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Do you think the Top 25 should have everyone as individuals(IE: Seperate Kane & Show)  

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  1. 1. Do you think the Top 25 should have everyone as individuals(IE: Seperate Kane & Show)

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OK, I am making MY OWN Top 25 list of WWE Superstars every Saturday. But, after RAW last night, here are the superstars I feel should be on the list, please, tell me if I have omitted anyone or if someone doesn't belong or what number you believe they should be.


Kane & Big Show

Chavo Guerrero



Triple H


Kurt Angle

Shelton Benjamin

Shawn Michaels

John Cena

Vince McMahon

Stephanie McMahon


"Baliff" Chris Masters

Mick Foley

Jonathon Coachman

Lance Cade

Edge & Lita

The Boogeyman

Michael Hayes


I know that alot of these (Foley, Coach, McMahon, Hayes, etc.) will probably be omitted, but hey, just throwin' 'em out there.

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(I'm talking about both TPIB's list and the WWE Power 25 list here.)


Its hard to gauge who should really be on the list and in what order, as I'm unsure as to whether its in kayfabe or not. If it is, then Cena and Batista should top it as the World Champions, followed by the No 1 Contenders, other champions, and such.


On the other hand, if it is non-kayfabed, what is it based on then? Performance? In ring? Out of the ring? Perception of fan reaction? And is there any backstage pull going on with it?


Confused much?

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It's based on RAW & SmackDown! (matches, storylines, appearances, etc.) Speaking of which after reading the SD! spoilers, here are the SD! contributions to the Power 25 list, do the same as w/ RAW, bring up any ommitions or stars that need added.


The Dicks

Paul London & Brian Kendrick

Vito & Nunzio

Scotty 2 Hotty

Matt Hardy


Simon Dean

Rey Mysterio


Orlando Jordan

Jillian Hall

Randy Orton

"Cowboy" Bob Orton



Super Crazy & Psicosis


Kid Kash


Booker T.

Chris Benoit


Josh Matthews


William Regal





And to why Murdoch is missing: He didn't appear on RAW. BTW, in case you didn't notice there's in the ballpark of 45 superstars on this list as of now, we need to lose 20 stars somewhere, if not, I will determine the list.

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