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Gaming achievements?


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By this, i mean whats the hi-score you're most proud of, or the game that gave you most pleasure completing? Did you own an arcade? did you complete a game no one else could (Game Over anyone? Ninja Gaiden?) or did you spend 100+hrs on an rpg?


My own 3 personal favourites are as follows@


1. Completing Final Fantasy 7 with Knights of the round, Gold Chocobos, Supernova, Omnislash and with 234 hrs on the clock!


2. Completing Ninja Gaiden Black! Man, that was just SICK!


3. Finding the Alternate Ending at Panzer Dragoon Saga, one of the finest but most underrated (and underplayed) games ever made, honestly, this SHOULD be remade!


Any others?

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Completing Legend of Zelda - A Link To The Past in under a day...


Completing The Legend Of Zelda 2 on the NES.... An imported limited edition Japanese Gold cart version that is... in Japanese! Aged 7....


Doing the hard route on Starwing on the SNES... that was a bugger to do, espiecally the final tele-kenitic boss...


And just out of personal satisfaction...


My mate had the original Res Evil on the PSone and was stuck. I had never played it at all but figured out his problem in five seconds... He had the books but didn't open them for the medals that opened the secret gate through the fountain...


I then went and killed the Tyrant for him armed only with 7 shotgun shell, the normal pistol with little ammo and a knife...


Oh how I laughed at him.


Oh plus I'm still unbeaten at MK Trilogy...

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Right, I'll do it in the same style as yours. The top three then are;


(a) A Pro Evolution Soccer 3 game. Argentina (me) 7-0 Brazil (5* CPU). The best that I've ever played at any football game, never mind PES3. Not only did I completely thrash them 7-0 on the hardest difficulty, but I hit the bar three times and was unlucky not to score more. Every attack resulted in a chance and my defending was brilliant too. I gave up playing it after that game as I knew that I was never going to play better.


(b) Completing GTA III. I spent months on that game and two weeks on the last couple of missions. Of course, most of the time I played it I was messing about with the tanks and randomly shooting people but completing it was genuinely challenging and there was a sense of achievement when I did it.


© Completing Final Fantasy X with ridiculously undertrained characters. To be fair, it was my first FF game and I didn't understand the importance of random battles. So, there I was at the last battle with characters that had 3000 HP while Braska's Final Aeon (the final boss) had attacks that hit all characters for 5000 HP. Crap. However, through skilful use of aeons I somehow managed to win and left me feeling all proud of myself.


The best moment will be when I finally complete Final Fantasy IX, simply because of the fact that I've been trying to complete it for four years. The first time, I hadn't learned the lesson from FFX and had under-trained characters. I managed to get to the final battle but Necron (the final boss) destroyed me. The second time, I had well-trained characters and got to the final disc (there's four discs) but my brother overwrote the save. (Keep in mind that each game is around 40 to 50 hours). The third time, I had amazingly well-trained characters, got to the final disc, defeated all the sub-plots/optional bosses, was getting ready to defeat Necron ... and then my PS2 decided it didn't like PS1 games anymore and now it won't play it. When I get the PS2 fixed (or get the PS3) I'll probably start all over again as I forget most of the plot. So when I complete that, I'll have my greatest gaming achievement.

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I really couldn't be bothered to get 100% completion on San Andres, it's so friggin HUGEEE. I have a life, I can't spend all day playing it.:D


One of my best achievements, well not best but certainly funny. There were like 8 friends of mine playing SD vs RAW at my house. The one who lost the match had to pass the controler simple isn't it. T


he thing is that I wasn't loosing, after playing 1st blood matches for nearly 2 hours nowone could beat me. They were so mad, even though they were my friends, they wanted to beat the living crap out of me in that moment. One even threw the PS2 controller at my face as a sign of frustration.


Obviously I was laughinf my ass out. Ohh and I might add at one match my friend hit me with chairs, sledgehammers, he hit me with everything that there is to hit and I didn't bleed, but then I grabbed a cardboard box and hit him right in the head and he bled so he lost. He couldn't believe it, neither could I.


So that's my funniest achievement on a console game.:D

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Don't know if this counts but I have an on going game on Champ Manager 01/02 (my fave version). My achievement is that I'm still playing it when I'm in season 2040/2041.


It gets quite tricky when you don't actually know any players names any more.


Bit silly but I'm proud that I stuck with it. :xyx

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Jjust remebered one. On a seaside holiday when I were a young'un my brother and I put our ten-pees into a Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles game - the four-player classic version. Well this machine had been monkeyed about with or knocked or something because it just kept on giving us free credits! Two other kids joined us about halfway in and we all played right through to the end.


