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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter #128 - The Future of Raw is in whose hands


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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter

Issue 128 – 11th December 2005



Darkstar's Goodbye


Well........its been a rollercoaster for me doing the Newsletter, the weekly panic as I realise I left it until sunday to actually start the thing, then realising I finished it with at least 4 hours before Kam added his bits!


Its kind of sad for me to be handing the newsletter over, even to someone I trust as much as I do Christof. I felt good doing something for the site like this, but towards the end I was starting to run out of ideas and the newsletter was starting to become stale. So even though I was enjoying it still I knew it was time for a new editor. I know Christof and his team will be able to produce far better than what I did, and I wish you guys the best of luck with it.


I will be staying on to do the TWOStars update, and now I have more time for it I will be adding more links to profiles as well as to my segment or match of the week (this week its Chris Eagles AKA TGO being outsmarted by a glove puppet).


Well, see you on the forums guys. :)


Christof's Hello


Hello Everybody,


The exits are at the back, over the wings and at the front, oxygen supplies are located above you and you life jacket, should you require one can be found underneath your seat. Now we’ve got that out of the way I’d like to welcome you to the Talk Wrestling Online newsletter. It’s my first time so as you’d expect, I’m a little nervous, avoiding eye contact and staring at my shoes.


That said, I’m hoping that myself and our new Sub-Editor Moobs can give you guys a great community newsletter that follows on from the work of Darkstar, Chris2K and Pabster to name but a few.


We’ve introduced a new column this week, a non wrestling rival to the already established Main Event. The probe as you may notice is gone; DraVen has acquired the rights to it and will be unleashing it on TWO without the UN agreed three minute warning. It will however be replaced, more on this next week. This week in wrestling has been given an overhaul as well, the idea being to give it more of a community feel.


And last but not least, no more heel of the week.


Will all that aside I think I’ve rambled on for long enough, so all that is left to do is cut the tape and declare this newsletter officially open.



Newsletter Editor



Talk Wrestling Online Subscribers



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Plugs for this week



Talk Wrestling Online Community Awards 2005 - voting

Talk Wrestling Online & Wrestling 101s WWE/TNA 2005 Awards


Total Extreme Wrestling 2005 competition


Video Games quiz with prize



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Join us on Sunday 18th December from 8pm UK time for the Armageddon PPV Quiz and Chat in the TWO Chatroom.


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Anyone can take part in the quiz, you do not need to register, just turn up in the Quiz Room at 8pm (UK Time).


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Talk Wrestling Online Member of the Week

Village Idiot Award




Wyndorf – Capping of a Community Nomination by keeping the Champagne Room alive with his own brand of humour



Well we have a tie this week for the inaugural Idiocy award;

Rey Mysterio – Without the sarcasm tags could you really tell if this was being serious or not?

Thepowerisback – WWE Top 25, a Trojan horse of spam. Add that to general attitude to the moderation team and we have a winner



Forum Threads of the Week




Dan's - TNA Turning Point: What's the "major event!" – Good response to the up and coming US promotion



Kam’s – Community Awards 2005 – Voting Begins - Nothing like the annual poll to spark a flurry of "Why haven't I / Congratulation's posts



The week that was....

.... The week that is



The week that was...



Back at mine a 4 on 4 singstar battle erupted, Team BITCH (myself, AC, Gemma and Walshy) decimated Team Accents (Vikki, Alan, Brett and Fletch).


Darkstar reveals the reason for leaving the editorial is to take up a career in singing



Community Awards Voting starts descending the forums into the usual;


My forum is better than yours – Colin

Boo hoo I did not get nominated – 2 hottie

I can’t believe I’m actually nominated for something - Mr Perfect



Mae is now making Oral sex gestures, I’m blind and the gay bailiff is called as a witness, highly irregular. Masters is disqualified for generating no heat. And for using his gimmick name...


Dave7g sums up RAW, the flagship WWE show now trying to become a sitcom



Name a movie and the following poster needs to post a film in which someone from the movie named above was also in.


Wyndorf dispels the myth that the Champagne Room is full of spammy games



Tajiri San Released


Nah I think he just changed his name to anime otaku


Phizzle discovers comic gold



Yeah, it sounds alright to me. We could at least try it. See what the public think. Add a poll to this and see.


