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Favourite film character ever?


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Im hoping against hope this hasnt been done recently, theres so much to look back through!!!! But what is every body's favourite film character, in fact i'll make it a top 5, cos theres so many, pick those that stick out in you mind, no matter how many times you see the film?


mine are:


1. David - The Lost Boys

2. Tony Montana - Scarface

3. Snake Plissken - Escape from New York

4. The Terminator - The Terminator (funnily enough!)

5. El Mariachi - Desperado.



any others?

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Vader is one of the best movie villians ever created. I also like tony Montana as well. Well acted in it Also i liked Riddick as well he has been a moden day anit hero (in the same light has the Termintor).


Currently i loving T.J from the second Resident evil film, even though he is comical relielf he has some of the memorable qoutes. Also i really like Howard Saint in the punisher because if you think about it he is a tradgic charcter in the vain of Mcbeth. And who can forget Castor Troy from face off!

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Vader is great because he's so much more than just a villain. Nobody doubts just what a badass he is, but there was always something else there.....thats what defines a great character be it good or evil, when they're more than one dimensional, i for example find Emperor Palpatine to be incredibly tedious, due to his pantomine "bwah ha ha" take over the world/universe, nature.


Honourable mentions to Han Solo, and Indiana Jones as well.

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