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Favourite Video Game Music?


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I just downloaded the Outrun themes and now have the classic "Magical Sun Shower" as the ringtone on my phone which prompts this topic: What are your favourite video game themes?


Obviously I love the Outrun tunes - people of a certain age will hum along with these automatically if you play the tunes to them.


Pretty much any Mario theme tune is guaranteed to be immediately memorised and loved.


The music for the first Castlevania game on the SNES had some truly awesome moments.


The Zelda themes also get a special mention. I was surprised to find that the same main themes have been used since the NES days.


Over to you lot.

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Final Fantasy has always had great music as have MGS, the theme on the long ladder in Snake Eater is beautiful and GTA's radio stations deserve a mention too especially the earlier ones with no licenced music and the chat radio stations. I don't know weather I love or llothe licensed music in games, if a good selection is made that fits the game then it can be good for instance in True Crime: New York City but on the other hand alot of the tuner racing games have a real mixed bag of great music and really awful stuff that you have never heard of for a good reason. Also Tony Hawks games have good music, T.H.U.G 2 was the best of them IMO.
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