Rey Mysterio instantly proves why Sarcasm tags wouldn’t work



Yay we're all going to Beirut next year!!!

Seriously though I wouldn't mind attending one at some point


Anime Otaku jumps at the chance to escape Scotland for safer ground


The Week that is....



1997 - Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Shawn Michaels for the WWF European Heavyweight title


TWO wishes happy birthday to Pabster



1990 - Larry Zbyszko stripped of the AWA Heavyweight title - last AWA Champion

1999 - Chris Jericho defeated Chyna for the WWF Intercontinental title


Four members celebrate their birthday; Ed_666 (31), Marc_Colley (30), Richboy (26), hardy4life (16)



2000 - Scott Hall arrested for allegedly kicking the door of a taxi in Florida

1998 - Rob Van Dam & Sabu defeated the Dudley Boys for the ECW Tag title


Slim Jim and The Stately get a year older



1992 - Jerry Lawler defeated Koko B. Ware for the USWA Unified Heavyweight title

2003 - Triple H defeated Bill Goldberg for the WWE Raw World Heavyweight Championship


Shelton celebrates his 20th birthday



2000 - The Dudley Boyz and Tazz do a one-time return appearance for ECW to help the struggling company



1983 - Mike Rotondo defeated Greg Valentine in a tournament final for the Florida State Heavyweight title

1990 - Lex Luger defeated Stan Hansen for the NWA U.S. Heavyweight title



1999 - Masato Tanaka defeated Mike Awesome for the ECW World Heavyweight title

2000 - Kevin Nash & Diamond Dallas Page defeated Chuck Palumbo & Sean Stasiak for the vacant WCW Tag Team title



Member Spotlight







WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Big meaning large. Craig being my name.


FIRST THING YOU POSTED ON THE FORUM: Something spammified in the Ask Chris2K! thread.






CURRENT FAVOURITE WRESTLER, AND WHY? Batista. I don't really know why, and I think that's part of the endearment for me.


CURRENT MOST HATED WRESTLER, AND WHY? Sharmell. I don't really hate that many, but when she comes on I want to turn my TV. (Of course, I never do)


FAVOURITE WWE BRAND: Smackdown, hands down.


FAVOURITE INDY FED (IF ANY): TNA and who could forget, Live Action Wrestling?


NEXT BIG STAR: Mr Kennedy...Kennedy






FAVOURITE MATCH: Recently, I'd have to say Batista/Eddie at No Mercy. 2 of my favourite wrestlers facing off. Probably ever would have to be Eddie/Lesnar at No Way Out 2004.


FAVOURITE THEME MUSIC EVER: King of My World by Saliva or Just Look at Me for Rob Conway






WHAT WAS THE FIRST WRESTLING SHOW YOU REMEMBER: WrestleMania X-7 was the first show that I ever saw. What a way to start, eh?




FAVOURITE FINISHER: Crippler Crossface


FAVOURITE CHANT: Holy Sh*t always adds to the atmosphere of a big move for me.




FAVOURITE DIVA / WOMEN'S WRESTLER: Diva, Maria. Wrestler, Trish Stratus.


WHAT'S YOUR DESKTOP WALLPAPER: A shopping cart sitting over a fire with a frying pan full of eggs sitting in the middle of it with toast leaning on the cart stuck on a stick. Yes.


WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE SNACK: Burgers. I'm American, dang it!


OUTSIDE OF TWO, WHAT DO YOU ACTUALLY DO? Other than go to school, not much.



Remember to have your own opinions on here, and don't just follow along with everyone else to fit in. Oh, and visit this site.



Community Poll




This week's Community Poll asked the question, What do you make of the Xbox 360? We're lookign for your votes and your opinions, the best of which will be published next week.


TWO Community Newsletter Poll: X-Box 360.




TWOStars Update

- By Darkstar



In full results from Xtreme TV 41:


The show opens with the TWOStars owner Darkstar announcing the suspension of 'The Future' Barry Gower and that former announcer Taz has joined the owners stable: The Future.


