriiighhhttt.


Jaxx pushes play on the CD player and "YMCA" begins to play as both men get into position.


Just as we are coming up to the climax of the the song (GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER PEOPLE) Christopher Eagles walks in to the room and pushes stop on the CD player to LOUD booing from the crowd.


Jaxx: What the hell?


Jaxx and Cole turn around to see Eagles standing there along side DiBiase as both the Rich Men begin to laugh.


Eagles: Can you believe this Ted? Me Christopher Eagles as to get into the ring with an idiot and Arkham.




Eagles: Cole is this your "in ring" training? Is this what you are going to do to me out there, start performing YMCA with that Nutcase Arkham?


Cole: We, we, we, well.


Eagles: If you want to take Jaxx's Balls out of your mouth for just 10 seconds then maybe I can understand you.




Eagles: Come on Ted this place is starting to creep me out. Oh i'm sorry how rude of me, let me turn this back on for you.


Eagles reaches to turn the CD player back on but instead knocks it off the table with it falling to the ground and smashing.


Eagles: Oh my word, how clumsy of me. I mean any more stupid and they would be calling me Arkham.


Eagles and DiBiase walk of laughing as Cole hugs Jaxx


Cut to a Zero Tolerance Promo

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Tony Chimmel stands in the middle of the ring, mic raised to his mouth as a hush falls across the crowd in expectation.


Tony: The next match is one one fall is a special “Manager Tag” match. Introducing first, representing Sports Entertainment Xtreme, they are the team of Arkham and Michael Cole.


“Let’s Talk About Sex” hits and the crowd cheers loudly, pink spotlights hit the staging and tons of pink pyros go off across the staging.


Paul: Exactly how gay is this entrance?


Joey: What’s gay about it?


Paul: You don’t see it? I mean, seriously.


Arkham and Little Michael walk out onto the staging, Cole is wearing a bright pink velour tracksuit, and he is jogging around beside the big guy.


Paul: Just look at that pansy.


Joey: You can’t call Arkham a pansy.


Paul: What? Not Arkham, but that little boy band reject with him.


Joey: I’ve heard that Michael Cole is confident in his sexuality.


Paul: You mean that he’s happy being gay?


Joey: I’m only telling you what I’ve heard.


Arkham slowly walks down the ramp, Cole jogging around him, they get to the ring, the big guy pulls himself up using the ropes, Michael runs up the steps, he quickly climbs through the ropes and gets into the middle of the ring, reaching down the back of his tracksuit pants and pulls out the now famous dildo mic.


Paul: Oh. My. God. Where did he keep that thing?


Joey: I have no idea, but I don’t think it’s sanitary.


Cole looks around at the crowd before raising the mic to his mouth – the crowd aren’t quite sure whether to cheer or go “ewwww” considering where the mic has just been. The SEX entrance music fades out.


Michael: Thank you people, even though I’ve never tagged with Arkham, I’m sure that the big guy will be behind me all of the way, and I think he’ll have my back in the match as well.


The crowd laugh at Cole’s comments as Heyman can be heard groaning.


The Chimster raises his mic again to his mouth, the crowd quietens down.


Tony: Their opponents, they are The Million Dollar Men, Ted DiBiase and the TV Champion Christopher Eagles.


"Got your money" starts to play, as the crowd start booing knowing this means Chris Eagles is on his way out here.


Paul: Listen to these idiots, they are showing no respect to our Television Champion.


Joey: They’re giving him the respect he deserves, none at all.


As Eagles steps from behind the curtains, The pyros explode behind the Million Dollar Man as he struts down the walkway to a chorus of boos and jeers, Eagles rolls in under the bottom rope and gets to his feet quickly, a sneer on his face as the crowd boo the 'Richest Man on XTV'.


Gets This Money stops playing as MDM climbs on the turnbuckle, And starts taunting the crowd, who in return boo and jeer him, Eagles stands there looking around at the booing crowd with a grin on his face.


Joey: That is why they show him no respect, look at him.


Paul: What? I see nothing wrong, he’s just smiling at the crowd.


Joey: That’s not exactly a friendly smile.


Eagles drops to the mat, he and Ted begin discussing strategies, whispering in the corner – the referee talks to the SEX members and checks them over for foreign objects, but he refuses to touch the big pink dildo mic which is wobbling in Cole’s hand.


Moving to the other side of the ring, he quickly checks on Eagles as Ted, during this time Cole leaves the ring and looks around at the crowd, he tries to start a clap going but the mic is still in his hand, so it looks like he’s just waving it around.


Paul: Look at that freak over there, he’s just showing off his sex toy.


Joey: Looks to me like he’s trying to get the crowd going.


Paul: This isn’t a gay bar, you know.


The ref signals for the bell to start the match, Ted quickly leaves the ring as the Richest Man on XTV shakes out his arms, he hops from foot to foot and looks over at his opponent at Zero Tolerance – they circle a few steps before tieing up, Eagles makes as though to push forwards, but Arkham uses his height and strength to push back his opponent.


As soon as the big man is leaning forwards, Eagles ducks to the side and the Insane One stumbles forwards out of balance – he is quickly assaulted from behind by the Million Dollar Man with a couple of clubs to the upper back.


Paul: Look at that, Eagles easily out-smarted that big lummox.


Joey: Be glad that Doctor HandSolo isn’t around, he’d confuse Eagles again.


Paul: He wasn’t confused, he lulled the Doctor into his trap.


Joey: Right, and I’m a pink flamingo.


Eagles continues to batter the bigger man, pushing him into the corner, he backs away a few steps, looks around with a smug grin on his face which suddenly freezes as he notices that sitting on the turnbuckle post beside Cole is the Doctor.


Pointing at the corner he begins to shout at the referee to get the Doctor away from ringside, the ref just shrugs and motions at him to get on with the match.


Joey: Looks like he’s more than a little worried by the Doctor.


Paul: He’s just pointing out that they’re cheating with a third member at ringside.


Joey: A third member? I thought you’ve said he was only a glove puppet.


Paul: He is, but, erm, oh just shut up!


While Eagles is pre-occupied with staring at the Doctor this gives Arkham a chance to recover, the big man sees that his opponent isn’t paying attention to his so he charges, but the Richest Man on XTV is more alert than expected, he catches the running Insane One with a scoop slam which hits him HARD to the mat, the crowd boo loudly at the attack.


Continuing his offence, the TV Champion drops a hard elbow onto the ex-Tag Champ’s chest, he covers and the ref drops down for the count.






Cole suddenly jumps into the ring and wallops Eagles across the back of the shoulders with the dildo mic, the MDM looks up at him with a glare in his eyes, the ex-commentator quickly backs out of the ring, scared for his safety.


Paul: I told you that Eagles had a plan.


Joey: Yeah, great plan.


Chris Eagles is quick to follow Cole until he suddenly sees the Doctor sat upon the turnbuckle, apparently staring at him, Eagles backs away into the corner, the Doc turns to follow him, his head slowly turning follow the Million Dollar Man.


Paul: Now THAT is just creepy.


Joey: What? I don’t know what you’re talking about.


Arkham has slowly gotten to his knees in the middle of the ring, he looks over at Eagles and gets to his feet, the MDM is backing across the ropes towards his corner and Ted – Arkham looks over at his corner, then quickly goes over, apparently listens to the Doctor’s instructions.


Eagles sees the exchange and backs further into his corner – Ted seems to be yelling at him to get his mind in the game, the words have little effect as the MDM continues to stare at the puppet and look terrified.


Joey: You’re telling me that these are the actions of a man with a plan?


Paul: He’s trying to lull Arkham into a false sense of security.


Joey: Riiiight.


Chris Eagles continues to back towards his corner, he looks at DiBiase with a horrified look on his face, ignoring any words that the veteran has to say, he reaches out and slaps Ted on the chest. DiBiase looks at him with a look of concern, but Eagles quickly leaves ring and drops to the floor.


Joey: Where’s he going?


Paul: All part of the plan.


Ted reluctantly climbs through the ropes as Eagles backs towards the barricade – DiBiase looks back and forth between Arkham and the cowering TV Champ, while his attention is at drawn towards his partner, he is caught with a swift clothesline from the big man – Eagles looks over and suddenly is horrified even further as he notices that the Doctor is now sat upon the turnbuckle close to him.


Leaping over the barrier he backs away into the audience – inside the ring Arkham has picked up Ted, hoists him high over his head before walking towards his corner, from the gorilla press position, then launching the ring veteran towards the turnbuckle pad with the Frontal Lobotomy, the crowd cheers loudly.


Joey: What an impressive move.


Paul: I’m more concerned with Christopher Eagles.


Reaching out and tagging Cole, and then quickly scooping up Ted, Arkham positions him over his shoulder, he turns towards the center of the ring, looks at Eagles as he backs through the capacity crowd – the big man takes a couple more steps before dropping to his knees and hitting the Insanity Unleashed. The crowd cheer LOUDLY as Ted crumples to the floor.


Joey: This match is definitely over.


Arkham gets up to his feet as Cole climbs into the ring, he drops down and covers DiBiase – the ref is quick to drop down for the count as the big guy gets up and looks passively over at Eagles who is nearly completely out of sight.




Paul: Come on Eagles, get back here to help Ted.




Joey: I think he’s too scared, and of a glove puppet.




The ring bell sounds 3 times to signal the end of the match.


Tony: Your winners, the team of Arkham and Michael Cole – they are part of SEX!


The crowd cheer loudly as Cole gets up and dances around the ring waving the dildo mic above his head.


The show fades to a commercial break.

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After the match, cuts to a shot of a roaring fire, festive yule logs, candles, mulled wine and a great big christmas tree. Boyo appears in shot. He is wearing a red festive Christmas jumper festooned with knitted pictures of reindeer and snowflakes. He's also wearing brown cords and brogues. He is sloshing a glass of rich dark brandy around in an elegant manner. Boyo smirks at the camera.


The camera pans over to a piano, Boyo appears in the shot again and sits at the piano and clicks his fingers by pressing them together. Boyo nods to something off camera and the camera pans across and we see Sickness in a cage wearing a muzzle. Sickness is growling and thrashing around in the cage. Saliva is dripping from foamy corners of his mouth and, naturally, blood has got all over his clothes. And whiskey. Sickness is also struggling to escape from a straight jacket.


The camera pans back to Boyo, who starts playing the piano with a smirk on his face.


Boyo (singing):

Sickness, Mr Sickness, he's a modern stone-age psychopath

From the, town of who knows

He is just about to kick some ass


One day, at Zero Tolerance

We will, be fighting for the belts


So when you're fighting Sickness

Bring a fire extinguisher

And a difibulator

'Cause you'll be set on fii-iire!!


*Boyo starts jammin' on the piano


Boyo & Sickness (singing from the cage through the muzzle): 'Cause you'll be set on fii-iire!!


Camera cuts to a sneering, smug Boyo then fades out.

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Fade in on Twiggie stumbling through the hallways quite clearly in a self-induced daze. The Dirty Hippy turns a corner and falls. He reaches out and grabs Sunaki to keep from falling. Xtreme TV's #1 announcer is in a daze himself. Unlike Twiggie, however, Sunaki's daze was induced by Michael HowellIII's butler, Niles.


Twig: Kawwwaaaaiiiiiii!! Funaki-kun!


Sunaki: Nononononono Twiggie-sama. Me Su Na Ki. No, Fu Na Ki. Sunaki, Funaki.


Twig: Bijuu shukaku kyuubi isonade raijuu kaku!


Sunaki: Nani?


Twiggster: Xiangu cao guojiu tieguai lan caihe lü dongbin.


Sunaki: Baka.


Twig: Baka!? Baka? I'm not an idiot! I am trying to converse with you in your native tongue, and this is the thanks I get!?


Sunaki: A thousand aporogies, Twiggie-sama. But you're Japanese may need some work.


Twig: Well… I'm pretty good, considering that everything I know I learned from anime.


Sunaki: Ahhhh… Bijuu! Naruto! Vely good manga, Twiggie-sama.


Twig: Hai, Funaki-kun!


Sunaki: Me no Funaki! SUnaki!


Twig: Sunaki!? Ksssssooooou! Hiraishinakatsukiharunaskamarusanasuruketoko inoshikacho!


Sunaki: Nani?


