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TWOstars Xtreme TV 42 - December 8th.


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The following program is a post watershed production, it will contain scenes and storylines not suitable for children and some of the content may also be unacceptable to other viewers. This program may also contain strobe lighting effects.


'Carve me an Edge' by Fake Ideal starts to play as the XTV opening video plays. Images are displayed throughout the NEW title sequence:


Deadman striking the knee of The Incredible Holt

Dante Mueller with the Vampiric Embrace locked in

The formation of S.E.X.

Jimmy Redman and The Judge celebrating their tag title victory

The Black Dragon debuting

Michael Howell III stepping out of a limo

Darkstar handing a contract between Gower and Deadman

Jordi Warner promoting his book

TLA and Rob Schneider at the Lebanese Gigolo premiere

Triple V burying two jobbers

Brett Banner looking out of his hood

Shane Cross cutting a promo

The Million Dollar Man, Christopher Eagles stepping out of a limo

Evil Gringo hitting one of his multiple finishers (you pick :P)

TIH trashing Akten’s TV


Brett Banner on his knees, holding the World Heavyweight Championship for the first time




Pyro’s rocket around the Hallum FM Arena as the cameras spin to show all kinds of fan’s signage.


Styles: Welcome everyone to...


If you Dare – Taz kicks in over the PA system, rendering the vocal talents of Joey Styles useless.


The crowd pop momentarily, they love a bit of nostalgia before booing on reminding themselves of Taz’s new stable mates.


Brooklyn’s finest steps through the curtain and onto the stage at the top of the ramp, flanked by Tom Trash & Darkstar. Former TWOstars World Heavyweight Champion, The Incredible Holt brings up the rear of the party, surveying the crowd.


Styles: What the hell does he want?


Heyman: Well Joey Styles as you may remember, last week Taz went from Colour analyst to Management Consultant for the premier force in Sports Entertainment


Styles: That not what I remember you saying last week. You were flapping your wings like a chicken! Worrying about calling a show on your own!


Taz steps into the ring, taking a mic from a ring hand as the music fades out


Heyman: And then you turned up and made my life so much better! OH PLEASE! Joey Styles get over yourself! There is obviously some important business that needs attending to tonight and you my cheap suited colleague are holding everything up.


The remaining members of The Future make their way into the ring, assuming a collective around Taz, championing a new pair of green Oakley’s


The crowd start to get on The Future’s case, the music no longer there to drown out a YOU SUCK chant ringing around the arena


Taz: I hear ya, I can’t stand this place either


Almost a polar opposite to the Foley cheap pop, Taz has the instant effect of increasing the volume in the FM Arena


Taz: Oh wait, this is the city of bad taste! No wonder Tom Trash looks so fly tonight!


Trash nods away taking in the approval before the pin drops and his face turns


Taz: No worries big guy, you know I’m only kidding. Seriously, the headband look is still in


The Submission specialist laughs to himself and pats The Disciple on the back


Taz: Now in all seriousness, we came out here tonight to do some business. Last week Darkstar played his card by bringing me in to add some flavour to The Future. Now that we have the brains in place it’s time to cement our position as the Number One force in Sports Entertainment today.


The crowd clings to an obsessive YOU SUCK chant, damn these Brits can’t they learn WHAT!?! For crying out loud!


Taz: Seriously Sheffield, change the record.


More booing aimed at short stuff, but the former announcer just gets on with it


Taz: Over the last week I have been conducting a talent search, a means to find fresh blood, to preserve our spot, here at the top of the ladder


Styles: He’s got a point Paul, with Tom Trash all they’ve got is liability


Heyman: Shut up, for god’s sake just shut up


Styles: What?


Heyman: Can’t you see I’m trying to listen


Taz: So having checked out the Indies, the training fed and the entire wrestling world, I realised that maybe the talent that we needed was right under our nose.


The crowd hush in anticipation


Taz: We realised we needed someone Brutal


The crowd pop for the Heavyweight champ


Heyman: Brett Banner! I knew it; I knew it was all a ploy!


Styles: Brett Banner joining The Future? Now there is a turn up for the books!


Taz: We knew that what we wanted was a hunter, a lone ranger an Assassin


Styles: Dante Mueller! That’s huge!


Heyman: Hey I told you that kid was smart! I just didn’t realise he was this damn clever


Taz: So we found all of these qualities in one man, one man who has a history of Violence


"Violence Fetish" – Disturbed kicks in as the crowd gasp to take in the announcement


The United States champion steps out of the curtain and makes a beeline for the ring. The demented, crazed look definitely this season’s necessity for psychopaths everywhere


Heyman: Wow


Styles: (Going up an octane) What a signing by the Future, Paul Heyman, you gotta hand it to the new Managerial Consultant, Taz really has brought home the prize bull tonight


Heyman: Wow quite simply, Violent Vinnie Vengeance and The Future, I for one am certainly glad to not be against them!


Vengeance steps through the ropes, kindly held open by The Disciple. He shakes the hand of Darkstar, acknowledges Holt, all the time keeping his US title hanging from his left hand


The music fades out, the crowd seem to scared to boo now


Taz: Now that is what I call a signing


Taz looks up and down the Violence Bearer


Taz: Now we’ve heard that some punk, Hollywood Avenger or whatever his name is wants a piece of our United States champion at Taboo Tuesday. Well we’ll make it simple for ya kid.


A small TLA chant starts to grow


Taz: Seeing as you made the challenge, we’ll make the stips.


Heyman: Oh boy!


Styles: The Lonely Avenger may have just signed his own death certificate


Taz: So Avenger, I’ll make it simple for you. At Zero Tolerance you’ve got a choice of three options. A Gauntlet before you get the shot, A match with myself as Guest referee, or a Lumberjack match with the men you see in this ring making sure that none of the action gets out of hand


Styles: He can’t do that!


Heyman: (laughing) I think he just did Styles, I think he just did


Taz chucks the mic to the floor as the Future leave the shocked Hallum FM arena to "Violence Fetish" – Disturbed.


Cut to last weeks ME recap.

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Coming back from the Main Event recap we see a beautiful shot of the arena as the crowd cheer their native landmark....


And entering the shot we see a gorgous Humvee lowrider with the number plate NGA 1...


Styles: The Gringo is in his house!


Heyman: Oh shut up... since when did he own property in Sheffield anyway?


The Hummer pulls to a stop outside the venue and the door opens... the camara pans down and we see the long and sexy legs of Mamacita emerge... Then Black Dragon drops out of the other side...


Heyman: Hahaha... No Gringo, the Deadman's tricks getting to him! It would seem at last that maybe the Gringo has a brain...


Heymans words are short lived as Gringo pops through the sunroof....


EG: Viva La Raza homes!


On the scene reporter Todd Grisham scuttles around the corner...


TG: Gringo, Gringo... Have you heard the big news?


EG: Ese, do the mathmatico... I've just arrived, I have not un-packed ese... so no, I haven't heard the news, jeez chico...


TG: Well it seems the Future have finally found a replacement for you... Triple V! The new US champion...


EG: Thats it? Hahaha Grishy homes, you crack me up everytime... But now I gotta question for you...


TG: Errr.... okay...


EG: Have you seen the Deadman?


TG: Well no... he hasn't arrived yet... no ones seen him since last week after you where pulled...


EG: Well I tell you what ese... I will give you... lets see... oh yes... uno, dos, tres, NO, cinco dinero if you stay right here and keep an eye for him ese!


TG: But my job... I gotta...


EG: Listen to me homes... Remember the bad old days when you used to have to interview the Gringo in a crash helemet?


TG: *glup* Yeeessss....


EG: Want them to return ese?


TG: Errr.... Noooo...


