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WWE News for Wednesday, December 7, 2005


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Off the top the following was part of the SD! Spoilers I read:


Also I saw Jeff Hardy after the show. He was walking around the arena with the fans. He looked very weird, he had some kind of gadget hooked on his back and arms making him walk real funny. We thought he was injured, but when posed for pictures with the fans he took it off and was moving along just fine doing weird poses. Then he put the gadget back on and walked to the parking lot. Also, someone who was with him was videotaping the whole thing.


Was this for the Matt Hardy Show??



-Just a note, Roddy Piper will be in the USA Network Original Movie: Three Wise Men, 9/8C tomorrow night on USA.


-"Mr." Ken Kennedy's surgery was successful yesterday, WWE.com currently has an interview up w/ Mr. Kennedy.


-WWE has a plan to bring Jamal back to WWE and reform 3 Minute Warning w/ Rosey, since Gregory Helms has gone a completely different direction.


I'm thrilled about this, I thought 3 Minute Warning rocked.


-Christy Hemme's release was about money issues (obviously), because she won last year's Diva Search she was guaranteed $250,000 for her 1'st year, which is way more than any of the other Divas make. As w/ Jay "Christian" Reso, Johnny Ace offered Christy a very low amount of money, plus apparently, traveling issues were also involved in the decision.



Not much news, but some decent news, nonetheless.

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Just to add to the Jeff Hardy news bit


--While Jeff Hardy was in Columbia, SC where Smackdown was, in the parking lot with some friends signing autographs and shooting something for a DVD, he was not in the WWE dressing room last night. The only wrestler in WWE he briefly saw after the show was Matt.


Credit: WrestlingObserver.

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Why is there now talk of Jeff coming back, he has no desire to return because he didn't enjoy the travelling and he came back to talk to Matt and see some of his old freinds, but I can see why that would create rumours that the Hardy Boyz are now reforming.
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Well no, it's just stupidity, everyone knows Jeff won't come back to WWE and if anything happens, it will be Matt leaving WWE for TNA if we would ever see a reunion. Now people should stick with thinking that even if he does come for 1 show just to see a couple of friends.


Now last year, when Konnan and Sean Waltman came to Judgment Day and asked for jobs, thats a little different and I think that is the situation to start rumours of them coming to the WWE, or at least them wanting to.


But back to the point of the thread, I don't like the thread, this could of been done by different members in different threads to get more discussion about each point, I don't think you should do it again imo.

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