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TWO/W101 Wrestling Awards 2005


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The TalkWrestlingOnline.com and Wrestling101.com Wrestling Awards 2005


The awards are up, and you can vote for your favourite and least favourite from the world of wrestling in 2005.


Some awards debuting this year:


Best Newcomer

Best Feud


Also, TWO/W101 are opening up a Wrestling Hall of Fame. Five people will be inducted into it this year, and you can nominate five people who you believe to have influenced the world of wrestling the most. Please remember, your favourite wrestlers may not neccesarily be the ones who have influenced wrestling the most.




The results will be tallied and announced in January 2006.

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Good choices for Match of the Year, but I couldn't vote for what I really thought was match of the year, as it wasn't an option.


Why wasn't Ric Flair vs Triple H, Taboo Tuesday 2005, a choice?


Everything else seems to be ok, except for the fueds, as I would have picked Eddie/Rey.

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