EG: Excellent homes... So you stay here chico and I will make sure that you get a nice multi-dinero bonus ok? And if you see the Deadman before me...


TG: Yes...


EG: Tell that allegro chico I got Zero Tolerance for his actions homes... none at all... And I will be waiting because no one... and I mean NO ONE!


BD: Chill Gringo... The match tonight remember...


EG: Yeah sorry ese... like I was saying... no chico makes a fool of the Mexican Sensation...


BM: Come on honey its cold...


EG: Sorry Mami... Like I said Grish... ERE aren;'t welcome... and if he gets in and I don't know... I hold you personally responsible... and I will be YOUR fear in the dark... and my revenge ALL your future holds.... Lets go homes...


With that Gringo throws his keys to the valet and he and the New Gringo Army troop inside in preperation for a stacked XTV...


Heyman: Ha, thats his welcome party for Deadman! Gringo is stupider then I thought...


Styles: At least he can probably balance books... Ladies and gentleman lets take you to last weeks shock event and one that happened just moments ago...


We cut dramatically to a re-cap of the fate of Meltzer once more and the recruiment of Triple V into the Future....

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We return the last segment.


In the parking lot, the short bus pulls up and the crowd cheers at the prospect of seeing the Insane One, because, seriously, who else would arrive in a short bus?


Arkham steps off of the bus to an increased cheer and as he waves back at his friends (with his left hand) Grish runs up with a mic in his hand.


Todd: Arkham, can I ask a few questions?


Arkham: Hello Toddy, me like questies from you.


Suddenly Arkham's right hand shoots up, Doctor HandSolo firmly in place.


Doctor: Excuse me young man, if you don't mind, I will conduct this interview on behalf of my patient.


Grish looks between Arkham and the Doctor.


Todd: Erm, right, well, erm, first of all...


Doctor: I know what you're thinking, how can a devishly handsome doctor like me spend all of his time with his charge?


Todd: Actuallly, no, I wanted to ask you about the TV Title match at Zero Tolerance.


Doctor: Well, I am certain that my charge will defeat his intellectual inferior.


The crowd laughs at the prospect of Arkham having an intellectual inferior.


Todd: His what?


Doctor: Oh, come on, the man was outsmarted by Arkham, and to do that, he just has to be a little less intelligent.


Todd: Didn't you out-smart Eagles though?


Doctor: OK, yes, I have to admit, I did play a large part in setting up the match.


Todd: You seem to be taking charge in Arkham's matters.


Doctor: There's a very good reason for that.


Todd: Well, you are his doctor, but I notice that you're always on his right hand.


Doctor: Well, I am his Right Hand Man.


The crowd laughs loudly at the blatant humour. Todd snigger slightly.


Todd: I'm sure you're busy, so I'll let you go.


Doctor: Thank you, I'll be supervising Arkham all evening, so I'm sure you'll see me around.


Arkham grins at Grish and walks off, the Doctor continues giving instructions to the big man as they enter the building.

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Were back from adverts.


Camera focuses on the TWOtron. Video starts to play.


Heyman:What in the blue hell...., what's this about Styles?


Styles: Dunow Paul, but were about to find out.


We see Drake Rush with his in-ring gear inside an old,dusty damaged ring. The light on the

gym isn't that great,it's really dark.


Heyman:Who's that? And what is he doing in an old dusty gym.


Styles:Well he has long hair to the shoulders with brown highlights, awsome physich,other

than that I don't know. And if you would just shut up for a minute we could find out what

he has to say.


The 6'2,220 pound Drake Rush is standing right by the ropes with his arms on top of the third

rope.His long wet hair is covering the majority of his face.


Drake:You see this ring right here. This is were I have spent the last 3 years of my life

training to become a wrestling superstar. Here in this very ring I have busted my ass every

single week. I have only one goal when I come to TWO, and that's to destroy everyone who

stands in my path for glory. Living since I was 4 on a foster center and not knowing my

parents doesn't help the cause either. So this a little message to every wrestler on TWO,

beware, im coming after all of you. And as far as the Sheffield, England people go,they

can suck it. Cause I couldn't care less about them.


Crowd starts to boo.


Rush steps down from the ring and grabs a chair that was right by the ring.


Drake:So you wanna know what happens when you mess with ''The Messiah'' Drake Rush?

This is what happens when you mess with me.


Styles: OHHH MY GODDD,what a sick *******, he just nailed the cameran man with the steel

chair to the head. Rush is a F'n psycho, why would he hit that poor camera man.


Heyman:Gee Joey I don't know, maybe to send a message to everyone? [sarcasm/]


Styles:I don't care if he wants to send a message to everyone, that was just uncalled for.

The poor camera man has nothing to do with this. He can go to hell as far as im concerned.


Heyman:Harsh words there my former employee. We'll just have to see what Drake Rush is gonna

do next.


Xtreme TV fades to commercials.

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As we enter the building following the adverts we see the Insane One striding past, new haircut styling.... and we see TWOStars very own champion Brett Banner waiting by a door....


The camera pans round and we see it is the dressing of the one and only Mexicution Evil Gringo and the New Gringo Army...


Brett knocks on the door, unafraid of whats behind the door at all...


EG: Holla ese... who is it?


BB: It's Banner... we have to talk...


The door opens and out comes Gringo, sans back up as a show of respect to the new champion...


EG: Shoot ese...


BB: You know we got Dante and the alcho dwarf tonight don't you? Well I need to know something Gringo. You see me and you went to war at Survivour Series and I KNOW you want this title... But will you be watching my back tonight?


EG: Ese, I'm glad you won that belt... I know you will do my legacy proud... Hell as far as I'm concerned if it wasn't for two men we would have been one on one that night ese...


BB: Oh yeah?


EG: Yeah homes... Dante stole my pin and Deadman stuck his dirty chico nose in OUR business... So as far as where concerned? We will dance the Mexican Tango another time... but until then...


Gringo sticks out a hand to the new champion... Banner looks him in the eye checking for a trick before accepting the shake to the cheers of the capacity crowd...


BB: Glad to hear you've got my back Gringo...


EG: Likewise ese... Tonight you are an honoury member of the NGA homes... So lets take out the Trash eh homes?


BB: Hahaha... cool... and Dante?


EG: He likes the darkness eh ese? Well lets see how he copes when it turns against him with Brute strength eh ese?


BB: Cool.... Till later then... oh and Gringo...


EG: Yeah homes?


BB: Don't let Deadman f**k with your head ok? Business okay?


EG: Sure ese... see you out there...


Cut to commercials... For Christmas at TWOStars Shopzone! This week why not get your loved one a Brett Banner 'Brutish Hulk' Lava Lamp? Or and Evil Gringo Tequilla Shot glass set?


TWOStars Shopzone... your number one treasure chest this christmas!

Edited by Evil Gringo
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Back in the S.E.X. locker room and we see Micahel Cole and Keith Jaxx setting up the Twister board just as the door opens up.


Jaxx: Arkham.


Arkham: Keithy and little Michael.


Cole: Hey Arkham. We were just getting ready for our weekly game of twister.


Arkham: Me likes twisty, can the Doctor play as well?


Jaxx: You like twisty me like men in uniforms, alllriiight.


Cole: Ok my turn for spinning this week.


Doctor: No, Michael. Arkham must do the spinning this week.


Arkham: Me likes spinnies, Doctor but why?


Doctor: Playing Twister can cause an injury and we don't want that do we?


Arkham: Me supposes not.


Jaxx: Looks like it's me and Michael again, he, he, he alriiiiiighhhhht.


Fade to a Zero Tolerance promo

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*Camera cuts to dingy backstage garage. A familiar limousine drives through the garage door and parks in a handicap space. Stepping out of the driver's seat, Niles humbly opens the door and helps Michael Howell III to step into the arena. The crowd quickly boos at this sight. *


Stepping into the cool night air Howell and Niles attempt to make their way into the building, but are intercepted by the now familiar TWOstars reporter.