Not much of an achievement as it would've costs us mega-money to do it properly but it was good fun. :P

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I'm putting off doing some coursework, so I'll list some stuff I've done. This is in no real order, and just coming straight from my head onto the screen, so don't expect any cohesion.


1. Collected 100+ coins on the first level of Super Mario Land for the Gameboy without losing any lives. If anyone wants to try and match that, give it a shot, it's harder than you might think. :)


2. Farnborough, Champions League winners in CM03/04. First time I'd ever taken a team from the Conference all the way to the top of Europe. I still couldn't get more than 8000 fans to a home game though. I've actually accomplished loads in my CM career, but most of the time I'll get fed up with a game and won't play for more than 10 years. The Farnborough one was special because I was building a homegrown team made up of Scottish and English kids, with only a few foreigners. In the end I gave up on the game because I had too many talented players under 18 in my first team, reserves and Under 18's. There was no way I could narrow down 100 or so players into one first team 11 when they were all of similar quality. I ended up with one Champions League and two League titles before I deleted the game though, so it's my greatest CM achievement to date.


3. Completed all of the games in the Super Mario Collection for the SNES. I think that was Mario 1, Mario 2, Mario 3 and a Japanese game called Mario: The Lost Levels. I had too much free time as a kid.


4. I had a really enjoyable game of EWR back in the day when I turned XPW from a loss-making garbage promotion into the biggest pro-wrestling company in the world. Rob Black was very pleased with me. I started off with The Bushwhackers Vs The Rock 'N' Roll Express as my main feud in 2002, and ended up with 100 over Christian Vs 100 over Jericho headlining my biggest show of the year in 2004 making me a fortune and putting me well beyond WWE.


5. Another EWR one, turning AWA around in 1985. From near death to top of the industry within one year. This was one of my most memorable games because WWF fell from 100% Global to National within a year, putting them 3rd behind myself and the NWA. They ended up losing so much money that I was able to buy them out, and took on the best parts of their roster, including a Mr Hogan. Verne would have been pissed.


6. Completed Simpsons: The Arcade Game in an arcade. On my own. Perth Swimming Pool, early nineties, a brave young man stood at that machine for what felt like an age and managed to overcome the odds. In the end, I felt happy, and slightly poorer.


7. Completed Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 in the arcades, both in cinemas. I head read and memorised all of the special moves from magazines, and took on all comers, ending up victorious. Flawless Victory.


8. Kicking ass at Virtual Soccer 2. I was on holiday at Disneyland Paris and met a friend and his family. We arranged one day to go and play each other at Virtual Soccer 2 in the arcade. I was Scotland, he was Brazil. I beat him 2-0, I think, and was pretty happy with it. Then a group of scary looking tall French guys came over and asked to play the winner in broken English. I took on one guy, beat him again. I accepted the challenge of his friend, beat him too. Then I played the last guy, and won once more. I was the king of the world, and unbeaten at a crappy football game. Then I went to eat some nice Mexican food.


9. Completing Silent Scope in an arcade, without the cheat scope. I loved this game, and I've spent far too much money on it over the years. First time I played it I got to the second last level, and no matter how many times I tried I could never beat that. Eventually, I ended up going on a Red Bull binge and having cat like reactions, shot everything in sight with my sniper rifle and completed the game. It was a nice feeling, but my eyes hurt from staring through the scope too long.


10. Completed Mario Kart for the SNES. Anyone who's played Rainbow Road knows how hard it is. Damn, that took me a long time to finish.


11. Completed Zelda: Links Awakening for the Gameboy before the days of walkthroughs. The only help I had was a guide to the first 1% of the game that I saw in a magazine, but they never published anything past the first half hour of gameplay. The level 7 dungeon was just so ridiculously difficult and annoying that it took me years to finish it, considering the only time I played my Gameboy was for the 2-4 weeks a year that I went on holiday. Worth every second though, it's a great game.


12. Comepleted GTA3 with 100%, and finished all the missions in GTA:VC and GTA:SA. I'm bored of GTA games now, they're all too similar. Still, most people don't get through the first set of missions, they prefer to just go on a rampage around town and blow stuff up, so I'll include it as an achievement.


Oooh, that's about all I can think of for now. Time to do this essay.

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Virtua Soccer? You could actually play that? it was the WORST FOOTBALL GAME EVERRR!


Not the worse game ever. I cant remember the game but if i remember rightly it had Peter Shmicheal (Sp) on the front cover and it was poor as well. Same goes for Three lions football as well again on PS1. And who can remember Italia 90 on the mega drive now those was awrfull!

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