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WWE News for Friday, December 9, 2005


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- Lawerence "Lex Luger" Pfohl has been arrested yet again. Marcus "Buff" Bagwell, Scott "Steiner" Rechsteiner, and Pfohl apparently caused a disturbance on an airplane on their way to a wrestling show. Scott & Marcus were allowed to enter into the country (detained in Minneapolis, MN on their way to Winnepeg, Canada) after being detained for somewhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours. Pfohl (who has a court date on the 22'nd for 2 felonies, a drug charge in Georgia & a fugitive from justice charge stemming from the felony in Georgia) is being held w/out bail. Pfohl was taken into custody in Minneapolis for outstanding warrants, allegedelly.


- Matt Hardy & Ashley Massaro got into their first heated argument after Matt got into a car w/ ex-girlfriend Lita. Ashley was upset, but Matt assured her that nothing was wrong. Since the very public scandal between Edge, Matt, & Lita, Matt & Lita have apparently become good friends (again).


-Kristal's profile has been added to WWE.com's SmackDown! superstars page.



That's all the news for now, there is some more news, but I am having "technical difficulties" so if I can, I will include it in tomorrow's edition.

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I can see two ways for this working:

1) A "News" thread, which is only just the news items and a few comments.

2) A thread for each item for people to discuss things.


But there are a couple of issues with the way you post them - you MUST quote a source, otherwise it's not "news" it's rumours, and always put your news in the Quote tag.

The other is not to post news that's already been posted - otherwise it's just spam and your threads will get closed.

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its not my place to say but i like what this guy is doing i for 1 dont want to scan through pages and pages of a thread to find the latest news. i have dialup and cant get on to the WWE site without having to wait for 15 minutes for everything to load..


I feel ya, man. I have the exact same problem.


Ok, starting for Saturday's news, I'll just start a new topic called 'WWE News' and just add to it daily. Sound good?

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