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TWO Wrestling Survivor: R - Round Nine


Least favourite now?  

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Randy Savage



Ric Flair



Ricky Steamboat



Rob Van Dam



The Rock



Roddy Piper


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Van Dam is easily a worse wrestler than everyone but The Rock and Piper, and that's in his prime. Now, he by far the worst out of that list.


On the mic, every one of the others is better, even Steamboat who is passable.


Van Dam being voted ahead of Rick Rude is a joke.

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Extremely hard choice this one but I went for Ricky Steamboat' date=' for no other reason than refusing to play heel.........ever. Crap reason I know but the others were heel and very good at it.[/quote']


I was alway thought that it wasn't the fact that Steamboat refused to play heel, more the fact that he was so over as a face, promoters didn't want him to play heel as there was just no need for it.




RVD, he's just not in the same league as any of the other guys, in so many different ways.

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