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TWOStars Xtreme TV 43 - December 15th


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So the card for Zero Tolerance is done. We've got one more full show and a three day special next week to lead into the PPV left.


XTV 42 - December 1st

Hallum FM Arena, Sheffield, England



Arkham & Michael Cole vs Chris Eagles & Ted Dibiase - Mr Fill writing



The Lonely Avenger vs Black Dragon - CVD writing



Evil Gringo vs Drake Rush - Drake writing



Shane Cross vs Jimmy Redman - Spiral Tap writing



Zero Tolerance Voting Rodeo

Michael Howell III vs Twiggieplex vs Dante Mueller - Edgemaster writing


If you can take a match please let me know so that I can send the booking out





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There's no way Twiggie would allow... let alone participate in a rodeo. I've already organised the late night infiltration and animal release. Yes we are prepared to loose a few activists due to trampling.


Edgemaster, don't hold back now... this should be an all-out, balls-to-the-wall, each member giving it everything they've got, match-up.

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