Reporter- Michael, Michael!


MHIII - Not again...


Reporter-Michael, a word?


MHIII - Can you make it quick?*Michael waves a thick wad of greenbacks in the face of the reporter*


Reporter- Oh..erm..okay! Just one question. Tonight, you and Niles team with The Colorado Troubador, Twiggie, who is in fact your rival at the Zero Tolerance polls. How do you fee--*he is cut off by MHIII grabbing the mike*


MHIII - Well, I'll tell you how I feel. You see, my father warned me about useless people like Twiggie. They all talk about world peace and free love and whatnot. But they don't do anything! All they worry about is smoking pot and listening to music all day! What's more selfish than that? They all fancy themselves as activists and role models, but they're just bums. People like me...we're the real role models. You see, as you well know, I went to Harvard, I'm a former all-american quarterback...I run a near monopoly-style corporation. People like Twiggie? They aren't achievers like me! So they have no right to whine and get high all day! They just go on about things like "Greenhouse effect" and "Air pollution," and "Ethics" and "The rights of man". But it's all lies! None of it exists! So Twiggie, I'm not too happy about teaming with you this week. So take my advice: Stay the hell out of my way you good-for-nothing hippy. Me tolerating you does not extend to the Pay-Per-View, when I win the world title in record breaking time. Then the TWOstars will finally experience that which it has been eagerly waiting for...a CORPORATE TAKEOVER!!!


Howell storms off...leaving the reporter stammering...


*Cut to...*

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Todd Grisham who is standing in the dressing room area.


TG: I am standing by with the TWOStars tag team champions The Judge and Jimmy Redman, and tonight you have a warm up, no pun intended, match for the Flaming Table encounter at Zero Tolerance.


Redman: Thats right Todd Tonight, The Judge and The Prototype will send an emphatic message to those two punks of the Dark Alliance. You set down the gauntlet Boyo and Sickness and we answered the call, and now you dont take us seriously?! (Looks to The Judge who shakes his head)

Well thats something we are going to fix tonight. So watch that monitor boys and I gaurantee you wont be looking forward to Zero Tolerance.


Redman snaps off his shades and stares into the camera before storming off.


TG: Wow the Prototype sure is fired up, Ha I did it again.


The Judge: Yeah, why dont you give me the microphone before you hurt yourself. Jimmy Redman is fired up alright, and for a reason. Dark Alliance? You dont see us as a challlenge?! Well that is contempt of my court because you look beyond us, however last time I checked Boyo and Sickness, our names were still attached to these belts. So after Zero Tolerance when we send you two to a flaming hell, that is just the beginning of The Judge and The Prototypes legacy of dominance!


???: Speaking of looking past!


The Judge: Who the hell are you two?


The camera turns to reveal two giddy skinny guys in speedos and raggy leather waistcoats


??: Who am I, I am the Bodyslammin Bob Jones, and this here is my main man Freddy Flash, and together we are The Main Event! (Both cut a horrendous flexing pose to the horror of The Judge, yet strangly to the enjoyment of Todd Grisham)


Flash: Exactamundo, we are two bonified wrestling clinics and object to having to compete in this Table match.


The Judge looks at Redman, the tag champs both laying out the cheap looking twosome with lariats.


The Judge: If you two are still conscious, you can continue to plead your case in the ring, and that ruling is final.


Redman laughs and slings the tag belt over his shoulder as both champions leave the set.


Cut to commercial

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Back from Commercials


The Hallum FM arena is filled with a familiar sound, Not Listening by Papa Roach. The crowd is instantly to it’s feet in anticipation


Heyman: What the hell is he doing here? I didn’t order concessions!


Former TWOstars World Heavyweight Champion, Evil Gringo makes his way down the ring without his mamacita. The Sensation is looking riled tonight


Styles: Who cares why he’s here Paul, would you listen to that reception


Heyman: I’ll listen to what I want to listen to Styles, Gringo is holding up our show, and he knows it


The Mexicutioner steps into the ring and collects a microphone from Tony Chimmel and makes a gesture for his music to be faded out


Styles: Well this is a wrestling show and maybe the fact that our former World Champion is stood in the ring has some significance that is beyond you


A Gringo chant starts to immerse the arena, EG laps it up for a moment for bringing the microphone to his mouth


EG: Well it looks like one place that I must visit again is the wonderful city of Sheffield


The crowd roars in approval


Heyman: That’s cheap! Damn cheap


Styles: But effective none the less


EG: I came here tonight to finish what I couldn’t get done last week. I came here tonight to give someone what is coming to him. Ever since you’ve returned Deadman, you’ve been interested in my business, poking your nose into my affairs, thinking that you have some divine right to be at the top in TWOstars


Styles: He has a point


EG: (getting more intense) Ever since you’ve returned you dirty son of a bitch you’ve had your agenda.


Heyman: I can’t believe this, he’s full of crap


EG: Since you’ve returned chico, you’ve cost me the TWOstars World Heavyweight Championship twice, TWICE ESSE!


Styles: Now that’s true


Heyman: He eliminated himself at Survivor Series




More chants from the crowd, clearly into their favourites




The Mexicutioner paces the ring, calming himself slightly


EG: So I’ve spent too long running around this arena trying to find your sorry ass. I’m going to make this simple for you.


Gringo exits the ring, making a beeline to the announce table


Styles: What can Gringo have planned?


Heyman: Whatever it is Joey Styles, I can assure you, it’s a dumb idea


The Sensation grabs a chair from the time keeper and returns to the ring. The FM Arena starts to cheer, the blood thirsty Northerners loving the chair as Gringo sets it up centre of the ring




Styles: Woah!


Heyman: This is crazy! (octane higher) He’s ruining this show! (higher still) Where the hell is security? Why aren’t they doing anything dammit!


Styles: I dunno Paul, but it looks to me like Gringo ain’t for moving


Cut to DTTAH Promo

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Back from DTTAH Promo, which was followed by an infomercial premiering the new Darkstar “You’re the boss” Desk and Power Phone set – exclusive to home shopping for $299.99


Gringo is still sat centre of the ring; LET’S GO GRINGO chants circulate the arena. The crowd may be being denied wrestling but still support their favourite star


Styles: Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve got great news for you. Whilst we were away you missed nothing! Absolutely nothing


Heyman: They missed this idiot Evil Gringo wasting valuable TV time, that’s what they’ve missed.


Styles: He’s making a point!


Heyman: He’s being a pain in the ass more like!


Styles: pffff


Heyman: I hope the network are happy, I really hope they are. Since they relieved Akten of his duties this place has been like a farmyard!


Styles: Why because everyone is running around like a headless chicken?


Heyman: (higher) NO! Because I’m up to my knees in **** and have to put up with idiots like you!


Styles: Oh please!


The camera shows many views of the same shot, Gringo sat back in a chair, centre of the ring


Heyman: How long is this idiot going to keep up this charade?


Styles: It’s not a charade Paul, Gringo is sick to death with the former ERE owner interfering with his business and I for one can’t blame him for taking some action


The Mexican Sensation stands, a huge pop ensues from the over excited crowd, they must be pumping sugar into the water or something


EG: Well I guess seeing as you’re running scared Deadman, I’ll just have to come and find you


Gringo walks to the ropes and puts one leg through before You're Gonna Pay interrupts him. A crescendo of boo’s fill the Hallum FM arena




Heyman: Finally someone with some sense around here!


Gringo gets back into the ring as Deadman walks, mic in hand down the ramp


Heyman: I really do hope he’s going to shut that Mexican wannabe up for good


The former ERE owner stops short of the ring as his music fades out, making the booing even more audible


EG: Finally, the necrophiliac makes it to the ring


Styles: Man, that’s sick


EG: Hey esse, (sitting on the middle rope) you gonna come in here?