Twig: How dare you impersonate the greatest thing to happen to The Land Of The Rising Sun since Masashi Kishimoto!


With that being said The Southwestern Socialist shakes his head around and whips his dreads across TWOstars #1 announcer's face smashing several glass beads into the little man's skull. Sunaki is knocked back into the wall of the narrow corridor, but the PETA Punisher quickly grabs him and with a snap suplex slams the tiny man with gourgous hair into the opposing wall.


Twig: Did ya get that!? How about I beat you in your own language!


The Colorado Troubadour easily scoops up the smaller announcer and drops him on his head in a Michinoku Driver.


Twig: Yeah, I bet you understood that!


Security soon converges on Twig.


Twig: What!? What'd I do!? I'm no martyr! This is a classic example of the man tryin' to keep us down!


Security Guard: Calm down! Just head back to your dressing room, and have another joint.


That's all that needs to be said to subdue the Dirty Hippy.


Twig: Yeah? You comin' with?


The security guard looks at the camera. His voice belies the nod of his head.


Security: Absolutely not… Let's go.


The two potheads walks away as the camera fades to Twiggie hyping LP's latest model of Djembe's.

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Back from Twiggie hyping LP's latest model of Djembe's to the dressing room area where Josh Matthews is standing by with an intense looking The Judge and Jimmy Redman.



Josh Matthews: I am backstage with the TWOStars Tag team champions, and what we've seen from your opponents at Zero Tolerance, they have a lot of confidence heading into this match!


The Judge: Well that’s where we have a difference of opinion because at Zero Tolerance, the only songs you will be singing Dark Alliance, are the Blues as we will still be tag team champions.


Jimmy Redman: That’s right, Dark Alliance you can put on all the shows you want, but make no mistake, we aren't scared of you, we don’t respect you and we wont be beaten by you.


The Judge: My tag team partner speaks the truth, so ask yourself this question Boyo and Sickness, do YOU know what you have gotten yourselves into. Yeah we saw your little demonstration last week, but all that’s done is fuel our desire to keep these belts more. The underdogs they say we are? Well I see that a different way. In my eyes the real sick sons of bitches are standing right in front of you! The tag team champions!!


Jimmy Redman: You want to up the stakes at Zero Tolerance? Well that's fine by us. It doesn't matter what stipulation the fans choose. Whether we pin you or destroy you doesn’t make any difference, Zero Tolerance will mark the end!


The Judge: These tag team belts have brought us together but our real destiny has been revealed, and it is to humble the Dark Alliance. So stop your delusions, and face the truth Zero Tolerance marks the end of the road, and try to look on the bright side Boyo and Sickness, at least you are going down in a blaze of glory.


Jimmy Redman: Or at least a blazing table!


The Judge: Case dismissed!



The tag champs leave the set, as the camera fades to commercials.

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Coming back from commercial we see the former TWOStars Champion The Evil Gringo stalking down the corridor towards his enternal nemesis.... The Dr Pepper vending machine with its mighty money eating powers!


The crowd pops for the Mexican Sensation and soon laugh as he jumps out of his skin as an unexpected guest jumps into shot....




Gringo turns round and fixes the new TWOStars announcer with a piercing glare....


EG: What the hell... Who the guamo are you ese?


Sunaki: Me Sunaki... TWOStars Number 1 Announcer!


EG: Is that so? Well ese as of the TWOStars Awards there is but one number one round here... and that is me ese... Best world champion EVER!


Sunaki: How nice Gringo-san but what about tonight... You face Drake, young buck, want to make name yes?


EG: Errr.... Well ese, if I understand you right hombre then yes I face that young punk... Or rather he gets the honour of gracing my ring and facing the Mexican Sensation...


Sunaki: Confiedent you be yes?


EG: Jesus ese, you like Yoda or something hombre? Only shorter and less green? Course I'm confident ese...


Sunaki: But what about him...


EG: Who homes?


Sunaki points down the corridor to the figure of the Incredible Holt who is leaning against the vending machine with able and drunken side kick Tom Trash beside him...


TT: Easy homes...


Sunaki: Mr Big Green One-san... Why you go attack Gringo in the match tag last week on XVT?


Holt: Grunt...


TT: Holt says that it was business...


EG: We hombre if you remember are supposed to be partners again... Bigger fish and all that homes, you get what I'm saying...


Sunaki: You mean Deadman-san yes?


EG: Damn straight homes...


Holt: Gruuunnnt.... Grunt Grunnnnnnnnnt Grunt.... Baarrrkk.


EG: Eh homes?


TT: Holt says... Gringo last week was Future business... Zero Tolerance is our business... After that YOU keep OUT of HIS business...


EG: Fair enough... but keep this in mind chico... you stick YOUR nose in my business again before OR after then homes... Well I'm gonna have ZERO tolerance for you, get me homes...


With that Gringo barges the mic back into Sunaki's chest and walks off....


Sunaki: Said something I?


Holt: Grunt...


Sunaki: Pardon?


TT: He said *BEEP* off....


Trash and Holt walk off as a bemused Sunaki looks on after them as we fade into...

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The light goes out of the TWO arena as the intro "Lonely World" by Limp Bizkit starts playing.

A glowing green mask rises from the ground. The Lonely Avenger continues his ascendance, head bowed down, hands crossed over his shoulders, until he arrives to ground level.


Few seconds pass before he raises his hands suddenly, green flames growing from both sides as the chorus of Lonely World echoes loudly in the arena.


As his hands go down, the flames die while a green circle of light lights the entrance.


The Masked Truth walks to the ring and slides in from the bottom rope towards the center of the ring.


He stands there while slowly raising his hands, to brutally lower them once they are up. green flames explode from all four turnbuckles as the lights come back to the TWO arena and the music fades away.


TC: From the Lonely Valley, weighing 250 Pounds The Lonely Avenger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JS: Now this match came about when last week it was supposed to be Black Dragon challenging VVV for the US Title but before the match TLA attacked Vinnie Vengeance costing Dragon his chance


PE: Yes Black Dragon went ballistic and earlier today he demanded this match


The lights fade and "My Friend Of Misery", plays loud out of the speakers, and a green lasers flash on the stage and Black Dragon comes out and on to the stage, he rush to one side and salutes the crowd, and then rushes to the other side to salute the crowd. Black Dragon jogs down the ramp and climbs the top rope, where he lifts his arms and a big explosion goes off above the ring and Black Dragons jumps in the ring, ready for battle. The music fades


TC: And his opponent from San Diego, California weighing 187 Pounds Black Dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Black Dragon takes down Lonely Avenger before the bell and starts laying into him with left hands


JS: Dragon not waiting for the bell


Ding Ding Ding


PE: Errrr, well there is the bell


JS: And we are now officially under way


Black Dragon gets off TLA and allows him to get to his feet and then knocks him back down with a stiff kick to the head then begins stomping on him as he is on them at

JS: Wow I’ve never seen Black Dragon this aggressive


PE: Well I guess if you cost him title matches this is what you get


Black Dragon picks up The Lonely Avenger and throws him over the top


PE: Over goes TLA


Black Dragon steps onto the apron and waits for Lonely Avenger to get up, when he finally does Black Dragon jump off the apron and catches Avenger with a bulldog


PE: What a bulldog right on the floor that has got to hurt


Black Dragon throws Lonely Avenger into the guardrail and then into the steel steps, the ref comes out to tell Dragon off and orders him back into the ring


JS: The referee not tolerating this, Black Dragon is risking disqualification


PE: Yes he better calm down


When the referee successfully gets Black Dragon in the ring he begins counting TLA out















Black Dragon breaks the referees count by climbing the top rope, the ref goes over and tells Black Dragon to get down


JS: The referee trying to get Black Dragon down from there


Black Dragon ignores the referee and dives off with a somersault plancha knocking TLA out


PE: Come of referee disqualify him, he ignored you


JS: You might say he didn’t respect his authority?


PE: Oh shut up Joey making lame jokes and get on calling the match like you should be

Black Dragon brings his opponent back in the ring then Black Dragon climbs on the apron and launches himself over the top rope and lands with a leg drop


JS: Black Dragon just totally dominating the opening few minutes of this match


Black Dragon looks for a roundhouse kick but Lonely Avenger moves out the way, Avenger then ducks another roundhouse kick, Avenger then returns to a vertical base where Black Dragon goes for a straight kick but TLA catches his foot


PE: Oh TLA catching the foot


Black Dragon hits an enzigurhi kick to the back of the head


JS: Just as TLA was getting confident Black Dragon knocked him down


Black Dragon goes to TLA’s legs and goes for the Boston Crab but TLA uses his powerful legs to kick away, TLA gets back to his feet as does Dragon, Black Dragon then runs at his opponent who wisely raises an elbow to hit Black Dragon right in the mouth with


JS: Oh god what an elbow right to the mouth


As Black Dragon gets on his knees The Lonely Avenger knocks him down with a charging knee to the face the camera goes down to Black Dragon to reveal that is he bleeding from the mouth


PE: Black Dragon bleeding from the mouth, presumably from that elbow


JS: Yeah maybe he knocks a tooth out or busted his gum or cut his lip


The Lonely Avenger picks up Black Dragon by his hair then puts the youngster on his shoulders then points to the top turnbuckle


PH: I think he wants snake eyes


Before TLA can drop Black Dragon face first on the turnbuckle Dragon slips off the shoulder and pushes TLA in the corner and rolls him up











TLA kicks out, both men then return to a vertical base where they tie up, Black Dragon slaps on a side head lock and then takes TLA down with it but TLA moves around so he can get his foot on the rope

PE: Black Dragon has got to release the hold now


Both men get back to a vertical base and look like they are going to tie up again but Lonely Avenger tricks Black Dragon by giving a leg take down he then slaps on a leg grapevine


JS: Wow nice move by TLA catching Black Dragon off guard and now he is working on the leg


TLA clamps on the pressure; Black Dragon reaches out for the ropes but is too far away


PE: He can’t reach the ropes


In another attempt to get Black Dragon throws punches but they don’t connect, realising he will be in trouble if he doesn’t get out quick he rolls over and boots TLA in the face with his leg that isn’t grapevined to release the hold


JS: Black Dragon getting out the hold but the damage has been done


Black Dragon crawls away to a neutral corner he then uses the ropes to pull himself however The Lonely Avenger comes from behind and gives him a chop block


PE: Oh no what a devastating chop block, Black Dragon is in pain


TLA begins stomping on the hurt leg and then delivers an elbow drop on it, he then drags Black Dragon towards the rope he places his leg on the rope and then TLA bounces on the second and comes down with all his weight on Dragon’s leg


JS: TLA is smart in the ring, he knows that leg is hurting so he is working on it………………wait a second Paul what is this?


PE: It’s Tazz Joey; Tazz is coming down to the ring


JS: But why?


PE: To scout The Lonely Avenger for Triple V, I guess


JS: But he has no business been there


PE: Ok then why don’t you go down and ask him politely to leave?



TLA continues to work over Black Dragon when he spots Tazz on the entrance way, he stops the attack and begins shouting at Tazz


JS: See this is why I object to Tazz been here, he is totally distracting TLA


While Tazz occupies TLA, Black Dragon begins to get to his feet, he then hobbles over to TLA and then slaps on a sleeper hold

JS: See what I mean


Black Dragon doesn’t have the hold on long though as TLA drops to his ass making the move a jawbreaker


PE: Oh, Black Dragon already has a busted gum that will only worsen that


TLA gets back to a vertical base and waits for Black Dragon to get up, a few seconds later Black Dragon gets half way up then TLA runs and goes for a bulldog but Black Dragon sees it coming and pushes him off


JS: Well scouted by Black Dragon, this can buy him sometime


While TLA is getting up Black Dragon plants him with a DDT for the pin














TLA kicks out


JS: That was close


PE: Black Dragon needs to keep on TLA now


With TLA down Black Dragon somehow hits a standing moon sault but clutches his leg


JS: Black Dragon hurting himself there


Black Dragon hobbles over to the corner to presumably by some more time but TLA gets back up not long after and goes for a Stinger Splash but Black Dragon moves out the way causing TLA to go over the top rope and onto the floor


PE: Smart move by Black Dragon, TLA to the outside


As the referee checks on Black Dragon, Tazz sneaks down the ring and starts kicking TLA


JS: Wait a minute Tazz is stomping on TLA, what the hell is this


PE: It’s Tazz stomping on TLA what does it look like?

