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TNA Genesis Early Buyrate Numbers (not good)

Dead Crow

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The preliminary pay-per-view buy numbers for the 11/13 Genesis show is about 15' date='000 buys. The show featured the debut of Christian Cage, but was also the day that Eddy Guerrero passed away.[/quote']

From what I've read, that's around 20,000 lower than Bound For Glory.


This is why TNA should actually advertise who is appearing. They don't seem to grasp that big announcements don't draw. Christian could have drawn far more numbers if anyone knew he was there, bar the internet base.

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Its of course bad for TNA, as Dra said, BFG was supposedly to have gotten 35,000 buys , so this is 20,000 buys less.


It could be said that many fans didn't buy the show because of the death of Eddie, but I'm really not sure of that.


Also, November had a total of 3 PPV's in one month for wrestling fans, 2 WWE shows, and this TNA show, so for casual fans this would be a lot of money to fork out.


But, then again, TNA had weeks of Spike TV programming leading up to this PPV, as well as a first ever prime time TV special , so I really thought this show would have got a good number.


Its dissapointing for TNA, because generally the TNA PPV's overall are much better than WWE PPV's, hopefully things will pick up.

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There are a number of factors for why this happened, but it's still bad news. There was only 3 weeks in between BFG and Genesis, the previous show was a bit of a stinker and there were a few PPVs in November, so something had to give. The fact that they've broken the 1 million viewers mark and are only getting 1% of their fanbase buying their PPVs is also slightly worrying.


It's not all doom and gloom though. These numbers aren't much different to what the company was experiencing during the FSN deal, so they've still got that core base of fans who'll buy just about any show. It also once again helps to get across the point that Jeff Jarrett isn't a draw and shouldn't be holding the NWA title.


TNA are still a relativly new product for a lot of wrestling fans, they're earning so much more from advertising on Spike and PPVs buyrates aren't the lifeblood of their business which keeps them afloat. It's not the end of the world for TNA, some good may even come of it if it helps establish that Jeff Jarrett isn't a draw.

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