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VPW School Of Excellence Tryout Weekend In January!

Adam Gard

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VPW School Of Excellence Tryout Weekend In January!


Varsity Pro Wrestling are pleased to announce that we are opening our gates to the public on the weekend of our next show for anybody, male or female, that are hoping to become a professional wrestler at the best training school in the country, VPW's School Of Excellence in Portsmouth!


The head instructor is The UK Kid, graduate of the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy in Texas June 2000, UK Kid turned pro at 16, has over 7 years of experience within the business. This guy has spent most of his time abroad working in the States and only recently begun to spend more time in UK. The UK Kid has taught at ACW in Texas, UPW in California, and also when on site had a helping hand at Dory Funk's Funking Conservatory and also in the UK was former head instructor at RBW Southwest. He had this to say "this weekend will be great for wannabe wrestlers to check out what they will be signing up for! Not only that but our school is the most physically demanding school in UK and not everyone can hack that, so it will be great chance for people to see if they can hang with the VPW School Of Excellence, along with us being very picky on who we accept for full time training."


Training will start on the Friday night at the first VPW show of 2006 at the Horndean Technology College, you will become part of the VPW team, you will learn what goes into a pro wrestling show from the workers to the cameramen, you will have the chance to meet the wrestlers, including talent flown in from America for the show who will be announced at a later date. The next day there will be an intensive three hour training session, this will include cardiovascular, weights and in-ring work. Following the training we will make our way to another show on the Saturday night which will give you even more of a chance to learn about the business.


All in all this will be value for money and a great opportunity for anyone that wants to become a pro wrestler. The cost for this weekend experience is ONLY £30, which includes entry to both shows! This weekend will let you experience not only what its like to be part of VPW's School Of Excellence but what life on the road is like for pro wrestlers.


This is a great opportunity for anyone thinking of become a professional wrestler, don't miss it!


For more information check out the official VPW website, www.varsitypro.com or contact trainer UK Kid by e-mail on office@varsitypro.com

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Upcoming VPW shows:


Thursday January 26th


Venue: The Old Town Hall, Crediton High Street in Crediton

Times: Doors open at 7:30PM - show starts at 8PM

Tickets: £5 for children/OAPs and £8 for adults




"The Worlds Greatest Superstar" Spiro from the USA (pictured below)

VPW Spokesmen The UK Kid

Local stars Chris Andrews and Sam Andrews

And more to be announced




Friday January 27th


Venue: Horndean Technology College, Barton Cross, Horndean

Times: Doors open at 7:30PM - show starts at 8PM

Tickets: £5 for children/OAPs and £8 for adults




Local star and VPW spokesmen The UK Kid (pictured below)

"The Worlds Greatest Superstar" Spiro from the USA

"Filthy" Phil Powers

Sam Andrews

"The South City Thrilla" Hade Vansen

Kris Kay

Aviv Maayan

Chris Andrews

And Eamon O'Neill



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