DM: Listen you piece of crap, you shut your mouth before I have to go out of my way and do the job myself


Styles: I think he took that comment personally


Heyman: (high) YOU Think?!?!


Gringo is unerring in his aggression, leaning over the ring ropes, beckoning DM to come forward


DM: Now I’ve just had to listen to this crap in the back. In fact ever since I’ve returned all I’ve heard is you bitching and whining about protecting your spot.


A DM SUCKS chant starts to ring around the arena


DM: The fact is Pingu, if you were that damn good, you’d be the champion, but what’s that I see around your waist? Oh that’s right, NOTHING. So how about you quit your bitching and let me go about my business


Gringo is irate as he brings the mic to his mouth


EG: Your business? Let me tell you something homes. I pulled a few strings around here; you see it turns out, surprise, surprise that you aren’t that well liked. So when I asked for a match at Zero Tolerance, I got it. When I said I wanted that match to be me, The Mexican Sensation against you, El Chico Graveyard, I got it. So now, BITCH! Your business IS MY BUSINESS


The Mexicutioner stares down DM who starts backing away up the ramp


Styles: Gringo vs Deadman! That’s huge!


EG: What’s wrong Esse? Didn’t I make myself clear?


A chant of CHICKENSHIT starts up as Deadman continues to back up the ramp


EG: I’ll make it clear for you. Me, Evil Gringo will be handing your ass to you at Zero Tolerance


DM still looks shocked slightly as he makes his way up the ramp


EG: One thing I should add to this Deadman, I got you some leeway.


Styles: Leeway?


Heyman: Deadman has been screwed, I can’t believe this!


EG: You see, you can pick anyone from the ERE roster to be your partner, because at Zero Tolerance you’re going to need someone to carry your carcass off the canvas


The camera returns to DM, who is mouthing “Partner” in a questioning manner


EG: And just to remind you why you might want a partner, I feel it may be a good idea to introduce you to mine






A nervous hush descends over the Arena in anticipation


Styles: Who is it? Black Dragon? He’s been an ally of sorts for the Gringo


Heyman: Whoever it is, I’m sure Deadman will have no qualms with kicking their ass as well












You Don’t See the Signs blares out over the PA as the Arena goes wild for another former champion






Styles: OH MY GOD!


DM turns around slowly to see nearly seven feet of Lean Green Fighting machine striding down the aisle to meet him


Styles: The Incredible Holt! I can’t believe this!


Heyman: This is a set up! A Damn set up!


Styles: I think Deadman set himself up by costing The Incredible Holt his title at Survivor Series


The former ERE owner raises his arms in protest as Holt encroaches


Styles: Can you believe this reaction Paul!


Heyman: I don’t know what to believe anymore! I mean Gringo and Holt on the same page, they can’t be, surely, there is no way these two can ever work together after what went down at Summerslam


Styles: Summerslam, Havoc, No Mercy, Survivor Series and every week’s television since then


DM starts to walk back down the ramp, trying to stay away from Holt. The Silent Destroyer’s knee is still in a brace following the heinous attack from DM at Survivor Series


Suddenly DM stops, his path blocked. He turns to see gringo, red with rage and isn’t quick enough to stop the first punch.


Styles: And now the former buddies are going to town on the former ERE owner


Deadman instinctively turns round, straight into the foot of Holt, connecting to the midriff of DM. Holt shows no rustiness, hooking the head of DM and hoisting him high above the ramp way.


Heyman: This is barbaric! Where the hell is security?


Styles: More like this is what’s coming to that damn SOB


For the first time in TWOstars history a PLEX PLEX PLEX chant rings around the arena. As if on cue Holt swings out DM and sends the ERE supreme into the rampway


Styles: OH MY GOD!


Heyman: Someone call security, this isn’t on! This isn’t fair!


Holt looks down at DM and then up at Gringo before turning and making his way up the ramp


Styles: I can’t believe this Paul! At Zero Tolerance we’ve got Deadman and one other former ERE wrestler against the dream team of The Incredible Holt and Evil Gringo. That’s huge!


Heyman: And this was a set up, a damn set up! I can’t believe Darkstar would allow this!


Styles: If I know Darkstar, he probably didn’t allow this, he probably planned it instead!


Holt walks through the curtain as the camera looks down on the slain Deadman, Gringo stepping over him, standing over him


EG: See you in two weeks, homes


One last slap to the face from Gringo and he’s on his way


Styles: Well I for one can’t believe what’s gone down here so far tonight!


Cut to a promo paid for by the friends of Michael Howell III

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As we return from the commercial break Todd Grisham is standing by with Black Dragon


TG:Black Dragon so far in your short time in TWO Stars you have made quite the impact devolping a fan base here


BD: Why thank you Todd


TG:Your welcome, well tonight you've got your first chance to grab gold when you face Vinnie Vengeance for the United States title


BD: That's right Todd, you know the main reason I came to TWO Stars is for Championship gold and I've made no secret about that to TWO management and tonight I've got my shot to make a huge impact by beating your ass right here in Sheffield, England


*Crowd pops for the mentioning of their town*


PH: Oh come on talk about trying to get a cheap pop


JS: Shut up Paul and let the man talk


TG: Yes well as you know at the moment Vinnie Vengeance has got The Lonely Avenger on his case, what do you think about that?


BD: I'll tell you what TLA, I'll be man enough to admit that last week in that triple threat match you beat me fair and square one, two, three but remember 2 weeks before I beat you in a one-on-one match, you might have your shot at Zero Tolerence but I've got my mine tonight, so I think that shows that I am regarded as been better than you.


TG: That's a bold statement don't you think?


BD: A bold statement? No, no Toddy, you see tonight I will beat Vinnie Vengeance for the US Title and then it'll have to be me defending against TLA at Taboo Tuesday and then we'll see who is bette... now if you excuse me I've got to get back to my strecthing


Grisham walks off down the corridoor as Black Dragon re-enters his dressing room


JS: So Paul, Black Dragon pretty confident of victory tonight


PH: Hmmm, he's been pretty cocky if you ask me


JS: Well everyone has to have self confidence and Black Dragon is certainly not short of that I think we may see a new US Champion tonight


PH: Oh come Joey, Black Dragon maybe good but he isn't in Vinnie Vengeance's leauge


JS: Well that match is still to come plus a lot more, we'll be back right after this


Taboo Tuesday commercials run

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As we return to ringside, The PA system kicks in with Wild Boys by Duran Duran


Styles - It’s time for the T.V Title match Paul


Heyman - Yeah Chris Eagles defends his title and his backside against the former U.S champion Keith Jaxx


TC - This match is scheduled for one fall, And is for the TWOstars Television Championship, Making his way towards the ring first, the challenger being lead to the ring by S.E.X, Weighting in at 204 lbs, From Quahog Rhode Island, Please welcome 'Wild Boy' Keith Jaxx


Keith Jaxx sprints down the ring wasting no time, As Arkham and Michael Cole follow not far behind, In the ring Jaxx is jumping up and down, The crowd cheer S.E.X and some of the crowd can be heard chanting YOU SUCK at Jaxx


Heyman - HA, The fans in Sheffield don’t like Jaxx


Styles - So why is he nodding at them ?