JS: But he can’t do that


PE: Well he just has, hasn’t he?


Tazz then stops the attack and throws TLA back in the ring; Black Dragon not realising what has happened starts to slowly climb the top rope


JS: Black Dragon not aware that Tazz just assisted him


PE: Hmmm, do you really think so? I wouldn’t be surprised if Black Dragon struck a deal with Tazz


Black Dragon comes off the top rope with a flying elbow drop











Tazz bizarrely places TLA’s foot on the rope


JS: What the hell?


Black Dragon knowing what happened goes to the outside of the ring to have words with Tazz


PE: I wouldn’t do that Black Dragon; Tazz can handle himself for sure


JS: Black Dragon angry and justifiably so, he had the match won


As Black Dragon is arguing with Tazz TLA seizes the opportunity and gives Black Dragon a baseball slide


PE: What about that Joey?


JS: Well I think TLA just wants the win


TLA goes to the outside and picks up Black Dragon and puts him back in the ring and then grabs him by the throat


PE: Choke slam coming up


TLA connects with the choke slam











Tazz once again interrupts the fall by this time placing Black Dragon’s foot on the rope


JS: This is getting ridiculous, Tazz has no business been


TLA begins shouting at Tazz then Black Dragon gets up as well, he and TLA look at each other then go to the outside and double clothesline Tazz


PE: Hey, they can’t put their hands on Tazz, The Future will be furious


JS: I don’t care how The Future feel, Tazz has been a nuisance the entire time he has been out here


Black Dragon grabs Tazz’s arm while TLA lays into him with rights and lefts, TLA & Black Dragon then throw Tazz into the ring post and give him a double suplex on the floor


PE: This can’t happen


JS: Tazz has kept his shades on amazing


Black Dragon cheap shots TLA and throws him back in the ring


PE: Haha! Look at that; remember these two are still in a match, nice shot by Black Dragon


Black Dragon climbs on the apron waiting for TLA to get up, when he does Black Dragon springboards himself off the top rope going for a DDT but TLA catches him in the Capitol Suffocation


JS: Oh look at that TLA caught Black Dragon in mid air


PE: A great show of strength by TLA right there


TLA has Black Dragon locked in the Capitol Suffocation but Black Dragon soon starts punching TLA in the face breaking the hold, he then bounces off the ropes and knocks TLA down with a flying forearm, he then follows up by slowly climbing to the top rope


JS: Black Dragon is looking to end it right here and now


TLA gets half way up and pushes the referee into the rope thus knocking Black Dragon ball first on the top turnbuckle

PE: Oh my, that cannot feel good at all


JS: No it’ can’t Paul


TLA starts to the second and hooks Black Dragon but for what looks like a superplex but is actually a top rope brain buster


JS: OH MY GOD!!!! A Brain Buster from the top Black Dragon is dead


PE: Consider this one over


Before TLA can make the cover Tazz gets back on the apron distracting the referee


JS: Oh no, Tazz on the apron


PE: Look at this Joey it’s Vinnie Vengeance


JS: What the hell?


Vinnie Vengeance comes in the ring, drags TLA out and starts taking him backstage


JS: Triple V taking TLA backstage, what the hell is going on?


Tazz jumps off the apron and the referee looks in the ring and notices TLA is gone, he looks puzzled but realises he has no chance to start a count






JS: What else can the ref do?










PE: He can’t count till 1,000 he isn’t coming back








Black Dragon begins to stir


JS: Black Dragon starting to get up now


PE: Well he’s about to win this match















TC: The winner of this match as a result of a count out Black Dragon!!!!!


The referee raises Black Dragon’s hand and he looks pissed off


JS: Black Dragon not happy with the way he won this


PE: Oh come on a win is a win


JS: Yeah but Black Dragon isn’t that kind of guy


“My Friend Of Misery” plays as we fade to the commercial break”

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We come back from the commercial break.


We see Drake Rush backstage, making his way to the ring for his upcoming match against The

Mexican sensation. While walking, he starts to psych himself up, hitting himself on

the head and stretching his neck. Just as Drakes gonna go through the curtain.....


Mathews: Drake,Drake can I have a word with you.


Rush looks at Mathews with a pissed off look.


Drake: What do you want? I don't have time for morons like you.


Mathews:Sorry to bother you Mr.Rush. But the fans want to know how do you feel. Tonight is

you'r debut match in TWO. And as you may know you'r facing the ''Mexican Sensation'', the

''Mexicutioner'', Evil Gringo. Gringo a former TWOStars World Heavyweight champion.

So what are you'r thoughts on this?


Drake: My thoughts? Well here's my thought on this....


The Messiah connects a powerful right hand on poor Josh Mathews. Mathews falls to the floor

like a sack of potatoes. Rush grabs him by his shirt and throws him head first into the

wall. Then The Evil Monarch kicks the living crap out of Mathews and then he picks the

microphone from the floor.


Drake: Gringo, this is whats coming to you NEXT, Esse.


Rush throws the mic in Mathews face. The Messiah walks to the curtains direction.


Styles: Drake vs Gringo coming up.NEXTTTTT


We cut to commercials.

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We come back from commercials.


The camera is now on the TWO Arena.


Styles: Ohh man I can't wait for this match, Paul I’m telling ya, it has PPV calibre written all over it. Gringo is gonna teach this new punk a lesson or two.


Heyman: You crazy Joey?, The Mexican Sensation is gonna get served by the newly signed TWO star Drake Rush.


The arena lights go black and the whole arena is in dark. Two lighting bolts hit the entrance ramp and the guitar riff of ''Control'' by Puddle of Mudd starts to play. Rush starts to walk down the ramp with a serious face. The arena lights start to flicker.


Chimmel: And making his way to the ring weighing in tonight at 225 lb, from San Juan,Puerto Rico ''The Messiah'' Draaaaaaake Rushhhhhh.




Styles: What a night this could be for Drake Rush, on his first night, having the chance to beat the former TWOStars World Heavyweight Champion, Evil Gringo.


The Evil Monarch slides through the bottom rope into the ring, he gets up, goes to the second turnbuckle and raises his hands to form and X. A second round of pyro starts to go off in the arena and Camera Flashes start to go off. Drake stays on the second turnbuckle waiting for Gringo to make his entrance.


The lights dim and the crowd buzz as Not Listening by Papa Roach booms through the in house speakers.


Chimmel: And his opponent, From Manchester, England weighing tonight at an impressive 200 lbs, even. Beings accompanied by the lovely Ms. Becki Moss,The Evilllllllll Gringooo!


Brooding dark red and green lights flash and spiral around the ramp and ring and pyro explodes as the Evil Gringo emerges from the back, eyes full of rage, ready for war with his Mamacita, Becki standing proudly behind her man. The crowd explodes with cheers at the first sight of the Mexican Sensation.


Styles: Here comes the Mexican Sensation ready for battle.


Heyman: I’m sure he's ready for battle, a loosing battle that is. HAHAHA


EG continues his walk to the ring. He stops in front of the ring and both Rush and Gringo start to stare each other with hate. Becki gives her man a kiss on the cheek and walks to the other apron.


Styles: Well talk about having an attitude, isn't this kid gonna step down from the ring to show some respect to the former TWO World Champ ?


Heyman: Are you kidding me Joey... The Messiah is sending out a message by not stepping down from the ring, he's telling Gringo that he doesn't care who he is or has done here in TWO.


Gringo steps into the ring, finally Rush steps down from the second turnbuckle but he continues to stare down at Gringo.




Styles: Here we go Paul.


The Messiah charges right at the bell to Gringo but......


Heyman: Whoaa The Mexicutioner ducks Drakes attempt of a lariat.


Drake goes into the ropes with the momentum, comes back and ducks his head but Gringo jumps right over him. Rush comes back from the ropes again and.....


Styles: DROPSAULT, DROPSAULT by The Mexican Sensation. He almost decapitated Rush with that kick.


The crowd pops huge for Gringos dropsault.


Gringo: ORALEEE!!!!!


Crowd pops again.


The Evil Monarch instead of getting up on the ring, he rolls out of the ring to regain his composure.


Styles: What a coward, get back in the ring Rush.


Heyman: Coward? Coward?, Styles just shut up. He's not a coward, on the contrary he's smart. Something your Mexican buddy can only dream of.


The Messiah starts arguing with the fans at ringside, one fan even throws beer at him. Drake makes an attempt to hit the fan but security restrains him. As soon as Drake turns around to the ring, he sees The Mexican Sensation in mid air and....


Styles: What a move by Gringo, he just hit The Spanish Fly on the outside. Take that Heyman, as far as I can tell your new boy has only been taking punishment after punishment.


Heyman: Phhttt Joey this isn't over until the fat lady sings, so don't count him out early.


The referee starts the count with both wrestlers on the outside.








Heyman: Come on Rush, get your butt in the ring.




Both stars start to get up from the ringside floor.












Styles: Talk about close calls, both Rush and Gringo barely beat the referees count and entered the ring at the same time through the bottom rope.


EG picks up Drake and Irish whips him into the turnbuckle. The Mexicutioner sprints to the turnbuckle and hits The Evil Monarch with a flying fore arm smash.


Styles: Gringo just flew in the air like Michael Jordan and hit Rush with a flying fore arm smash. I think Drake now has less teeth that what he came in here with.


EG Irish whips DR into the opposite turnbuckle. He goes for the same move but Drake gets out of the turnbuckle and Gringo goes face first into the top turnbuckle cover.


Styles: The Messiah moved out of the way causing Gringo to go face first into the top turnbuckle!!!!!


Heyman: Smart move, smart move.


Drake starts to stiff punch The Mexicutioner on the turnbuckle. The referee tells him to stop but he doesn't obey and the ref starts the count.










The Messiah stops hitting the stiff punches but as soon as he stops he hits EG with a poke in the eye.


Styles: Ohh come on, what was that all about.


Heyman: I told you Styles, yet another smart move by the Messiah. Gringo didn't saw that one coming. Hehe


The Messiah goes into the middle of the ring and starts to taunt the crowd. Cheap boos from the crowd.


Styles: Now the Messiah Drake Rush has the upper hand on the match, but I may add he's been doing the most uncalled for things in the ring.


Heyman: It's called tactics Joey, T-A-C-T-I-C-S. Learn that, someday it might even help you on your stupid life.


Just as Drake turns around he sees The Mexican Sensation running at him but Rush gets both arms around EG's waist and ........


Styles: Belly-to-Back Suplex.


Heyman: See Styles, this kid manages to impress me every time, unlike your former TWO Heavyweight Champion.


Styles: When Rush even gets a win here on TWO, then you can talk.


The Evil Monarch starts taunting the crowd yet again and the crowd starts to boo again.


Styles: And this punk continues to insult the paying fans.


Heyman: Joey get this through your puny looking head, Drake can do what he f'n feels like.


Drake forgets all about Gringo being on the mat and EG does a sneaky school boy pin on Rush.


Referee counts.






T- kickout.


Styles: Beautiful school boy pin executed by the Mexicutioner and almost getting a quick 3 count on The Evil Monarch.


The Messiah gets up quickly and lays a brutal kick in Gringos face.


Heyman: Right in the head. Rush just sent Gringos burrito looking stupid head all the way back to his mommas house, back in Mexico. I really don't know were he lives and I really don't care.


Styles: Gringos not from Mexico Paul.


Heyman: Then why does he act like one? He's a moron I tell ya.


Styles: I bet $100 that you’re not man enough to tell Gringo that.


Heyman doesn't say a word.


The Messiah grabs EG by the legs and catapults him into the top turnbuckle.


Heyman: Gringos face just got a facial.


EG comes back, Drake grabs him from behind and......


Styles: Reverse DDT!!!! by The Evil Monarch.


Heyman: DR goes for the cover!!!!.









Styles: The Mexicutioner kicks out.


Heyman: Lucky Son of a bi....


Rush starts arguing with the referee.


Styles: Rush better be careful if he doesn't wanna get DQ'd.


Gringo is starting to get up, but DR doesn't see him as he's too busy fighting with the ref.


Styles: The Mexican Sensation is up to his feet.


Heyman: Drake behind youuu!!!!!!


Gringo attempts to clothesline The Messiah, Rush turns around and...


