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Sonny Siaki Out of TNA


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Gerweck.net has just learned that TNA Wrestler Sonny Siaki has refused a contract renewal with TNA. He has now been confirmed to have left the company. As of this report, Sonny's profile has been removed from tnawrestling.com. Speculation is that Siaki may be heading to the WWE although it has not been confirmed and Sonny could not be reached for comment


Credit: WrasslinBoard.com

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Stone Cold came up through WCW and he's huge' date=' same with HHH & Flair, Big Show & Jericho, Benoit & Guerrero.[/quote']

Firstly, Flair came through the NWA and no, it's not the same thing. Secondly, Flair was in the WWE in 1991/1992. Thirdly, all those guys bar Flair jumped during the feud with WCW. As soon as WWE bought it out, he didn't care. And fourthly, none of them were trained by WCW bar Big Show (but he's 7ft + and Vince jerks off over guys that size). As far as I know, Siaki was.



As for Siaki, I'm glad he's gone. Calling him crap was overrating him.

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Not to mention DDP.


If you go through the Power Plant guys:

The Giant - got a big contract, but hasn't been near the World Title in years.

Goldberg - got made to look like an idiot - I say "broom closet" to you.

Sean O'Haire - had potential with his promos, then got lumbered with Piper.

Shane Helms - Hurricane, anyone?

Mark Jindrak - Reflection of Perfection? Jobber, then fired.

Chris Kanyon - Who bettuh than Kanyon? Kane and Undertaker, that's who. SQUASHED!

Evan Karagias - signed by the WWE, but never got to TV.

Lash LeRoux - another who never got to TV after being hired by WWE.

Ernest Miller - comedy segments in the Rumble.

Shannon Moore - Matt Hardy's side-kick, then a punk?

Diamond Dallas Page - Undertaker's wife's stalker? And then his grinning thing - JOBBER!

Chuck Palumbo - Billy & Chuck - being gay was SO good for his career.

Terra Ryzing - the only person with a REAL push, yes, it's HHH, even though he was trained by Killer Kowalski more than the Power Plant.

Elix Skipper - never made it to WWE TV.

Johnny Stamboli - Johnny The Bull? Remember him? Thought not.

Jimmy Yang - Akio - a sidekick and Cruiser Jobber.



So, out of the Power Plant trainees, only one has had any real kind of a push, and Show can only be counted as a "push" because of his size, he could have done no training and Vince would have still hired him. :P


Goldberg was trained in the Power Plant' date=' he wasnt in WWE long but he was the World Champion within 5 or 6 monthes.[/quote']

He was only World Champ because he was the biggest "name" they had from WCW. Not to mention that HHH "refused" to drop the title to him when he was injured.


Look at the crap they made him go through, and you think that's a push?

Did Scott Steiner and Booker T come through the power plant.

Steiner was working LONG before the Power Plant existed.

Booker T was trained by Scott Casey.

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Interesting, I didn't know Evan, Elix and lash had all been hired by WWE at one point, Elix and Evan had talent, never understood Lash Leroux though and why everyone thought he was good, but that just shows that the WWE have no eye for anyone who's main attribute is Power.
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I think its actually abit of a shame really, he's always seemed a good worker, and was solid enough in the ring. Sonny always seemed capable on the mic, and he did have the superstar look, I could have seen him do well in TNA.
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I am a little disapointed... when i first saw him i thought.. 'TNA's version of the Rock'.. or he could have been.. he can cut a good promo and put on a good match.. he'll probably go to WWe.. hey if you're going to do sweet **** all.. you may as well get more money for it.. you don't believe me?? ask half of the damn premiership :P
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