Heyman - Because he’s sick


Wild Boys fades out as Jaxx pulls a dildo shaped mic from the back of Cole’s pant




The crowd cheer and start chanting You Suck And Cole Sucks Too


Jaxx - He does


Heyman/ Styles - That’s sick


Jaxx - And I bet Eagles do……….Before Jaxx can finish “Got your money” kick in and the English fans cheers turn to boos for the T.V champion


Heyman - Thank god for that Joey


Styles - I must say, I was really starting to feel sick thinking about Cole like that, Yuk


As Eagles steps from behind the curtains, The pyros explode behind the Million Dollar Corporation man as he struts down the walkway holding the T.V title high in the air to a chorus of boos and jeers, Eagles throws the title under the bottom rope and rolls in under the rope and gets to his feet quickly picking the title up at the same time, a sneer on his face as the crowd boo the 'Richest Man on XTV'.

Gets This Money stops playing as MDM climbs on the turnbuckle, And starts taunting the crowd by holding the title up with one hand and pointing at it with the other, In return the crowd boo and jeer him, Eagles stands there looking around at the booing crowd with a grin on his face, As he pats the title


Heyman - Man, Doesn’t Eagles look ready


Styles - Well it is he first defends of the title Paul


Heyman - No I don’t think the Champ has seen Arkham, Who he faces at Zero Tolerance, Arkham is standing just outside the ring


Styles - But I don’t see Arkhams Doctor with him Paul


Heyman - People keep saying Chris was out smarted by it, But I think he knew what he was doing


Styles - I don’t know Paul, That I mean the Doctor is pretty smart


Heyman - Shut up Joey


Nick Patrick takes the title from Eagles, But as he pass’s it to the outside, Eagles try’s to attack Jaxx from behind, But Jaxx turns around just as Eagles got close, And grabs Eagles by the head, And kisses him full on the lips, Causing Eagles to push him over and Eagles falls over as he try’s to run away


Heyman - That’s was nasty


Styles - Do you think he enjoyed it ?


Heyman - Jaxx yes, Eagles NO


The TV champ now on the outside of the ring wiping his mouth, The crowd starts to sing “Eagles you know you loved it”, With this Eagles kicks the steel steps in anger, Before re-entering the ring, And again runs at Jaxx, But MDM stops short as Jaxx turns round and bends over patting his rear end at MDM, Again Eagles runs, But as he does he falls over face first


Heyman - Poor Chris, He’s a champion after all


Styles - And it doesn’t look good for him Paul, Jaxx is licking his lips


With Eagles down Jaxx runs at him, And drops to his knees, Now behind Eagles, Jaxx jumps on top of him, The crowd roar with laughter, As Jaxx bounces up and down on top of Eagles, Who just rolls from under him and out of the ring to safety, As the crowds laughter turns to booing


Heyman - How did Jaxx become US champion again ?


Styles - He pinned one of the best Paul


Nick Patrick tell Eagles to get back into the ring, Which he does, Jaxx sucks on his finger then rubs himself on the nipples, This causes Eagles to run at The Wild Boy, But he ducks the clothesline, But Eagles nails a clothesline with his other arm sending the Sneaky Butcher down to the mat


Heyman - Eagles is pissed Joey


Styles - Can you blame him


Eagles pulls The uphill Gardner up by the hair, Just to bend him over and place his head between his legs, But he doesn’t see Jaxx punching the air in eagerly waiting for Eagles to do a power bomb on him


Heyman - Why the hell is Jaxx grinning ?


Styles - Think about how Eagles will be holding him Paul


Heyman - (shouts) Chris don’t do it


Eagles lifts Jaxx up into a power bomb position, But Jaxx grabs him by the head, And begins to rock his hips back and forth, This causes MDM to drop Jaxx, As the crowd clearly enjoying Jaxx, Jaxx jumps up and wraps his legs around Eagles head sending him over with a Hurricanrana




Heyman - I must say, That was good for the gender bender


Eagles down holding the back of his head, As the Sausage jockey plays up to the crowd, He doesn’t see Eagles behind him, In a blink of the eye Jaxx drops to his knees in front of Eagles


Heyman - Now THAT’S what you call a move Joey


Styles - Some champion he just hit the man in the bo….


Heyman - Remember, Family show, Not ECW


Styles - But he did, The ref should end the match


Heyman - But Eagles would still be champion Joey so I don’t think Eagles would mind


Eagles now standing over Jaxx, Delivers a stiff kick to the back of the YMCA fans head, Before dropping a elbow to the upper body of Jaxx, The crowd start to boo Eagles as he gets back to his feet, Eagles once again pulls Jaxx up, And again places Jaxx head between his legs, Eagles looks up and around the Sheffield arena with a evil grin on his face as the crowd start to chant “Eagles gives head”, Eagles has a pissed off look on his face as he lifts Jaxx up, But this time slams Jaxx drop head first with a sick looking power bomb


Heyman - Eagles is trying to end his career right here with that move Joey


Styles - It looks like he did Jaxx isn’t moving Paul


Heyman - Well it wouldn’t be the first time he ended a career, He did end 3 peoples career


Styles - Yeah I heard about that, One was one of your guys at the time wasn’t it Paul


Heyman - Yeah, But it was only MBR, He has also ended his best friends careers


Styles - Mickhail Mills and Benjamin Black


Heyman - That’s right Joey


Eagles now pulls Jaxx up to a up right position, Only to send him flying into the corner with some force and follows up with a clothesline into the corner, Sending Jaxx’s legs up into the air and down to the mat


Heyman - Ha, Eagles just send Jaxx flying onto his backside


Styles - Maybe after the match Michael Cole can rub it better for him


Heyman - It’s good because the champ is in control Joey


Styles: You ever think Jaxx likes other men being in control?


Heyman: You didn’t say that, did you?


Styles: I am afraid I did.


Eagles presses the foot hard against the throat of Jaxx to loud booing from the crowd. The referee has a word with the Rich One only to be ignored. This causes the official to begin counting prior to a DQ.










Eagles brings his foot away from the corner and off of the Sneaky Butchers throat before walking away and looking smug.


Styles: Eagles is proud of himself, Paul.


Heyman: Can you blame him, he is rich and he is the TV Champion.


Styles: He probably bought the title.


Heyman: I can’t believe you said that.


Eagles goes back to the corner and pulls Jaxx back up to his feet where he takes him into a front face lock and places him up on the top turnbuckle.


Styles: What does Eagles have in mind here?


Heyman: What ever it is you can imagine it won’t be good for the former Untied States Champion.


MDM looks to climb up onto the turnbuckle but Jaxx hits him with a couple of punches to the kidney area which cause the TV Champion to fall off the turnbuckle down into the ring. Jaxx then comes off the turnbuckle looking for a crossbody attack but is caught by Eagles who dumps him to the outside of the ring.


Styles: That’s just mean.


Heyman: That was the idea, Joey.


Arkham, “The Doctor” and Cole quickly surround Jaxx to show their concern. Having helped Jaxx up they look to role him back into the ring with Eagles quickly moving in to attack with stomps only to notice the puppet on Arkhams hand talking.


Doctor: Eagles oh Eagles.


Eagles quickly scampers out of the ring with a terrified look on his face as the referee begins to count him out.








Heyman: What happened?


Styles: Eagles is afraid of that hand puppet of Arkhams, Paul.






Styles: He is going to get counted out.




Heyman: At least this way he keeps his title.










Ding Ding Ding


TC: Here is your winner via countout, Keith Jaxx. However the referee as asked me to remind you that the title can not change hands via a countout therefore still TV Champion, MDM Christopher Eagles.


“Got your money” hits the speakers as Arkham and Cole enter the ring to “celebrate the win” with Jaxx as the camera pans back to a still terrified looking Eagles.


Cut to ….

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Cut to TWO Shopzone advertisement. This week for auction, you can buy a piece of the table that Dante Killshot C2K through, thus ending his carreer. Start bid is $30.00. YOu Brits can convert it to pounds on your own, cause I don't know. Anyway, after the commercial, we cut to the parking lot where a black Dodge Viper has pulled in. Dantes rises out of the car to be met by Grisham.