After a short break, the NEW TWOStars Heavyweight Champion Brett Banner cuts a promo on his championship win from TWOStars Survivor Series.


Before the first match there are promos from Twiggie, Shane Cross, the new Television Champion Chris Eagles and The Dark Alliance challange for the Tag Belts at Zero Tolerance.


In a personal favorite segment of mine, Chris Eagles is outsmarted by a glove puppet.....................


In a triple threat match the Lonely Avenger pins Black dragon following a Punisher (Tombstone Piledriver). The third wrestler was Keith Jaxx.



After a short promo from Dante, Evil Gringo comes to blows with Deadman.


Micheal Howell the Third pins jobber Christof after a side slam.


Tag Team Champions The Judge and Jimmy Redman beat The Dark Alliance when Redman uses the ropes to pin Boyo.


Twiggie beats Evil Gringo when 'The Mexican Sensation' is distracted by Deadmans music.


In the Main Event Brett Banner successfully defends the TWOStars Heavyweight Championship against Dante after 'The assassin' taps out to The Gammalock (double leg lock + armbar submission hold: VERY painful....Ive been in it).


Please feel free to sign up to the TWOStars Training Forums and join the fun.



Shopping Navigator



Shopping online in the UK? Check out

Shopping Navigator!


With over 100 online UK stores listed and forums with special offers and discount voucher codes, don’t shop without visiting here first!





Wrestling 101 Info Centre



Latest Wrestling 101 Articles:



- Making an ‘iMPACT!’ #7


- ST: Why?


- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly #3


- The must have Wrestling related presents this Christmas


- Jake The Snake Roberts: Pick Your Poison DVD Review




The Mid Card

Anime Okatu



Tis the season to be broke?


With news of a 162 year old Christmas card, originally sold for 5 pence being sold for just short of £8500 and X-box 360 selling out in the first day after release with no new consoles expected to be available until after the new year it begs the question.


Is Christmas becoming too expensive?


Every year there is the next big fad toy, this year it was obviously Microsoft's Next Gen console, previously Pikachu and his 249 other pokemon pals were the must have, I remember Transformers being huge when I was about 10... god that was a long time ago.


The thing they have in common is that they had a huge demand, sold out completely in most places and were all very expensive. Xbox 360 comes in at either £210 or £280 dependant on the version and that’s before you spend near £50 to actually get a game to play on the thing.


Pokemon was similar, the cartridges cost about £30 but you needed to get two slightly different versions to unlock all the pokemon plus £80 for a GBA if you didn't have one, then they had the spin offs like the card game, strategy guides and of course. Like Transformers, the TV series and movies which were released in the Cinemas and then onto DVD's. Whoever came up with Pokemon has made themselves a hell of a lot of money. Kids pester their parents into handing over large amounts of money for something that may only last a few months, which is when you bring out the new game/ toy/ movie.


Transformers followed more or less the same path in the 80's and actually is still going today with a new TV series, bigger and better versions of the original Autobots and Deceptions along with new characters. Of course to go along with this there is a Playstation 2 game which is regarded as average at best but obviously did well with the series having many young fans and new bigger and supposedly better toys of the characters, I bet the little missiles still get lost easily though.

The quest for your Christmas money has slowly been pushed forward year upon year. The sad thing is that as long as parents keep falling for it companies will keep doing it until we might be in the situation where Christmas gifts are being advertised in January.


The off shoot of that is that as a nation we have extremely high debt in the UK, as of June 2005 total UK debt is over £1.1 Trillion. Just sit for a moment and look at that number, that’s 1,1 TRILLION pounds of debt in the UK alone, sunk in yet? The total consumer lending debt totalled 191.4 Billion in October 2005 and the total debt is going up by one million pounds every four minutes. With the rest being in Mortgages.


Unfortunately as long as we allow pester power and advertisers to sell to us their hugely priced products, then little will really change until we can find away to ignore the constant bombardment of adverts coming at us from everywhere. A start may be to not allow young kids to have TV's in their bedrooms. Indeed there are arguments for doing this about all sorts of things like combating obesity and helping literacy by encouraging children to pick up a book or play outdoors instead of a grabbing a Gameboy.

