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Yeah, im old and should know better but, any comics fans out there?


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Didnt now where to put this, so mods, feel free to correct me if i've screwed it up, but any comics/graphic novel fans out there? If so, what are you into? Read anything good recently?


I myself am a bit of a graphic novel slut, enjoy X-men, Wolverine, Lady Death, Vampirella and Elektra and Daredevil amongst others. Justice League and Teen Titans (darker than you might imagine) are also faves.


Frank Millers stuff in general is legendary, but not necessarily conducive to easy reading!


Anybody else fans?:thumbsup


EDIT: Please don't mis-spell swear-words to get around the profanity filters.


Fill didn't actually do anything about it, I did :P.



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Cool! Do so darkstar and Banner are fans too? I think im gonna like this site!

I am indeed. I'm a lifelong (well, since I was 4, so that's close enough!) fan of the Hulk, and still read his monthly comic and any half decent limited series or crossovers he's in (he's just been in a great Defenders mini-series, BTW).


The Incredible Hulk and Liberty Meadows (actually anything by Frank Cho is gold - check out his recent Shanna mini-series) are the only comics I always buy , but honourable mention must go to the X-Men (Claremont/Byrne era especially), Wolverine (several great runs), Daredevil (Frank Miller era), Gen 13 (Gary Frank run), Supergirl (David/Frank run), Overkill (sadly missed Marvel UK anthology title), Sandman (plus Violent cases, Mr Punch, etc) and I dip into 2000AD on occasion.

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I still spend roughly £20 a week on comics and *cough* aqquire a few more online... *nudgenudgewinkwink*


Agree with the Liberty Meadows love of Brett - Cho rules all, monkeyboy!


I'm a Bendis nut - if his name's on it, I'll buy it - I have everything he's put out, and still to this day think that Torso is his finest hour, closely followed by Jinx and then the mighty POWERS~~~!


Hate the big company wide crossover events that seem to be the norm these days - and I hate what DC are doing in bumping their continuity forward by a year because of the Infitie Crisis 'event' :(


Fave books ever? Watchmen, Guardian Devil, Dark Knight Returns, Batman Year One, Secret Wars, We3 and many more... I used to write a comic review column over on another site that stopped because I got bored... I may revive that at some point if I get back into it.

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Excellent, theres some proper connoisseurs on here! Funnily enough, as much as i love the X-Men, i really hated the Age of Apocalypse story arc, i hate anything that messes with the continuity of the characters, and X-mens trick was always in building the characters, and showing them hanging out and stuff as well as the action. but then all of a sudden, constant massed battles.......meh!
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White gloves & Tweezers? No, not that obsessive - but I am careful to wash my hands before I read them, then they go in the bag after they've been read.


The Sin City books are excellent - I've got a couple of them in book form and the full set on PC... well worth checking out.

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Do you use white gloves and tweezers to look at them?


Im not taking the piss, im genuinely wondering.

My Watchmen don't come out of the bags - I'm trying to keep them in good condition for their value.


I bought a graphic novel of them to re-read, but it went walk-about when somebody borrowed it years ago.


But the rest, they just get read.

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How much are they worth?

Not as much as they once were - think about his, there are 12 in the series, each cost £1 when I bought them - at the time I looked, at their peak the set was worth several hundred pounds.

What makes a comic worth a lot?

Rarity, condition, "first appearance" of a character, any "gifts" still attached. In some cases, mis-prints are worth a lot too.

Whats the one everyone most wants if they could have it?

A first appearance of Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Flash, any of the "big" characters.


For example, in 2004, a copy of Flash Comics #1 (January 1940), featuring the first appearance of the Flash, was auctioned for $42,000.


Detective Comics #27 features the first appearance of Batman.

Amazing Fantasy #15 features the first appearance of Spider-Man.


The most valuable comic book in the world is probably Action Comics #1 (June 1938), featuring the first appearance of Superman. This issue essentially ushered in the Golden Age of Comic Books and began the superhero comic book industry. Less than 100 copies of Action Comics #1 are known to exist in the entire world, and in 2003, $1 million was offered for a near-mint copy.

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