Grisham-Dante I was wondering if I could have a few words.


Dante-I'll oblige you this, just make it quick.


Grisham-Well first of all, why didn't you shake Banner's hand after your match last week?


Dante-Well I'll be honest. I was pissed at myself. I repeated some of the mistakes that lost me the belt at Survivor Series. I thought I'd never do them again, but I did. I vow I won't make those mistakes again. Also the shoulder injury I was suffering was made only worse by Banner. So Banner, I want to apologize to you. You out wrestled me, but it won't happen again. I'll be ready for you.


Grisham-I see. Well how is your shoulder by the way.


Dante-Fine. Besides, I'm not going to paint a target on it just to have some one try and exploit it.


Grisham-Well what are your thoughts on tonights match?


Dante-Well I've not seen the card as I've just gotten here. What is it?


Grisham-Its you and Trash against Banner and Gringo.




Grisham-Its you and Trash agains.....


Dante snaps a cold look over the announcer stopping him in mid-sentance. Grisham starts to back away from The Assassin, who is bordering somewhere close to homicidal rage. After holding the stare for a while, he turns and walks away, murder in his walk.


Cut to don't try this at home advertisement.

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The camera returns to ringside where crew members are placing tables around the ring.


Styles: Well as you can see we are getting ready for the Tables match.


Heyman: Who the hell are those guys anyway, The Main Event?!


Styles: We are about to find out.


TC: The following contest is a tables match! And the only way to win is to put both of your opponents through a table.


Styles: That being one of the choices for the Flaming Tables Match at Zero Tolerance!


Heyman: Do you think The Judge and Jimmy Redman know just what they have gotten themselves into?


Styles: I do believe that the tag champions are going into Zero Tolerance as the underdogs against the Dark Alliance.


Fight for your Right to Party plays across the arena


Styles: You have got to be kidding me!


TC: Introducing first at a combined weight of 310lbs the team of Bodyslammin Bob Jones and Fireball Freddy Flash,…..The Main Event!!


The crowd doesn’t know whether to boo or cheer as the twosome dance through the curtain.


Heyman: Man, you think if they knew they were going to perform here in TWOStars they would at least have got themselves some decent ring attire.


Styles: Or a proper haircut…


The Main Event run down the ramp and go to slap the fans hands but find that no one is reaching out.


Styles: They seem a little lost.


Heyman: I don’t know why, the ring is right there.


Flash climbs to the top rope and goes to moonsault into the centre of the ring but lands on Bob Jones.


Heyman: That is just sad.


Hysteria by Muse plays across the arena as the crowd comes to their feet.


Styles: Here we go!


TC: And introducing their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 548lbs, they are the TWOStars tag team champions, The Judge… Sid Commandant and The Prototype...Jimmy Redman!


The tag champs burst through the curtain as the crowd cheers loudly


Styles: Here are the team that will put their belts on the line at Zero Tolerance against the Dark Alliance, in a flaming tables match, and you the fans get to decide what manner of elimination will decide the bout.


The Judge and The Prototype both take off the belts and lift them in the air simultaneously as pyro explodes from the stage behind them.


Heyman: Well in my opinion it doesn’t matter what type of elimination occurs in the flaming tables match, because the champs don’t have a chance. It is just the type of match the Dark Alliance are suited for, and The Judge and Jimmy Redman are the outsiders in Boyo and Sickness sick world.


Styles: Be that as may, why do you think the tag champs went to Darkstar and asked for a tables match this evening, because they want to prove to the Dark Alliance what they are capable of.


The Judge and Redman walk down the ramp saluting the fans but are cut off by The Main Event who both jump over the top rope, suicide diving onto the tag champs.


Heyman: Hey they caught them!


Redman lifts Flash and plants him onto the floor with a Falcon Arrow whilst The Judge powerslams Jones onto the floor mat with a splat.


Styles: The champions look on fire!


Heyman: They will be at Zero Tolerance!


The Judge picks up a table and drops in onto the fallen Jones


Styles: Table suplex! Now The Prototype rolling Flash back into the ring.


Redman jumps up onto the ropes, twists 180 and springboards onto Flash with a moonsault.


Styles: What agility by The Prototype!


Heyman: They will need more than that against the Dark Alliance.


The Judge picks up Jones and Gorilla Presses him into the ring where he is met by Jimmy Redman who hooks the Bodyslammer and gets a running start, kicks off the ropes and plants him with the tornado DDT.


Heyman: The Metalhead, but you can’t win by pinfall


Styles: I guess that is why The Judge is putting a table in the ring, wouldn’t you agree.


Redman picks up the table and props it in the corner, but instead of following up, climbs the turnbuckles.


Heyman: What are they doing they could have had the match won!


The Judge picks up Freddy Flash and lifts him into the Electric chair


Styles: Could it be the mounted Hurricanrana once more!


The Judge turns around to face the perched Redman who springs off the ropes, catches Flash off the shoulders of The Judge and plants him to the mat with the Rock Bottom, as the crowd goes crazy!


Styles: Oh my God, the Rock Hard! What teamwork being shown by the tag champs!


The Judge immediately picks up Jones into the Crucifix powerbomb position, before running towards the corner and throwing Jones through the table with the running Razors Edge.


Heyman: No way, Trial By Fire through the table!


Styles: Bob Jones is eliminated! And I wouldnt want to be Freddy Flash right now!


The Judge leaves the ring and sets up a table outside, goes to re enter the ring but stops and sets up a second table on the outside.


Meanwhile inside the ring, The Prototype whips Flash to the ropes and nails him with a perfect dropkick.


Styles: I get the feeling it’s only a matter of time now.


Heyman: Yeah but will have the Dark Alliance have gotten the message.


The Judge picks up Flash and sits him on the top turnbuckle, before ducking out of the way as Redman comes running across the ring jumps onto the ropes and springs onto Flash catching him with the leg scissors which throws Flash to the outside through the table.


Styles: That’s it. It’s over…


Heyman: Not for The Judge and Jimmy Redman its not they are getting another table!


The Judge slides the table into the ring whilst Redman searches for something under the ring.


Styles: What’s going on here? The match is over, but The Judge is setting up another table in the ring


Heyman: And what is Jimmy Redman doing?


The Prototype emerges from under the apron quickly rolls back into the ring.


Styles: What has he got there? Oh no tell me it isn’t!


Heyman: It is! It’s lighter fluid!


Redman empties the entire canister onto the table, whilst The Judge takes out a pack of matches from his kneepad.


Styles: They planned this from the beginning, they are going to send one hellacious message to the Dark Alliance!


The Judge lights the match and drops it onto the table, which suddenly erupts in flames.


Heyman: Don’t do it!


The Judge and The Protoptype both lift Jones into a double powerbomb, pausing as the crowd cheers like crazy, before driving Jones through the fire engulfed table.


Styles: Oh my God!!!


The ring crew run into the ring and extinguishes the blaze, as The Judge and Jimmy Redman celebrate in the ring.


Styles: I think its safe to say that the tag team champions are no longer the underdogs at Zero Tolerance, they are just as sick as the Dark Alliance!!


The Judge and Jimmy Redman collect their belts and celebrate on the rampway as the camera fades to commercials.

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The shot cuts to backstage where we see Todd Grisham walking around. His progress is stopped when someone out of frame extends an arm in frame with a piece of paper being held between the fingers.


TG: What the?


Grisham, staring at the person whom the arm belongs to slowly nods, takes the piece of paper, and then walks away.


PH: What the hell is goin on?


JS: Guess someone had something to say to Todd Grisham


Cut to Zero Tolerance promo

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Back from the video package of Zero Tolerance.