Of course the problem with that is that many parents are afraid to let their kids go outside to play lest they become the next Jamie Bulger or are simply content to let their kids sit in front of the Television or a console and let it baby-sit instead of actually interacting with their kids and discussing what is going on in their lives or current affairs. Really it’s not all that shocking that so many young people think that Adolf Hitler is a fictional character but it is highly worrying.

In closing things simply have to change in this country or we will all be in major trouble if we aren't already in deep now. We could start by simply learning to say NO to our kids and to adverts. Not only could this help lower our debt but could also have a knock on effect of lowering obesity figures if we got kids playing outside instead of in front of a screen.


Food for thought.




The Main Event

Stephen Ashfield



The Future of Raw is in whose hands?


So finally it's goodbye to Eric Bishcoff and not a minute too soon in my opinion. While the GM job at Smackdown has been a bit of a revolving door-let's call it the equivalent of managing Southampton FC - there's only ever been one GM of Raw since the job was created and it's just gone totally stale over the past few months. Endless repetition of Cena v Bischoff with virtually every Cena match being interrupted in a predictable fashion. Now it's time for a new voice for Raw, a new person to take over the reins but who should it be? Let's look at the candidates.


Dusty Rhodes


I mention him first as it looks as if he's the guy actually taking over the job if the rumours are to be believed. This is definitely the wrong choice believe me. He didn't exactly do a great deal for TNA and as for WCW well it doesn't bode well for the future of Raw. I imagine he'd be a face and the nightmare scenario is a possible match with Ric Flair somewhere down a road, lets hope it's a dark alley so no one can see this potential monstrosity.


What does Rhodes actually have to offer Raw? His only appearance on the show since returning to WWE was at Homecoming and that went ok. Do fans from the new generation actually know who this guy is? Probably not, if he is appointed it might be an idea to show highlights from his career but the appearance of him in polka dots and with Sapphire would really destroy his credibility. His voice doesn't help either, believe me he'll be a figure of fun in weeks but it'll help his son Goldust I suppose.


Shane McMahon


I still don't think he wants to be on TV all the time so I doubt he'll be the new GM even thought that's how the storyline has progressed. He'd be a good GM I suppose but would it just end up with him falling out with the rest of the McMahon clan? He can wrestle too which is an advantage.


Stephanie McMahon


I'd actually go for her to be GM. Fans hate her so that's a start, oh and a fair few even fancy her despite the weight she's put on and the ridiculous Jordan like boob job. Her meeting with HHH this week on Raw was fascinating, could they get back together again? How about Steph being GM, making Triple H's life a misery but gradually falling for him again and just waiting for the reconcilliation. That could be interesting and she's had some decent segments with Cena as well.


The Coach


A possibility but would just be a continuation of the Bischoff era. He's hated, that's for sure and it'd get him away from the announcing table but I just don't see it happening.


Paul Heyman


He'd be a good choice but he's best off in OVW at the moment.


Who else is there to consider? Some people have suggested Kennedy but he's on Smackdown so forget that. Austin has already had his chance at the job, so has Foley. I'd go for Stephanie but it looks like Dusty, heaven help us!



Final Thoughts



I hope you enjoyed the first Newsletter of the Christof-Moobs era. It was great fun to put together and I look forward to your feedback.

Thanks for reading!



Newsletter Editor





With thanks to our contributors for this issue:


Edited by Christof
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Ok so other than DS and Taj complimenting their own work and Colin bemoaning the fact that the probe has been removed is there any proper feedback?


Who said I was bemoaning that? I just like that the new policy and stance you took, the reason why you took out the probe, it still there as a constant, under an award title that Kam decided was too insulting for the TWO Community Awards, yet you still use?


Ah, I think this had to be the quickest ever turnover where the policies go to hell straight away.

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Ok, first of all i'd just like to give Christof and his team a big thumbs up on they're first newsletter. I sure hope you don't let the standard drop allowing people to take pot shots at each other as that would be bad and nasty. Edited by DraVen
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......................................... ?????








I like the Mid-Card. Good in theory, good on paper, good in the newsletter.








I will say this: I miss the probe.

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