Styles: Drake ducked the clothesline and neckbreaker!!!! on The Mexicutioner.


Heyman: What a counter by the up and comer.


DR jumps to the top turnbuckle.


Heyman: I love this, Rush is gonna go high early in the match.


Styles: CORKSCREW SPLASH on Gringo!!!!!


Heyman: Drake with the cover, this one is over.









Styles: Kickout by The Mexicutioner.


Crowd roars and start a ''Let's go Gringo'' chant.


Styles: The Messiah looks angry, he can't seem to put the former TWO World Champion away.


Heyman: Nonsense, Styles, nonsense.


Drake grabs The Mexicutioner by the hair. He Irish whips EG into the ropes and...


Styles: Forearm smash to the head of The Messiah. This is the momentum shift Gringo needs. Let's see if he can capitalize on it.


Both men are laying flat on their backs in the middle of the ring. Referee starts the count.










No movement from either man.




Heyman: This match is gonna end in a draw, Drake and Gringo are dead.




Styles: Nip up from the Mexican Sensation, now the momentum has shifted completely to The Mexicutioner. The crowd just went nuts, looks like their starting a Gringo chant.


EG jumps on top of Rush and starts hitting him with the most brutal punches and doesn't seem to stop.


Styles: The Mexicutioner has had enough of DR, Rush doesn't even know where he is after all those punches by Gringo.


Heyman: Come on ref, that's illegal that Mexican jumpin bean is cheating, DQ him ref.


EG gets off The Messiah, he picks DR by the head, grapples him and....


Styles: Nicely executed Brain Buster by Gringo. It seems that The Mexicutioner is using his power to take Drake out. You might now see that in every match because for the majority of the time, Gringos opponent are bigger than him. But with Drake only being a bit heavier than him, he can use his power arsenal.


The Mexicutioner picks The Evil Monarch by the head and Irish Whips him into the ropes but Drake reverses it. EG goes flying into the ropes. Rush lowers his uper body going for a catapult on Gringo but...


Styles: Kick to the face of The Messiah, Gringo goes for more momentum against the ropes, he comes back and beautiful swinging neckbreaker.


Heyman: Come on that’s an illegal kick, this is the most biased referee I've ever seen.


Styles: Righhhttt....


The Mexican Sensation gets Drake to his feet and delivers a double armed DDT on him.


Gringo starts to lay ''This boots are made for walking'' on Rush, one after the other. I doubt Rush even knows where he is right now.


Heyman: See what I told you, ILLEGAL KICKS. Even my dead granny can do a better job than this stupid referee.


Styles: She can?


Heyman: Really funny Styles, *cough*smartass*cough*


Styles: What did you just said?


Heyman: Me? Nothing.


Heyman just smiles.


The Mexicutioner goes for the pin.










The Messiah puts his right foot on top of the ropes.


Styles: Ohh he was out if it, but somehow he managed to put his right feet in the ropes.


Heyman: Like I said, this kid is going to be a force to be reckoned with.


EG picks DR up and Irish Whips The Evil Monarch into the ropes, Rush reverses it and launches The Mexicutioner into the ropes, Gringo bounces back and tries to hit a lariat on Rush but The Messiah ducks it and.....


Styles:The Drake Kick, The Drake Kick (Spinning Heel kick).


The Evil Monarch drags the Mexican Sensation and puts him in a position for a top rope move. The Messiah jumps to the top turnbuckle and hits The Dark Moon on EG.


Styles: Split Legged Moonsault on The Mexicutioner.


Heyman: It's over Styles, it's OVER.


DR goes for the cover.







kickout by Gringo.


Heyman: Gringo kicked out, Rush can't belive it and neither can I. What is it gonna take to put the Gringo.


Styles: The Mexicutioner won't go down that easy, he has the heart of a warrior. After all he has gone through, do you think he's gonna let some new punk kid like Drake beat him?



DR picks Gringo and puts him in the top turnbuckle...


Styles: I think Rush is setting EG for a SuperPlex, this could be the end for The Mexican Sensation if Drake executed it, but if he fails it can hurt his momentum really bad. So this is a break or make situation.


Heyman: Like you said Paul, this is a high risk move and if it goes right the match is over.


Rush tries to hit the superplex on The Mexicutioner but EG is fighting against it. Evil Gringo and Drake exchange blow after blow.


Styles: Look at them go on the top rope, blow after blow, they really wanna hurt each other.


Heyman: Come on Drake, kick that good for nothing Son of a pregnant dog and finish him.


Finally the Mexican Sensation delivers a powerful right hand to Drake and almost sends him flying across the ring. But Rush manages to stay on the top turnbuckle.


Styles: What a blow, he knocked the bejesus out of The Messiah


That gives EG time to recuperate and hit a Sunset Flip into a Power Bomb of the top rope on The Evil Monarch.


Styles: Sunset Flip into a Power Bomb!!!!!


The crowd goes nuts.


Heyman: This can't be, this can't be.


Gringo goes for the cover.












Heyman: Rush kicked out, Yessssss. Gringo is going out baby.


Styles: What a beautiful move from The Mexican Sensation. In fact let's take a look at it again in our TWO rewind.




Gringo picks Rush from the mat, Irish Whips him into the ropes, DR reverses it.


Styles: The Mexicutioner goes flying to the ropes and he is received by a hard punch from The Messiah.


Drake Rush grabs The Mexican Sensation and throws him to....


Heyman: Gringo just knocked the referee out cold, he just be DQ'd.


Styles: Gringo knocked the referee ?. DR just threw EG into the ref, he's the one that should be disqualified.


The Mexicutioner goes to check on the referee. But Drake sees the opportunity and goes behind Gringo and....


Styles: LOW BLOW !!!!! LOW BLOW on Gringo, this is disgusting.


The crowd erupts in massive boos.


Heyman: HAHAHA, Drake just used one of the dirtiest and oldest move in the book.


Rush goes to the ref and tries to wake up the ref. He goes for the cover.


Styles: Mamacita just stood up in the ring apron, she can't let this punk get away with a victory like this.


Heyman: Security please get that 2 dollar ho out of the ring.


The referee goes for the count.








Styles: Not like this, NOT LIKE THIS!!!!








The Arena bursts with cheer.


Heyman: I can't believe it, I can't believe it. Gringo kicked out.


Rush picks Gringo from the mat, both men are on a standing position.


Styles: EG and The Messiah are just brawling in the middle of the ring, hard punches one after the other by both men.


Rush blocks one of Gringos punch, then he attempts a lariat, The Mexicutioner ducks it and lifts DR for the Shock Therapy.


Styles: Gringo has Rush set up for the Shock Therapy, if he hits it it's OVER!!!!


The Person jumps the barricade and goes to the apron and puts Mamacita in a bearhug position.


Styles: What?, who in the blue hell is that guy and what is he doing laying his hands on Mamacita. He's hurting her.


Heyman: Looks like Gringo just saw what's happening. I wouldn't want to be that guy right now.


The Mexicutioner drops Rush from the Shock Therapy position to the mat. EG runs to the apron.


Styles: What's this two other man are jumping the opposite barricade and are getting to the ring.


EG lays a right punch on The Person. The Person goes flying out of the apron.


Heyman: The Mexican Jumpin bean is checking that his ho is fine. I think im gonna puke.


Mamacita makes her way down the stairs limping. Both Red Scorpion and Omega-Male slide to the ring. Just as Gringo turns around to finish Drake.....


Heyman: BOOT TO THE FACE!!! by 6'7" monster. But what are this 3 men doing here.


Drake gets to his feet and starts beating the crap out of Gringo with Omega and Scorpion.


Styles: This is sick, did Rush hire this men to help him against The Mexicutioner? What's going on.


We see that The Person is back up to his feet and grabs Mamacita by the hair and takes her to the ring.


Styles: Now one of the punks has Mamacita and there's not a d**n thing Evil Gringo can do about it, he's being beaten to a bloody pulp by The Messiah and his goones.


Heyman: Who's that guy running from the ramp.


Styles: It's BLACK DRAGON!!! he's come to help his friend.


Dragon gets in the ring and starts laying random punches at everyone who gets in his way. But he is soon outnumbered and suffers the same fate as his mexican friend.


Heyman: HAHAHA, so much for helping Gringo out.


Both EG and Black Dragon are laying the middle of the ring. Drake grabs Dragon and throws him outside, leaving The Mexican Sensation alone in the ring. The Person hits Mamacita with a body slam.


Styles: Ohh come on!!!! laying your hands on a woman, how manly. Someone on the back, please stop this hideous attack.


Red Scorpion grabs The Mexicutioner and puts him in a power bomb position. The Messiah goes to one of the top turnbuckle and so does The Person.


Styles: Ohh My God, what are they gonna do ?


Heyman: Their gonna try and end Gringos career, Styles.


Red Scorpion lifts Gringo, Drake goes flying and....


Styles: Missile dropkick from Rush to the chest of the Mexican Sensation.


Omega lowers down and puts his right knee so that Scorpion can slam Gringo on Omegas knee.


Styles: OH MY GOD!!!!! this monster just slammed The Mexicutioner on the other guys knee.


Heyman: Whoaaa!!!! I was right, they wanna end Gringos career. Now that I think of it, I’m always right. HEHEHE


Gringo falls to the mat and The Person goes flying from the top rope.


Styles: LEG DROP FROM THE TOP ROPE!!!!! this is just sick, you guys have had enough of this, you accomplished your goal. Now get outta here, someone bring and ambulance and paramedics!!!


All four man, stand on top of Evil Gringo with their hands raised in the air.


The crowd erupts with a MASSIVE chore of boos.


We cut to......

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The TWOStars don't try this at home promo with several spectacular moves like the Death Star Press... The Sky Twister Press and The Incrediplex being shown as the risks of a truely hard career are read out by the sombre narrartor...


We fade back in and we see Gringo on a gurney in the backstage area, neck brace attached as a bruised Black Dragon stands over him and Mamacita is sat in a wheel chair, a ice pack lodged on her back...


BD: Don't worry Gringo, we'll find out who those chico's where ok?


BM: Honey are you okay? Please give me a sign...


EMT's push and rush around the Gringo trying to find out the extent of his injuries after the barrage of double teams from the TWOStars newcomers...


EG:*softely* Honey, homes.... Make sure you take their names... make sure *COUGH COUGH*... Argghhh, you take their names... Because christmas is coming... arggh... and the Mexicutioner is making a list... and they aren't on the nice one ese....


BD: You got it homes... But what about Zero Tolerance?


All of a sudden Deadman appears around the corner... Black Dragon and Mamacita form a protective wall in front of Gringo's stretcher...


DM: Well well... If it isn't the Evil Cripple... Oh and the Cripplecons! Ah well, I wanted to do that myself at ZT, but hey those are the breaks... like your back it seems...


BD: Why don't you stick your dead ass face somewhere else?


DM: Oh but there is so much angst and rich human suffering here... I LOVE IT!


An EMT whispers in Becki's ear and she get into the ambulance with the Gringo still strapped to the strecher...


DM: Remind me to send some grapes Gringy... Looks like the only person Mexicuted round here was you... see you around Black... err... who are you again...


Dragon goes to raise his fist but Deadman just backs away laughing, walking around the corner as the ambulance pulls away, sirens blaring leaving Dragon to stare mournfully at the departure of his ally...


We cut to a special announcement...


Get on TWOShopzone now and make the most of the mad X-Treme X-Mas sale!


All items cut in price by half!

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We return from the TWOShopzone adveryt and the camera is focused on the stage as “You’re Gonna Pay” kicks in to a huge chorus of boos from the Sheffield Crowd.


Heyman: Here comes the man, Styles. Stand up and show some respect!


Styles: I’d rather not waste my energy, Paul.


Deadman walks out onto the staging area and the booing intensifies, Deadman just gives out his trademark evil grin and carries on walking down the ramp towards the ring.


Heyman: And that’s what I like about him Styles, he doesn’t give a damn what these people think about him.


Styles: Well, I kinda think the feelings mutual Paul.


Deadman is now down at ringside where the crowd is really giving out abuse, Deadman stops and turns towards one section of the and moves a little closer to them before flipping them off causing the crowd to boo louder than ever as Deadman just laughs at them evilly.


Styles: Oh that was nice. Very classy thing to do from the former Owner of the Extreme Revolution.