Fade in on The PETA Punisher and "Mean" Gene Okerlund standing in front of a tie-dyed wall hanging, the sight of both men make the crowd boo.


Mean Gene: So Twiggie, tell us why should all the TWOstars fans vote for you to take on the Champ, Brett Banner at Zero Tolerance.


The mention of the Champ gets the crowd to pop.


Twig: Well, ya know sumthin' Mean Gene! ...


Twig pauses and cuts the Hogan crap.


Twig: I've beaten the crap out of The Stupid Brute, in and out of the ring, more times than I can count. And besides, take a look at my competition: Dante. HA! He's already blown his title shot more times than I've kicked Banner's ass. And Mikey Howell...


Twig shudders with anger.


Twig: Michael... Howell... the Third... That punk's been here all of, what? two weeks?


"Mean" Gene, nods. He's not sure if Twig's right or not, but he doesn't wan to disagree.


Twig: He thinks he's ready for a shot at the big time? He'd best go back to his stock portfolio, before he gets a 100% recyclable aluminum baseball bat shoved up his ass!


Twig's distracted by something off camera.


Twig: Hey! Yeah, you! Did I just see you throw away that can of Coke!?


Twiggie storms off, the camera remains on “Mean” Gene. The sound of a vicious beating can be heard, and Okerlund's reactions are a testament to that fact. Shaking his head, as if to clear away the gory images “Mean” Gene's gaze returns to the camera.


MG: Yikes. Some powerful words, from a… determined man.


Fade to black.

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The camera then returns to the arena to Joey Styles and Paul Heyman


Styles: What a night its been, and if you though this was wild just wait until Zero Tolerance.


Heyman:No doubt I myself am.....


Climbing up the Walls playing across the arena cuts off Heyman.


Styles: What now?


Heyman: Its the Dark Alliance that's what! The future tag team champions!


Boyo steps through the curtain and is met with a barrage of boos, Sickness follows carrying a table.


Styles: I don't like where this is going already.


Heyman: Will you stop being such a wimp, the greatest team in TWOStars today has graced us with their presence and all you do is complain.


Styles: Well be that as it may, the jackass has a microphone.


Boyo surveys the crowd whilst Sickness sets up the table on the entranceway.


Boyo: Well it seems that our victims at Zero Tolerance have decided to stop cowering in fear and put on a big act for you people.


Boyo turns and looks at Sickness who has finished propping up the table.


Boyo: Well The Judge and Jimmy Redman, it may not dawn on you right now, but it is going to take so much more than what you have got to beat us at Zero Tolerance, (walks over to the table) For you see, this match, this Flaming Tables match, is going to be the single worst night of your lives. And you are right we don't see you as a challenge, this is just fun and games to Mr. Sickness.


Sickness: The Judge and Jimmy Redman come out to play!!


With that Sickness turns and begins climbing the entranceway set


Styles: What is he doing Sickness has climbed over the entranceway, he is standing above that table!


Boyo pulls out a bottle of lighter fluid and pours it all over the table.


Heyman: Good God no! Tell me he not going to!!


Sickness stands above the table, staring intensely a slight grin on his face.


Boyo lights a match and hovers it above the table for a few seconds before dropping it, the eruption of flames the result.


Styles: Sickness! He is about fifteen feet above that flaming hell!


Sickness leans over the edge and looks down at the burning table, before diving over and crashing down through the flaming table as the crowd goes absolutely insane.


Styles: Oh my God!!!


Heyman: No way!!!


The crowd chants Holy ****, as paramedics come out and extinguish the blaze before helping Sickness out of thew wreckage



Styles: I can't believe Sickness did that.


Sickness suddenly pushes the medics away, grabs one by the throat and throws against the set, the rest scattering away from him.


Heyman: Who can stop them now! Just what have The Judge and Jimmy Redman gotten themselves into!


Styles: At Zero Tolerance only one team will remain standing, and the Dark Alliance have proved that they will kill themselves to take out the champs!!!


Sickness stands and stares and the camera, his clothes smoldering as Boyo looks on a maniacal grin on his face.


Cut to commercials.

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After commercials we cut backstage where The Grish has caught up with The Judge and Jimmy Redman. The crowd pop loudly.


Grish: I'm back here with the TWOStars Tag Team champions, The Judge and Jimmy Redman, and guys, what are your thoughts about what you've just seen The Dark Alliance - YOUR OPPONENTS IN A FLAMINGS TABLES MATCH - at Tab-sorry, at Zero Tolerance.


Redman: You know what I think Todd? I'm not worried about those two perverts-


Judge: Flame Perverts


Grish: Flame Perverts?


Judge: Damn straight.


Redman: We are the TWOStars Tag. Team. Champions and in this line o'work it means many things. It means that we will fight anyone, at any time, however the fans see fit.


Judge: It means that The Dark Alliance are going to get their butts kicked.


Redman: It means that The Judge and Jimmy Redman are both men of honour, men of courage, and men of testicular fortitude.


Grish: And what of The Dark Alliance..?


Judge: DID YOU HEAR THE MAN, GRISHAM?! What he said was that because we are the Tag Team Title holders that we are the God-damned BEST in this industry. The Dark Alliance may have their ERE background, their history together and this, this fear factor that surrounds them, but let me tell you this: when it comes to Zero Tolerance, make no mistake: The Judge and Jimmy Redman will sentence The Dark Alliance, straight into a fiery inferno!!


Grish: Do you guys know what the options are for your Flaming Tables match?


Redman: IT DOESN'T MATTER what the stipulations are, Todd! It doesn't matter! Look, we are the best tag team in this industry and that counts for something where I come from -


Voice: It counts for nothing, Mr Jimmy.


Redman: Oh, what the hell do you want, jackass?


Boyo and Sickness walk into view.


Boyo: I've come here to speak to you two chummmmmmmmmmmmmmmPAHs about how you're going to lose these beautiful belts at Zero Tolerance.


Judge: Don't make me laugh Boyo, the only person you could ever beat is that battle-scarred tag-team partner of yours. And then it would only be the kind of beating you'd dress up in leather for.


Crowd: Ohhhh


Boyo: Then you won't be fazed when I give you your options for our match at Zero Tolerance.


Redman and Judge roll their eyes.


Boyo: Right, firstly you can fight us in a best of 5 multiple pinfall through the table stipulation. Basically, it's a Last Man Standing match.


Judge raises his eyebrows and looks at Redman. Boyo smirks


Boyo: Or - if that wasn't brutal enough for you - you can play a high risks game: First pinfall wins all. It doesn't matter who is pinned first but that person will lose the match for their team.


Redman: Or?


Boyo smirks again


Boyo: Or, we can play a REALLY high risk game. A Tornado Rules atch where BOTH team mates have to be pinned to go out. I see Mr Jimmy here would like that, seeing as he could possibly rescue the match after his weaker tag team partner, Mr Judge here, would surely be first out.


Judge: We don't care, Boyo you jackass, you don't scare us. And your unhinged base-jumping crackpot friend doesn't either.


Boyo: Good Mr Judge, good. BECAUSE IT'S NOT UP TO YOU!! Hell, it's not even up to Mr Boyo either. It's up to the FANS. THEY will decide our fate at Zero Tolerance and let me warn you Mr Judge, Mr Jimmy - we have some pretty bloodthirsty fans...


The Dark Alliance skulk off as we go to an "Arkham Home Learning" promo.

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back from the "Arkham Home Learning" promo.


TC: The following match is scheduled for one fall!


The lights fade and "My Friend Of Misery", plays loud out of the speakers, and a green lasers flash on the stage. Black Dragon comes out and on to the stage, rushes to one side and salutes the crowd, and then rushes to the other side to salute the crowd.


JS: This man has proven to be a very competitive wrestler in TWOstars and have made himself a lot of fans early in his career.


