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Aeon Flux, the movie


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Tonight I decided to go out and see the Aeon Flux movie - I was going to go on the weekend, but time slipped away.


Anyways, enough rambling, here's some thoughts:


Is Charlize good in the role? Very much so, she's almost perfect for the role - I never really liked that Aeon had huge boobies.


Does she wear the S&M outfit from the series? No, she wears a skintight suit most of the time.


Is it the same as the animated series? Hell no, they've made loads of plot changes.


Does Sithandra have hands for feet? Yes, and it looks damn good. :)


Does Peter Chung have much to do with the film? Erm, not really.


Anyways, if you know Aeon Flux the series, then there are loads of changes, so here are some spoilers:


Trevor Goodchild turns out to be a good guy, not the bad guy he is in the series. He has a brother who is the bad guy.


Instead of being at war with another country, they're insurgents (sp?), which makes it more interesting - only a few thousand of people left in the world.


Yes, Aeon gets physical with Trevor, but you find out why later, and it's actually a good reason.


The way they communicate is a really nice idea.


How about some extra spoilers, ones which give away major plot points:


The reason that there are only a few thousand people left, and they're all in this one city is because they're all clones - once somebody dies, somebody is fertilised with the person's DNA - the problem is that they're meant to be infertile.


Aeon was Trevor's wife before 99% of the human race died out, so she has memories of him - I told you it was a good reason.




So, my overall thoughts?


As a fan of Aeon Flux, it takes the season and extends it, giving it more background and a real storyline.


If you know the animated series, this is almost a "must see", if you don't then it's just a good action romp.


As a fan of Aeon Flux, it's not brilliant, it's not horrible, it's just a good extension of the series.

Giving it a rating of 7/10 for fans, maybe 6/10 for non-fans.

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