Heyman: I’m glad you agree Joey and just for the record he still owns the Extreme Revolution.


Styles: Just for the record Paul, I was being sarcastic….


Deadman has now turned away from the fans at ringside and walks towards the ring steps which he walks up to get onto the ring apron before stepping through the top and middle ropes into the ring. Deadman heads straight over to the corner and demands a microphone from Chimmel which he quickly receives, Deadman slowly walks to the middle of the ring and is about to start talking when the crowd erupts into a huge “ASSHOLE” chant.


Styles: Sounds like the people of Sheffield think Deadman’s an as…..


Heyman: Hey! Don’t even go there Styles, these people are disrespectful moron’s


Styles: They’ve paid their money Paul, they can boo, cheer and call anyone they want an asshole!


Deadman just stands in the middle of the ring and looks at his watch and waits until eventually the chant dies down….


DM: Finally, you rude little people have SHUT UP!


The crowd boos huge.


DM: I come out here to say a few words and you call me that? You call me an Asshole?!


The crowd pops at Deadman mentioning it.


DM: Well quite frankly I should just go ahead and leave because you Sheffield *******s, don’t deserve my time.


The crowd boos huge as Deadman walks over to the corner and begins to exit the ring.


Styles: Where the hell is he going?


Heyman: He’s leaving because these people are so damn disrespectful


Styles: So he’s leaving like a cry baby?!


Heyman: No, he’s just leaving Joey.


Styles: He’s a cry baby.


Deadman gets to the bottom step and stops and looks out into the crowd before lifting the microphone back up to his mouth.


DM: You know what, I’m not going to leave, I’m going to stand in that ring and you people are going to have to listen to every damn word I have to say and Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready because this is what you call a shoot.


Deadman stomps back up the steps and climbs into the ring…


Styles: This could be very interesting Paul


Heyman: No doubt about it Styles, Deadman and Shoot in one sentence?... that can only mean trouble.


Deadman is back in the middle of the ring and lifts the microphone back to his mouth.


DM: This company, it’s fans and it’s so called TWOStars are all a BIG JOKE!....


The crowd begins to boo huge as Deadman continues……


DM: IT WAS IN THE PAST AND IT IS NOW…..In fact I’ll go one further and say this incarnation of TWOStars absolutely SUCKS!


The crowds booing has now intensified.


Styles: This is ridiculous, somebody cut his microphone off!


Heyman: Yeah you’d like that wouldn’t you, censor the guy when he’s telling the truth.


DM: Seems like a touched a nerve there didn’t I?


The crowd continues to boo.


DM: Well you might not like it, but it’s the damned truth. I stand here tonight the only man who can tell you that because I’ve seen it all. In the past Five years, I’ve seen this company rise and fall more times than all your mums drop their knickers!


The crowd’s booing gets even louder because of this comment




Styles: Oh come on there was no need for that Paul.


Heyman: I thought it was great!


Styles: Well you would.


DM: And why did TWOStars fail time after time after time? Well…..


Deadman begins to smile evilly.


DM: It was all down to me!


Deadman begins to laugh evilly again as the crowd boos huge once again.


DM: Let’s take a look down memory lane shall we…. And what better place to start than with the original…. TWOStars Version One. I stole HBK, I stole Hunter, I stole KJ and I damn sure stole the then TWO Champion Skullmonkey and where did that leave this company? Well I’ll tell you where. It left it right up **** creek.


The crowds booing starts again followed by more asshole chants.


Heyman: These people don’t like the truth do they?


DM: Then came TWOStars Version Two….. How long did that last? Three months? Three long months…. And it all went down hill when I gave the new TWO Stars owner KJ, his three minute warning and took his ass out leaving TWOStars to crumble once again.


Heyman: Oh the memories.


DM: And that brings us to know…. TWOStars Version Three! Could this be third time lucky for TWOStars?........DON’T COUNT ON IT! VERSION THREE IS GOING TO FAIL JUST LIKE ONE AND TWO DID BEFORE IT!


The crowds booing just gets louder.


Styles: I just want to know which army Deadman is going to use to try and put us out Paul.


Heyman: He doesn’t need an army Styles.


DM: The only difference this time is that the Extreme Revolution is no longer around but that’s not going to stop me… oh no. I don’t need the Extreme Revolution to take this place down, the fact of the matter is. This place is crumbling from within.


The crowd continues to boo


Styles: Crumbling from within? That’s a load of bull if I ever heard it.


DM: Let’s look back a few weeks shall we? Remember Survivor Series when I had that son of a bitch Gower out in the middle of this ring? Darkstar screwed me over and ended the match and before I could get a rematch, what happens?.....


Deadman does the finger quotations as he says the following….


DM: “Gower gets suspended for saying some things on a few websites” …..


WHAT A LOAD OF BULLSHIT, The real reason he hasn’t been around since then is because he’s scared of me and doesn’t want anymore of the Deadman, he just packed his bags and walked out on this company.


The crowd boos huge at this statement.


Styles: He can’t say that!


Heyman: Well he just did Joey and there’s nothing you can do about it.


DM: And the reason he walked out? Well that’s simple really, it’s all because he like everyone back there in that damn lockeroom….. lacks the heart to be in this ring night in and night out to entertain you people.


Without heart you’ve got nothing and that’s why TWOStars will always fail, it never had heart in the past and on the small occasion that it did….. I pulled it right out leaving the rest of the place to die around it and that’s quite frankly what I’m going to do this Sunday Night at Zero Tolerance.


The crowd gives out a pop at the mention of the PPV.


DM: Because this Sunday I’m going to face Two men, both former TWO World Heavyweight Champions and oh yeah…. Bitter rivals. That’s right this Sunday It’s going to be that Mexican Jumping Bean wannabe and that green Freak “Teaming Up” to take on Me, Deadman and One of Mitchell Anthony Jones, Sam H or Chris2K.


The crowd cheers at the mentioning of the match


Styles: What a match that’s going to be this Sunday Paul.


Heyman: No doubt about it Joey, no doubt about it


DM: Quite frankly though, I don’t need one any of those idiots this Sunday. I can take it to Holt and Gringo all on my own because let’s face it those two simply can’t co-exist. They’ve been at each others throats for most of the past year and now they’re simply going to let things go to take on me? I DON’T THINK SO! I promise you…. No No I’ll go one better… I’ll guarantee you that this Sunday at Zero Tolerance. Team Extreme Revolution will be standing victorious ONCE AGAIN over a fallen TWOStars…. This Sunday I’m going to single handily Cut the throat of TWOStars by taken you two out and then I’m going straight for the heart….. I’m going to take out YOUR TWO CHAMPION and YOU CAN DAMN SURE TAKE THAT TO THE BANK!


Deadman throws the microphone to the mat as the crowd boos louder than ever, Deadman just smiles before beginning to leave as “You’re gonna pay” kicks back in.


Styles: Oh My God Paul, I think he means business.


Heyman: You damn right he means business Joey, this Sunday it doesn’t matter who he teams up with, what does matter is the fact that he’s going to be the one left standing after cutting the throat of this company.


Styles: Well Paul, it’s certainly going to be one hell of a match, can Deadman do as he said or will The Incredible Holt and Evil Gringo be able to co-exist and take the Deadman out? I can’t wait to see this one Paul. It’s going to be great.


Xtreme TV fades to commercials.

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We come back from commercials.


Cut to Backstage


Standing smack dab in the middle of a hallway, an eager Steve Romero is out of breath. The mood in the locker room is quite frantic, as usual.


Steve looks to the side of the hallway and seems glad to see the frames of four boisterous men making their way towards him. The seem jovial and happy, but in a barbaric, victorious way. As if they had just snatched meat from the lions mouth.


Steve runs up to them in the hopes of a story.


SR - Excuse me!!


The four men are revealed by the camera to be Arron "Omega Male" Winter, Ashton "The Person" Butcher, Drake "The Messiah" Rush, and Red Scorpion; the men implicated in the in-ring attack on Gringo.


SR - Excuse me, guys!


The four men stop celebrating and get quite serious. Drake is the one to respond.


DR- What is it, pissant?


DR- Well, you and your friends just assaulted the TWOstars icon, Evil Gringo! What I want to know...hell what the entire federation wants to know is...why?!!


The four men look at each other and maliciously chuckle amongst themselves. Steve seems confused by the young stars' amusement. But his confusion doesn't last, as the microphone is grabed by Ashton Butcher.


AB- Why? Why, Steve? Let me tell you something; when we went through the TWOstars developmental federation, all we got were mother**** pats on the back. All of those smarmy veterans sitting on their high horses saying "You'll get your shot someday!" like the perky little B****es that they are. Well we aren't going to wait around Steve. We've seen what happens to those who wait. We saw men get their hearts broken in that training school, never to join the TWO. So we made a pact then and there, to be brothers. To take the TWOstars by storm and carve a name for ourselves, whatever the cost. And tonight, we took matters into our own hands. We weren't about to wait for a couple of overpaid overweight bookers to throw us a bone. We went for the throat; a symbol of the old TWO, Evil Gringo.


The microphone is passed to Drake Rush.


DR - All of our lives we worked for superstardom. And now that we are here, what do you expect us to do? Just sit on our hind legs? No!! Every dog may have his day, but we want it NOW!!! We aren’t going to watch the old, boring stars of the TWO mooch the main event, when it is us, the new, young stars, that deserve to shine. Our day comes today. We aren’t going to parade ourselves around as the “Future”. You know why? Because we are the mother****** NOW!!!!


The mike is now taken by Red Scorpion.


RS- When I was in the ERE, I got the same old bull-crap over and over. “You just aren’t ready, it’s not your time yet.” Well I’ve got news; it was my time then and it was my time now. These men around me, my brothers, we’ve all felt the pain of having our dreams sidelined for someone’s petty wallets. Well no more! Today, we take our destiny into our own hands. And heaven help the men who try to stop us. Heaven help the TWOstars if it tries to get in our way. If this two-bit promotion wants a war, then it has got a d**n war! But you can bet that when the smoke clears, only one will be standing. And the only way we back out before we become legends, is over our dead bodies.


The mike is quietly passed to Arron “The Omega Male” Winter…the other men gaze respectfully at this brooding man; the most poetic and subtle of the bunch. He dazedly opens his eyes and speaks…


OM- The future of the TWO is beyond their control. The old, stale blood of the TWOstars will be….MUST be leached. And in its place, a new order shall arise from the ashes; a NEW BLOOD! The allure of legacy is all the drives all, all that consumes us. We do not answer to the network…we do not answer to Darkstar and his cronies, for they are all finite. But my brothers and I plan to be eternal, and we answer to the one who united us in our cause. And he has infiltrated the TWOstars and sits in the locker room as we speak! Like a parasite, he has infiltrated the bloated hide of this dying promotion, and will burst fully grown from the dead carcass of this federation once the time is right. And then the old order will be buried under the cold snow. He has told us that the attack on Gringo is but a warning. If we do not get our way, there will be more. And next time, mercy shall not be a factor. The winds of the east have come to the TWO…destiny is at hand.


All four men walk off…


Steve – Wait…wait!!! Who is your leader?!! What do you mean, more attacks?!! Who is leading you!! WAIT!!!


Steve runs out of the shot…


*Cut to…*

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The camera returns from a clip of the TWOstars award show to find the camera crew running around back stage when they come across Sunaki running behind the TV champion Chris Eagles


Sunaki - Eagles-san, Eagles - san, Can me get word from you ?


Eagles - NO, I’m busy


Sunaki - (still running behind Eagles) Why you leave partner to lose ?


Eagles - I didn’t, I just forgot something


Sunaki - (now starting to lose his breath) So you not scared of Doctor Handsolo ?


Eagles - (now stops with a pissed off look on his face, But still looking around for something) Me, Scared, Of a hand puppet, Do I look scared ? No don’t answer that, Tonight I didn’t fancy facing S.E.X, wanted to save my energy for Zero Tolerance


Sunaki - (just starting to catch his breath) You not want S.E.X tonight ?


This comment makes the crowd cheer and laugh like never before


Eagles just looks at the new number 1 TWOstars announcer and starts running again


Sunaki - I say wrong again


The camera sees Eagles throw his TV title into the car, Before jumping in himself and driving off at some speed


Heyman - See Joey, That’s why, He forgot something


Styles - And you believe him


Heyman - Why shouldn’t I


Styles - Never mind


As the camera fades we can see Eagles driving out of view, As we cut to ………….

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The camera cuts back to that shot of a roaring fire, festive yule logs, candles, mulled wine and a great big christmas tree. Boyo once again appears in shot. He is still wearing a red festive Christmas jumper festooned with knitted pictures of reindeer and snowflakes. He's still wearing brown cords and brogues. He is still sloshing another full glass of rich dark brandy around - but this time it's not such an elegant manner. Boyo smirks at the camera.


The camera pans over to a piano, Boyo appears in the shot again and sits at the piano and clicks his fingers by pressing them together. Boyo nods to something off camera and the camera pans across and we see Sickness in a cage wearing a muzzle. Sickness is growling and thrashing around in the cage. Saliva is dripping from foamy corners of his mouth and, naturally, blood has got all over his clothes. And whiskey. Sickness is also struggling to escape from a straight jacket.


The camera pans back to Boyo, who starts playing the piano with a smirk on his face.


Boyo (singing):

Oh Sickness I hear the belts are callin'

Tossed Redman and broken legs.

Oh mercy!

Mr Judge you seem a bit confused

Well Judge maybe, I got you pegged.


But I just don't know what do do with those tossed Redman's broken legs...

He's tappin' again

Goodnight Judge & Redman, we hate you!


Camera cuts to a sneering, smug Boyo then fades out.

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TC: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the TWOStars Tag Team Championship.!



Boyo leads the way down the ramp, smirking at the fans despite their hostility, whilst Sickness follows behind, a strange evil grin on his face.


Heyman: Damn Joey, these are two guys with evil intentions on their mind.


Styles: Evil intentions and aspirations for the gold!


Boyo picks up The Judge and lands a boot to the midsection which doubles over Commandant allowing Sickness to nail the Stunner, whick knocks The Judge back into the ropes allowing Boyo to follow up with the DDT.


Styles: The double team continues with The Cross Infection hit by the Dark Alliance.



Boyo rises once more but is grabbed by The Judge who lifts him into the Electric Chair position.


Styles: What’s this, Jimmy Redman is climbing the ropes


The Judge stands opposite The Prototype who is standing on the top ropes, before Redman dives off catching Boyo with the hurricanrana of the shoulders of The Judge.



Boyo rolls up Redman, but The Prototype grabs the rope and pulls his weight over placing Boyos shoulders on the mat


Styles: The referee is making the count


Heyman: Hey he’s still holding onto the rope












Heyman: No fair, no fair he had the rope!


TC: Here are your winners and still tag team champions, The Prototype Jimmy Redman and The Judge!




Styles: What is he doing Sickness has climbed over the entranceway, he is standing above that table!


Boyo pulls out a bottle of lighter fluid and pours it all over the table.


Heyman: Good God no! Tell me he not going to!!


Sickness stands above the table, staring intensely a slight grin on his face.


Boyo lights a match and hovers it above the table for a few seconds before dropping it, the eruption of flames the result.


Styles: Sickness! He is about fifteen feet above that flaming hell!


Sickness leans over the edge and looks down at the burning table, before diving over and crashing down through the flaming table as the crowd goes absolutely insane.


Styles: Oh my God!!!


Heyman: No way!!!





Redman: IT DOESN'T MATTER what the stipulations are, Todd! It doesn't matter! Look, we are the best tag team in this industry and that counts for something where I come from -


Boyo: Right, firstly you can fight us in a best of 5 multiple pinfall through the table stipulation. Basically, it's a Last Man Standing match.





Boyo: Or - if that wasn't brutal enough for you - you can play a high risks game: First pinfall wins all. It doesn't matter who is pinned first but that person will lose the match for their team.



The Judge: The Dark Alliance may have their ERE background, their history together and this, this fear factor that surrounds them, but let me tell you this: when it comes to Zero Tolerance, make no mistake: The Judge and Jimmy Redman will sentence The Dark Alliance, straight into a fiery inferno!!



Boyo: Or, we can play a REALLY high risk game. A Tornado Rules Match where BOTH team mates have to be pinned to go out.









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Back from the PPV advert. We're in the SEX locker room, which causes the crowd to cheer loudly.


Arkham is dancing about, well, if you can call it dancing - Cole seems pretty pleased with himself as well.


Arkham: We wonded - we beated Eagley and Mr Ted.


Michael: Yes we did, you was definitely impressive.


Arkham: Me readies for Sunnyday, beat Eagles and become TV.


Jaxx suddenly appears from off screen.


Keith: Did somebody say something about a transvestite?


Michael: They did? Oooh, really.


Doctor: If I may, Arkham mentioned TV - I believe he was saying that he will become the TV Champion once he defeates Christopher Eagles this Sunday at Zero Tolerance.


Arkham: Err, what Doctor said.


Keith: Oh damn, I thought we were having some guests.


The camera suddenly focusses on Doctor HandSolo who is perched on top of the desk.


Doctor: Concentrate, will you? Look, on Sunday we only have one match on the Pay Per View - Arkham will be trying for a singles title.


Arkham: And me likes Gladiators.


Arkham suddenly begins running around the room, over the furnature, jumping on things, all of the time singing (very badly) the Gladiators theme.


Doctor: Well, while he may like the Gladiators, if that isn't the stipulation, then we have to prepare for the other options.


Michael: I have plenty of fluffy pillows, so we can practice with those.


Keith: I especially like your furry ones, alllriiiiiight.


Doctor: Yes, that's all well and good, but please consider the most dangerous option of the three matches - the blindfold match.


Arkham suddenly comes to a stop from his running around, he looks at the Doctor on the desk.


Arkham: Me have idea.


Doctor: This should be interesting.


Arkham: Doctor sit at ringside and give I directions.


Michael: That's a brilliant idea.


Doctor: But you won't be able to hear me all of the time, the idea certainly has merit.


Arkham jumps up and down, clapping, obviously pleased that they like his idea.


We're back at the announcers.


Paul: That's cheating, he can't have somebody direct him.


Joey: You're saying that having a glove puppet at ringside is cheating?


Paul: Have you seen that thing? There's something freaky about it.


Joey: It's only a glove puppet.


Paul: How does it talk then?


Joey: Glove. Puppet.


Paul: Say what you want, but there is definitely something strange about the Doctor, and it freaks me out, so I can see why Chris Eagles decided to leave the arena.


Joey: I worry about you at times.


Fade to...

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The beginning of “Touched” starts to play with the voices and a light guitar rift. The arena goes dark, the only light coming from the flashing of red, green, and blue lights flashing on the entrance ramp. Some smoke starts to hover above the ground in front of the entrance. As soon as the drums kick in and the rift gets harder a hooded figure emerges from the back and stands on the entrance stage. All lights go out, then a bright light from behind the figure silhouettes him with both arm down by his side. The light cuts out, then flashes back on to reveal the figure with both arms outstretched. Again darkness, then the main arena lights showing Shane Cross throw the hood of his vest off of his head. With all the arena lights on now Shane walks methodically to the ring.


PH: There he is folks! My New Role Model Shane Cross returning to the TWOStars ring after a two week hiatus.


JS: If he’s your new role model, who is your old one? Surely not your financial advisors!


The quiet intro to ‘Death of Seasons’ by AFI starts, and Redman's video starts playing on the TV screen, showing mysterious shots of a darkly dressed man, in various states of running, looking around corners and stillness (similar to Edge’s video). The camera moves backwards slowly to be engulfed in smoke. As the music kicks in, JR comes running out of the smoke holding a table! He pauses for a second to look out at the crowd, and then sprints down the ramp. He slides into the ring with table in hand and looks directly into the eyes of Shane Cross.


JS: I think he’s trying to send a message to the Dark Alliance.


PH: No he isn’t. If he was tha table would be on fire and he would be sending their mothers through it! That’s sending a message!


JS: That’s sick!


Shane Cross turns to the referee and starts yelling at him while pointing at the table. Redman approaches him with table in hand and Cross bolts out of the ring, dragging the ref with him. The Gainsville native continues his verbal lashing of the referee. The camera gets close enough to pick up the conversation.


Cross: I refuse to compete tonight if that table isn’t put back stage immediately.


Ref: As long as it doesn’t come into play, its fine! Get in that ring or I’m gonna DQ you.


Cross looks at Redman and the table, then at the ref, and repeats the process over and over, seemingly weighing the propositions.


Redman drops the table and motions for Cross to enter the ring.


JS: Shane Cross is gonna pansy out and take the DQ!


PH: Pansy? No Role Model is a pansy. He is going to do the right thing and refuse to compete as long as that table is in range for use.

The ref, pissed off with Cross’ actions, looks to the bell man and


JS: Cross in one the floor! He dropped like a sack of potatoes!


JH: He’s clutching his ankle, he must’ve torn like 30 tendons!


JS: What?


Cross is on the ground, rolling and clutching his ankle while yelling in agony. Suddenly, the crowd erupts in boos, but the source is not seen until the DA is shown sprinting down the entrance ramp.


JS: Watch out Redman!


Redman turns just in time to be dragged out of the ring by Sickness. On the other side of the ring, Cross gets up slowly, still favoring the injured ankle, and sees the two figures of the DA. Immediately he falls back to the ground in more pain than before.


JS: Cross is gonna let the DA commence a beat down on Redman!


PH; No, a Role Model like Shane Cross would never allow such underhanded tactics, he simply can’t do anything to help the Prototype on his severely injured leg.


The DA are stomping a mud hole into Redman. Sickness lifts up the Raleigh native and whips him to the barricade. Boyo runs towards him, but Redman elevates the Welsh over the barricade. Before he can capitalize Sickness catches him from behind with


JS: Darkness Falls!


PH: That looked beautifully painful.


Boyo emerges from behind the barricade, looks at the fallen Redman, and smiles a sinister smile. He nods at Sickness, who then takes a few steps back. Boyo heaves up Redman, and then back body drops him into the air


JS: No! The Annihilator Powerbomb on the outside-




JS: Gimmick infringement!!!!!!


PH: You were talking about sending messages? That’s a message! Redman might be crippled!


The DA laugh maniacally as they heave the limp body of the Prototype into the ring. On the other side of the squared circle, Cross fights injury and struggles to his feet. He rolls into the ring only to see the laid out body of Redman. The ref follows in the ring and watches as Cross hobbles over to Redman, collapses on top of him, and make the cover. Reluctantly, the ref gives the count.










TG: The winner of this bout via pinfall, Shaaaaaaane Crosssssssssssssssssssssss


JS: How the hell, Cross found a way to scam a win. All off the DA’s dirty labor. He probably had a hand in this!


PH: He’s a role model. He doesn’t take part in back stage politics!


JS: Either way, Cross wins and Redman gets decimated by the DA.


PH: He’s gonna be wishing Zero Tolerance will end this quick, because the DA will put him through hell!


Cut to ZT promo

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Ring announcer – The following contest is a triple threat match, and is a Zero Tolerance Vote Rodeo!!!!!


Huge cheers emanate from the crowd. They are tremendously happy to be receiving a sort-of Zero Tolerance sneak peek. They hold some of their favorite signs: “Assasinated courtesy of Dante! Twiggie Lit Up With Me! Michael Who? ”


JS – We are set for one hell of a main event. Its going to be The Colorado Troubadour Twiggie, against Dante “The Assasin” Mueller, and finally the arrogant young CEO, Michael Howell III


PH – This is their last chance to get some votes going into the pay-per-view, so you can bet they want that shot, and they will do anything to…



The lights in the arena dim, dry ice seeps out from the entranceway and the ramp is bathed in eerie, deep blue light.

The crowd absolutely erupts with the tidings of their beloved hardworking champion. The makings of a slow steady “Banner, Banner!” chant can be faintly heard under the music

JS- What the hell??

Multiple laser lights project Banner’s radiation symbol onto the rampway as it also revolves up on the Titantron.

Banner steps out onto the entrance ramp, head bowed and covered by the hood of his blue and red boxing robe. He slowly spins around, arms outstretched, to reveal that the back of the garment is emblazoned with his symbol.

As he makes his way to the ring he shrugs his shoulders and cracks his neck like a boxer as he psyches himself up for his match.

He steps up onto the ring apron, pauses, then pulls the hood back to reveal his face.


PH- What’s Banner doing here? He isn’t scheduled for tonight.


As if to answer his question, the champion slowly and methodically walks over to the Spanish announce table and motions for the two men to scoot over. The announcers are confused…but they oblige.


JS- Well, it looks like we are going to be joined on commentary by The Brutal One for the main event. Good evening, Brett. Doing some scouting?


BB- You bet. This belt here on my shoulder is the culmination of my career. And while I respect the athletic ability of all three competitors, I will be damned if I let them take this strap from me without giving my best. And that means knowing the enemy.


JS- Strong words Brett.


PH- You two want to get married already? Man!


The flourescant lights all go green, every Titan Tron screen has an image of money falling while cutting to pictures of the "10 Karat Slam" Sutterfly's 'Gun in Hand' plays.

Spend a lifetime

trying to understand.

Why you reason

with a gun in your hand.

Two spark showers start flowing on either side of the titan tron.

What was so bad?

What had he done

to make you return,

this time with a gun?

Niles comes out and rolls out a long red carpet going pretty far down the entrance ramp. Then Howel comes out onto the red carpet.

Intimidation growing bigger.

What the hell made you pull the trigger?

Spend a lifetime

trying to understand.

Why you reason

with a gun in your hand.

PH- Well there he is my friends; the man whose rise in the TWO has been like nothing I’ve ever seen. The man before you, The CEO, has risen quickly, and established himself here in the TWO-Stars


The crowd boos at Michael, still smarting from him insulting the mother country. Howell only holds his arms out, accepting the boos happily as if they were cheers. He mouths, “It’s not your fault…not your fault.”


JS- As much as I hate to say it, he has risen faster than anything I’ve ever seen. But I’ll be damned if those fans are going to vote him in at Zero Tolerance for the title shot. They hate the man. His finisher, the 10 Karat Slam, is in a word phenomenal. But his personality reminds me of my mother’s sour-kraut recipe.


The arena is bathed in psychedelic swirls.


is displayed in close ups and as a whole across the TWOtron. Jungle Boy recorded by Twiggie's very own band: Bremstrahung Farad is pumped through the speakers of the arena. Twiggie appears at the top of the ramp wheeling his signature recycling bin behind him, his hardcore title hanging over the side. Around his head, loosely restraining his dreads, is tied a faded bandana. He shouts various things to the fans while waving his free arm angrily. The crowd responds by shouting obscenities, and throwing Styrofoam cups.

Chimmel: Weighing in tonight at 196 pounds. He is the self-proclaimed TWOstars Hardcore Champion. He is … Twwwwwwwwwiggie!

TZ- I wonder how long he’s going to keep that hardcore belt. The TWO doesn’t even recognize it.

PH- Whatever makes the man happy I suppose.

TZ – There’s only one thing I know that makes hippies happy…and her name is Mary Jane.

BB- Both men are tremendous, unpredictable athletes.

***A graphic flashes up on the Titantron. First it is just undistinguishable blurs, but soon it turns into an actual picture. A storm is seen and heard in the background. Lightning hits and thunder cracks loudly. The camera goes through the graveyard as the storm continues. Eventually several small shapes are seen in the background. As the camera approaches them, it turns out to be identical tombstones, With names across them all. From left to right they read,



Omega Red

Draven Cage

Mickhail Mills

Chris Eagles

Jordi Warner

Evil Gringo

The Incredible Holt


Behind the graves is a figure perched on the top of a Mausoleum. In the lightning flashes, the figure is revealed to be Dante, trench coat billowing out behind him. Lightning strikes the masoleum where Dante is perched and at the same time lightning strikes in the arena. The crowd jumps at this as the all to familiar pyro explodes. F*cking Determined by Mudvayne is blaring through the arena as Dante walks from amidst the flames. The crowd again pops massively as Dante makes his way to the ring. He throws the guns again and "shoots" each turnbuckle, making pyro blast out in succession as each one is "hit"***

JS- There is MY prediction to win the voting for Zero Tolerance, the Assasin!

The crowd lets out tumultuous cheers for their defender, as he coolly lifts his arm to the delight of his fans. A white cloth protrudes from Dante’ s normal elbow-pad.

JS- See that? His arm is bandaged. It hasn’t been at 100% since Survivor Series, and I believe that is the reason he has repeatedly been denied the belt

PH – Watch what you say. Banner is right next to you.

BB – He’s right. The arm has never had proper time to heal and readjust with constant matches and repeated Gamma-locks. In a way, my win against him last week could be considered unfair. But I would hate to make excuses for the man. He’s a proud competitor, and it takes a lot of sweat to beat him even with an injured arm,

JS- See, Paul? He likes honesty.

PH- Shut up.

All three fighters are now in the ring. The crowd voices their clear opinions of who they want to wing by chanting “Dante, Dante!” All three men look at each other with total enmity. Not only do they hate what the others stand for, but these men are what stand between them and the TWO gold. The allure of fame and glory blinding them, they stare with the utmost ferocity.


JS- We are underway.


BB- This should be interesting…


Out of the gate, Twiggie and Michael go for Dante, realizing he is the odds on favorite. Dante attempts to resist with quick right hands, but the two men overpower him and force him into the corner, beating him with forearms and elbow shots. Dante still tries to fight back, but is forced to cover up with the corner. Twiggie and the CEO proceed to stomp at his stomach repeatedly.


The crowd boos at the attempt to take out their favorite competitor.


PH – Smart strategy. The match is all about corralling votes. And they go for the most popular one.


As Dante finally subsides a bit, the two men look at each other. From totally different sides of the tracks, their ideology is full of animosity towards the other mans. As they leave the corner area, Twiggie makes the first swng, but Howell ducks under the punch and dives forward under the frame of The Twiggish One. As Twiggie turns around, Howell catches him with quick enziguri to the face, knocking Twiggie down.


PH- What a shot! He knows exactly what he came for and he wants it.


BB- Well he’s in great shape and if he quiets down, he may just have a future. The problem is that his mouth waltzes in before his skill ever does.


Off of the enziguri, Howell goes for a fast rollup.


ONE – Kickout!


JS- Quick cover and the escape by the PETA Crusader.


Off of the rollup, Howell tries to continue the offense, but Twiggie cuts him off with a blow to the gut, knocking the wind out of him. Twiggie lifts The CEO on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry and falls back into a Samoan drop, after which he also goes for a quick pin.


ONE – Kickout!


PH- Twiggie is no chump either. Despite being a relative newcomer, he still has the experience edge on Howell.


After the cover, Twiggie brings Howell to his feet, but now it’s Dante with the interjection! He explodes out of the turnbuckle with a diving double lariat, knocking down both men!


JS- And here comes the Assassin!!


As Twiggie springs up, Dante takes him down with a big right hand! The CEO gets up but Mueller takes him down with another big swing! Twiggie and Howell both get up but are floored again!


JS- He’s on fire even with the arm!


As Twiggie rises one more time, Dante catches him in a front chancery, and drops him down into a quick DDT! But Howell gets up behind him, with no intention of letting the domination continue. As Dante turns to deliver another enormous right hand, Howell thumbs him in the eye, ending the initiative.


JS- A blatant cheap shot!


Mueller holds his face and bends over, holding his eyes in pain. The Million Dollar Madman leaps into the air and, going onto Dante’s shoulders, hurricanranas him and rolls him back for the pin!!


PH- What a move! He hit it from totally standing!


JS- Well…he is athletic, I’ll give him that. But that doesn’t excuse his attitude.





TW- Kickout!!


As Dante kicks out, Michael is still on his knees in the pinning position. But by this point, a refreshed Twiggie is up and nails a superkick to the exposed face of the CEO. Michael goes down, dazed from the shot.


The Recycler wastes no time, going for the downed Dante. He lifts the Assassin to his feet and bends him over to the side, going to the opposite side and grabbing Mueller around the waist. Displaying impressive strength, Twiggie lifts the Assassin into a well-executed gut-wrench power-bomb.


JS- Nice execution by Twiggie…


But the hippy does not go for the cover, sensing his opponent to not be weak enough. Forcing Dante to rise once more, Twiggie sends him hard into the ropes. The Peta Punisher bends over in expectation of his opponent running back. As the Assassin returns, Twiggie hoists him over into a devastating mountain bomb!


JS- Oh man! He drilled his head and back into the mat!


PH- Anyone is more deserving of the shot than Dante; even Twiggie.


JS- Oh shut up!


Twiggie now goes into the cover with a quick vengeance, hooking the leg!







As the referee proceeds to count , Michael Howell finally gets to his feet. Seeing the precarious situation going on, he sneaks over to the couple, and from a completely standing position, goes into a standing shooting star and breaks up the pin!!!


PH- Oh man!! What a high flyer! You see, that is why he is better than all of us!


JS – He is not! A million other men can do that move!


The men lie close to each other, racing to see which rises first. Twiggie manages to scrawl to the ropes and pulls himself upwards. Michael soon follows him in getting to his feet. But it is the dirty hippie that still manages to retain the offensive. He pushes The CEO into the corner and pounds away at the man, letting loose lefts and rights to his face and abdomen.


JS – He is vicious!


But Howell battles back! He grabs Twiggine mid-punch and throws him into the corner instead! The positions are now reversed, with Howell delivering the punches and Twiggie shrinking under their weight….but what about Dante?? The Assassin is still not quite up, but is dangerously close to his feet…


Back in the corner, the men don’t pay Dante any attention. Instead, Twiggie (still in the corner) attempts to battle back with punches of his own, trying to force his way out. But the two men match each other hit for hit! Twiggie makes no headway out of the corner!!


Suddenly a stamping on the mat is heard! Its Dante, and he’s going for a splash on both men. He has since gone to the opposite corner and gained speed! As Mueller nears , Michael senses danger, and quickly ducks down !! Not being deterred by the CEO’s self preservation, Dante gets onto Howell’s back just has the CEO is on all-fours, not giving him the chance to lay down all the way! Dante springboards off of Michael and lands a big splash on Twiggie in the corner!


JS- Ooh! A nasty shot in the style of a Stinger Splash!


As the Assassin recovers from his maneuver, Howell worms his way behind Dante! He grabs him around the back and tries to roll him backwards for the cover!!


But Dante reverses! He continues the roll back, until his is on top of Howell!! He then gets up, and grabs the CEO around his legs! Signaling to the crowd, he leans back and catapults Howell back into the corner into Twiggie….


But Twiggie is ready and waiting! He uses the corner for leverage…then lifts himself up and donkey-kicks the incoming Howell right into the chest, shooting him out from midair!!! The feet uncoil into the CEO right as he flies into the hippy, sending him back in a spring-like fashion!! The unprotected kick to the torso, leaves Howell on the floor and gasping for air!!


JS – Brutal kick from Twiggie! I think he knocked some of Michael’s ribs into his spine!


PH- There is a reason he drove he stole that Hardcore title Joey. The guy may be a dirty hippie, but he can hold his own.


Dante now charges at Twiggie, who is still on the corner, but Twiggie lifts the boot and takes the steam out of him. As Dante rears back, Twiggie runs forward and maneuvers himself around Mueller’s back into a Steal Your Face!



PH- Ooh, he planted him! A unique offense by the Colorado Troubador!


JS- Where the hell did that picture come from??


With Dante on the floor senseless, Twiggie pulls the Assassin over to the ropes, much to the anger of the crowd. They realize what’s coming. Positioning the neck of Mueller on the bottom rope, The Peta Avenger steps on his neck and pulls on the ropes in his trademark Down With Disease!


JS- Oh come on! Blatantly disregarding the rules!


PH- He’s just trying to make a political point!


Twiggie twists and contorts his foot on Dante’s face, causing excruciating pain. Finally the referee breaks up the illegal maneuver. With Dante still on the bottom rope, Twiggie goes across the ring and sets up with a running start. The Assassin still on the ground, Twiggie goes into a baseball slide to the face of his opponent….but Dante moves out of the way!


Twiggie misses and entangles his feet in the ropes as Dante rolls over to the side.


JS- Dante may have damaged his “buds” there.


Both men are on the mat, but the Assassin has caught his second wind!!! As he gets to his feet and lifts up the dirty hippie, Twiggie throws a few punches, not wanting to fall victim. But Dante returns the blows, and suddenly jerks the Colorado Troubador around, facing the hippie’s back. Hooking around his arms, he swings the hippie into a sickening tiger driver!!!


PH- He spiked him deliberately!


JS- Oh please…


Dante Bridges for the pin!!






TWO – Double Axe-handle from Howell!!!


The pin is broken by a recovered Howell, who still has large boot marks on his chest.


Michael, still trying to catch his breath a bit, delivers a series of quick stomps to Dante as he himself gets back up. The CEO sends the Assassin into the ropes. As The Eternal Opportunist returns, Howell leaps forward turning his body sideways, and nails him with a spinning heel kick to the jaw. Mueller goes down with after a nasty thwack from the kick!


Howell rises groggily…he finally gets up…only to be caught with a lariat by a refreshed Twiggie. The dirty hippie tries to waste as little time as possible with rights to the head of the downed Howell. Finally picking him up, Twiggie takes Howell into the corner, continuing with the punches. After feeling sufficiently satisfied, Twiggie picks up the CEO and sits him up one the turnbuckle.


JS- This might spell trouble…


Twiggie methodically climbs up the turnbuckle…and yells at the crowd in triumph. He gets the CEO in a front chancery, and taunts by raising his left hand…


JS- It’s gonna be a top rope DDT!!


…..but no!!! Dante has gotten up and assessed the situation! Forcing himself to move, he leaps up onto the second rope behind Twiggie!! He grabs the dirty hippie’s arms and straight-jackets them!! The Assassin falls back with Twiggie in a super Aztecan suplex and a thunderous impact on the mat!! In return, the crowd chants “TWO, TWO!!!”


JS- What a move!! What a move!! He almost broke him in half!!


Dante goes for the cover!!












PH – What resilience! I doubt Twiggie knows where he even is!!


JS- Its going to take a lot of bong hits to get over that one.


Both men are on the ground…Dante cannot believe that he didn’t get the full count. But he pushes on with resilience. Slowly making it to his feet, he finally notices as still dazed Howell sitting on the turnbuckle. Trying to take advantage, he charges the wounded man position precariously on the rope…


…but the CEO gets the foot up, sending Dante back!! The Assassin doesn’t even turn all the way around, but rather stumbles completely backwards from the jaw shot!


Finally coming back to life, Michael leaps forward and with amazing agility hits is Sit-Out Blockbuster!! “The Stock Report.” A CRAAAAAACK is heard as Dante’s neck vertebrae collide with Michael’s shoulder…and as Michael executes the front flip, he lands in a senton on the laying Twiggie!!


PH- Now you see that? What a move!! That’s what a Harvard education does for you Joey. You can think on your feet and take out two birds with one stone.


JS- Well I don’t think they have a class in this at Harvard but you’re right. That was great ring presence by the rookie, who has made quite a splash with his arrival.


Michael turns around quickly and goes for the cover on Dante!










Not losing speed, he recovers and now goes for a cover on Twiggie!








TH kickout!


Michael is a bit frustrated. He puts his hand on his forehead in annoyance and mumbles something like “Damn it!” barely noticeable to the crowd. But after a small period of complaining, he finally comes up with a plan.


Getting up, he proceeds to stomp away at the left arm and shoulder of Dante, the Assassin screaming unusually loud.


JS – Oh that’s noble of you! Stomp away at the man’s injury.


PH- This isn’t about nobility Joey. It’s about the World Title.

Finally, after stomping out Dante’s arm, The CEO drops down and jerks the injured appendage into a high angle fujiwara armbar, turning the wrist and sliding far up Dante’s back! The Assassin moans and yells loudly!


JS- He couldn’t beat him in an unbiased fight, so now he’s resorting to scavenger tactics.


Brett Banner, who has been quiet for some time observing the match with arched brows and a steel gaze now talks again.


BB- It’s perfectly fair.


JS- What?


BB- Perfectly fair. If Dante felt as if he couldn’t compete tonight, then he shouldn’t be in the ring. If his heart and pride did not let him surrender, as I knew it wouldn’t, then he knew full well the risks. It is Dante’s fault and no one else’s. Howell has no job to protect the man. And if I were Dante, I would have knowingly accepted the risks too.


The Eternal Opportunist lashes out in pain, trying to crawl to the rope…Howell persists in the opposite direction. It’s a battle of push and pull!


JS- Come on Dante!!


…but it is Twiggie who saves him! Knowing that Dante’s arm is injured, Twiggie wants no such armbars to take place. Running over, he drives his elbow into the heart of the CEO and breaks the submission.


With an opening, The dirty hippie picks up Michael Howell III and goes to work. He delivers a series of quick chops to the chest.










Howell’s flesh bubbles and swells. After the burning chops, Twiggie does a hard Irish whip, launching Michael away. As the CEO sprints back from the ropes, Twiggie leaps into the hair and does a massive dropkick, nailing the Billion Dollar Madman in the forehead.


JS- I don’t understand how he can be that athletic when he lazes around all day.


Not wasting a second, Twiggie puts himself under Howell’s arm in a suplex position without even picking him up off of the mat, and drags him to his feet. The Peta Crusader hooks the the CEO’s leg, lifts him over his head in Fisherman Suplex position….and stalls.


PH- Look at the surprising power of the Dirty Hippie!

After displaying his power, Twiggie comes down in a fisherman brainbuster, driving Howell into the canvas.


JS- Damn what a move! Can you imagine him as champion?


PH- I don’t think I want to.


Still pumped, Twiggie grabs the head of the arrogant rich man, and tosses him over the third rope, forcibly vacating him from the ring.


JS- Two men in the ring! This is someone’s chance…


Turning around Twiggie now focuses on the former number one contender. He delivers a combo of right hands and gut kicks; Dante still nursing his arm from Howell’s high angle armbar. Rearing back his dirty hand Twiggie goes for a roundhouse and knocks Dante down. He rolls forward and…


JS Geluah Papyrus! He may have him here!














Twiggie is getting a bit frustrated. Picking up Dante once more, he whips him hard into the ropes. On the return trip, The hippie sends out a superkick…but Dante ducks! Getting around and behind, The Assassin lunges forward…


…but Twiggie is ready again! Delivering a kick to the breadbasket, Twiggie attempts to lift Dante into the familiar body-slam style position from a handle…


JS- He’s gonna try and go for the Twiggaludo Frosion!!


PH- Dante is fighting it!!


Twiggie tries to lift the Assassin upward but the latter refuses to comply. He finally manages to cajole Dante into the move!!.....but Dante puts his bodyweight down and goes out the backdoor onto his feet!!


Grabbing the bent Twiggie around the neck he drops him in a sudden Death-Drop DDT!!!


JS- What a counter, what a counter!!


Dante swiftly springs up and calls to the crowd. Then he sprits to the turnbuckle and ascends the top rope…


JS- He’s calling for it! He’s calling for the Killshot!


PH – If he nails this then it’s all over!!


Dante steadies himself on the top rope and raises his hand to enormous cheers!


JS- Here it comes!!


Dante leaps up into the Shooting Star and…NO!! Twiggie rolls over and scampers far to the opposite turnbuckle!! As he looks up, he stares at Dante with frightened eyes, realizing that he almost lost! Dante is caressing his knee in pain, but still keeping his eyes on his opponent.


JS- He knows that it was almost the end! He knows that Dante almost put him away. How many more chances will there be!?


With Dante on his knees, Twiggie tries to reverse his fortunes. He quickly stands from his kneeing position and charges the kneeling Dante. With Dante still on his knees, Twiggie runs and leaps into the air, nailing a botched kneeling Shining Wizard; a shining black!


JS- What shot! He almost decapitated him!!


Twiggie quickly goes for the pin!















PH- I can’t believe it!


JS- Neither can he.


Twiggie tugs at his dreadlocks angrily and gets up…but what about Michael Howell!!? The minute that the Colorado Troubador gets up and turns, he sees Michael standing on the apron!


The Billion Dollar Madman leaps and rotates in midair! As he lands he grabs Twiggie in a midair chancery without stopping the rotation and plants him headfirst into Dante’s stomach with a DDT! A 720 degree rotation DDT!!!!!!!!!


JS- Oh my god!! Did you see the spin on that!


PH- He got some hang-time there! And what a plant with Twiggie going down headfirst onto Dante! I’m telling you Joey, he is the one man Corporate Takeover.


JS- Well he is with Niles…


PH- Niles hasn’t moved a muscle.


Indeed the beefy butler has been standing unnoticed all of this time, standing ramrod straight and barely blinking.


JS- Well hopefully there will be no dirty tricks from that man.


Howell goes for the cover after the 720 on both Dante and Twiggie (they are laying on top of each other)!













Both men power out of the pin!


JS- He bit off more than he could chew. He should have covered one man. A rookie mistake. He went for a flashy pin.


PH- Oh, whatever. He’s just that damn good.

Howell stretches out his arms to the sky in desperation, asking some invisible god ,” Why didn’t I win just now!!?”


But he is forced to press on. His target of choice is Twiggie. He picks him up and pounds away and whips him into the corner. Upon arrival, he delivers a series of brutal punches and kicks to the dirty hippie.


JS- Stiff shots from…hey what’s Niles doing!!!???


The brutish manservant has gotten up on the apron near the opposite turnbuckle. Howell begins to do an illegal choke with his boot, distracting the ref. As the official is preoccupied, Niles begins calmly untying the turnbuckle.


JS- He’s removing the protection and exposing the steel!


As if somehow sensing the job is done, Howell releases the choke just as Niles removes the padding and takes it into his jacket, hiding the evidence.


Howell takes Twiggie and whips him into the opposite and exposed corner…but Twiggie sees it mid-run!! He grabs the ropes with both hands and steadies himself just before he hits the corner. Seeing that his plan has failed, Howell charges…but Twiggie raises himself up and slingshots himself over the oncoming CEO, who is running at full speed toward the steel!!


…but Michael sees it too! He stops himself just like Twiggie; he grabs the 3rd ropes!! Now Twiggie charges…but now it is Michael who slingshots!!! Upon landing he grabs Twiggie around the waist and, jockeying for position to the outside, does a German suplex-like toss to the outside of the ring…Twiggie lands on the cold cement!


JS- He tossed him out…now’s his chance!!


…but Dante is well rested!!! He launches a quick lariat at Howell, that sends him reeling and tangles him up in the ropes!! As Howell leans back, Dante grabs him around the waist and turns him totally upside down; the CEO’s head close to Dante’s knees! He swiftly drops him into a brutal tombstone!!


JS- He nailed him!


BB- hmm…


Dante lifts his finger in a gun-shape toward the crowd! He lifts The CEO and kicks him in the gut, bending him over!!


JS- The Bottoms Up!! He’s going to end it here and now!!


The crowd erupts in anticipating cheers!!! As Howell bends over Dante leaps forward into his deadly finisher!!!!.........


………………..and is denied?!! Howell steps out from under the leg and pushes Dante just and the Assassin was going in mid-air!! Dante flies to the side from the push…and his arm collides with the exposed turnbuckle!!!!!


JS- Dammit!! He pushed his arm into the steel!!


As Dante staggers back (in much difficulty since his arm hurts) Michael grins maliciously…


First, the CEO crosses his opponent's arm ( his weakened arm) in front of their chest and picks them up in a torture rack position. Michael Howell III then drops Dante in front of him and sits down, sending his opponent head-first into the mat (while still holding the arm the whole time!!!)


JS – What the hell? He almost yanked Dante’s arm out of its socket with that move??!


PH- You’ve heard of the 10 Karat Slam, well now you’ve got the 10 Karat Driver!!


Michael hooks the leg!!










JS- not like this!










JS- Dammit, he stole it!! He took advantage of his arm with the turnbuckle and that …brutal move!


PH – Say what you want. The fact is, Michael is unbeaten. And he is the winner of this rodeo.


Michael grins maliciously and goes over to the 3rd rope, staring at Banner. “Gun In Hand” by Stutterfly blasts onto the speaker. Howell leans over the 3rd rope and points at Banner yelling something like “You’re next Banner! You’re next!”


Banner solemnly stands up and stares Howell down…


JS- Well Michael Howell may have won tonight, but you the fans will make the ultimate decision. The Road To Zero Tolerance is almost complete! Who will win the voting for the world title? What is the future of the self-proclaimed New Blood? Who will be the new tag team champions?! Tune in for the answers next time! This is Joey Styles and Paul Heyman! Good night!


*Cut to Xtreme TV ending music*

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