PH: Maybe it is because he made Darkstar tap out by mistake on his debut match with Evil Gringo that he got all that fame!


TC: Making his way to the ring, weighting in at 180 lbs, he is Black Dragon!


Black Dragon jogs down the ramp and climbs the top rope, where he lifts his arms and a big explosion goes off above the ring and Black Dragons jumps in the ring, ready for battle.


The TWO Arena falls to black as a blue light shines down from the TWOtron, running down the ramp and spilling into the ring. The iron chair begins to rise from the top. He unleashes himself from the confines of the chair.


CHIMEL: He is the current reigning TWOstars United States Champion……. Weighing in at two hundred and ninety five pounds………………. Violent………………….. Vinnie…………………… Vengeance!!!


JS: But look at that Paul. It's The Lonely Avenger! The Lonely Avenger has attacked Violent Vinnie Vengeance from the back with a steal chair to the head.


The referee and Black Dragon, still in the ring, the bell haven't been rung yet, don't know what to do.


TLA starts kicking Vengeance to roll him to the back, handing him a chair shot from now and then.


PH: The match hasn't started yet and The Lonely Avenger has interfered in it.


The referee, seeing both men disappearing behind the entrance curtains, calls Chimmel to talk to him.


TC: The referee has decided that this match has ended into a no contest!


The fans start booing unsatisfied of what they came here to see and didn't see.


The camera cuts from the ring where Black Dragon is standing angry to the back where TLA is delivering his fifth chair shot of the evening to the back of 3V.


JS: This is Vengeance's punishment for joining The Future.


PH: I know The Lonely Avenger is jealous because The Future did not pick him, but this is not a way to go.


JS: I don't think it is about The Future. It is all about the title around that man's waist.


The Punishing Horror heads towards a table and gets a knuckle he must have placed on it before. He heads towards his opponent and grabs him from the head. VVV tries to deliver some desperate punches but in vain.


TLA brutally nails VVV in the head with the knuckle, causing his head to bleed. He starts hitting the already bleeding head fast and hard over and over in an enraged way.


JS: This is sick. Someone has got to stop this. Someone has to stop what Revenge Itself is doing to a helpless VVV.


Officials and TWOstars employees rush and try to take Avenger up but fail to do it.


PH: Nothing will stop The Lonely Avenger right now. Nothing at all.


It took ten men to get TLA away from the bleeding Triple V. Darkstar comes rushing to the scene, repulsed from the scene of VVV on the ground.


JS: It's Taz Paul. This has gotten serious.


TZ: What has gotten into you Avenger? What the hell do you think you're doing? Attacking VVV like that. You have messed with the wrong men! Vengeance is a member of the future now and he's under our protection. Next week, we will teach you a lesson you will not forget. The Future will destroy you and your career.


TLA stares in the eyes of Taz.


TLA: Do you think that you scare me Taz. Do you think that your man on the ground bleeding scares me? Or do you think that your Future scares me? i will claim the US title that is rightfully mine, that was stolen from me at Survivor Series by that dirty wrestler, that was taken from Trash by Jaxx. I will get my shot and I will get it at Taboo Tuesday. If it is a gauntlet I will make my way through everyone in here to take out every single wrestler that gets in my way until I get to VVV and destroy him really badly.


TZ: Do you really thi....


TLA: SHUT UP TAZ! I am not finished! I am going to take your special referee out and destroy VVV and make whatever loser refereeing the match tap him out or count my fall.


TZ: NO you...


TLA: I SAID SHUT UP! and last, you will have all those men around the ring to take me out when I am thrown away. Well I will take out every one of them, throw them back to your ring and take out VVV with them as well.

TZ: You...


TLA: I am not scared of you or your little future. I am not scared from anyone. All that scares me is the horror that will leave you and your future at Taboo Tuesday. I will show zero tolerance to each and every stipulation the fans chose and I will take you out and get the title. Mark my words Taz, mark my words! (Copyright of the movie Harry Potter 2: The Chamber of Secret).


And the scene fades out to TWOstars goes Hollywood: Darkstar in the leading role of the movie "My boss's daughter" with Ashten Cutcher

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Back from the promo, we're in the SEX locker room again.


Michael: So, Keith, do you think that Arkham will beat Eagles then?


Keith: Well, if it's the Gladiators, he'll definitely win, without a doubt. But what do you think?


Michael: God knows what's going to happen, with the voting.


Keith: You believe in God?


Michael: I'm apathetic.


Keith: Don't you mean agnostic?


Michael: Whatever.


Cut to...

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… an panning shot of the packed arena.


Climbing up the walls plays and Boyo appears on the ramp. He's followed shortly by Sickness, who looks suddenly over his shoulder, as if expecting a sneak attack. Boyo makes it to the ring first, climbs up the steps, and holds open the ropes for Sickness. The sick, sick ba***rd positions himself in the center of the ring staring up the ramp way.


The arena goes pitch black for only a moment. When they come back up, Deadman is standing directly behind Sickness. The Dead Man's face shows no emotion.


Heyman: How'd he do that!?


Styles: What is he, the Lonely Avenger all of a sudden!?


Sickness seems to feel a strange unknown presence. He turns around, and in a panic bolts out of the ring. From the outside he gives Deadman a hard look.


Styles: What's going on between these two? Aren't they on the same team?


Heyman: Well you weren't around in the days of ERE, so I'll give you a quick little history lesson. Back in the golden days, before this whole TWO thing started, the only thing that could strike fear into the heart of Sickness… was that man. Deadman himself. He was a bit more of a zombie back then, but apparently he still has what it takes.


The lights go out and the arena is bathed in psychedelic swirls.




is displayed in close ups and as a whole across the TWOtron. Jungle Boy, recorded by Twiggie's very own band: Bremstrahung Farad, is pumped through the speakers of the arena. Twiggie appears at the top of the ramp wheeling his signature recycling bin behind him, his hardcore title hanging over the side. Around his head is tied a faded red bandana. He shouts various things to the fans while waving his free arm angrily. The crowd responds by shouting obscenities, and throwing polystyrene cups.


Chimmel: Weighing in tonight at 196 pounds. He is the self-proclaimed TWOstars Hardcore Champion. He is … Twwwwwwwwwiggie!


Joey: Ha! “Champion”


Twig reaches out and snatches up a sign from a fan along the ramp. It reads: “Twig for mayor.” He shouts at them.


Twiggie: Didn't I kick your ass at the last house show!?


Twig recycles the sign, and makes his way down the ramp. Leaving his bin at the base of the steps he dances like a fool at the foot of the ring, until his music fades out. As Sutterfly's 'Gun in Hand' plays he suddenly snaps back to reality. He looks about in a panic before he realizes just where he is.


Styles: Looks like Howell just killed Twig's buzz.


The fluorescent lights all go green, every Titan Tron screen has an image of money falling while cutting to pictures of the "10 Karat Slam" Sutterfly's 'Gun in Hand' plays.


Spend a lifetime

trying to understand.

Why you reason

with a gun in your hand.



Two spark showers start flowing on either side of the titan tron.


What was so bad?

What had he done

to make you return,

this time with a gun?


Niles comes out and rolls out a long red carpet, which rolls out to its entirety at the feet of Twig. Then Howell comes out onto the red carpet.


Intimidation growing bigger.

What the hell made you pull the trigger?


Spend a lifetime

trying to understand.

Why you reason

with a gun in your hand.


The two strut down the ramp until stopped by the PETA Punisher. The Colorado Troubadour informs the two rookies of the strategy. He can be seen mouthing the words “Stay out of my way.” and “Leave it to me.” He arrogantly motions for them to head to the corner, while Boyo and Sickness heads over to theirs. Twig slides in and sizes up the Deceased Wrestler.




Styles: And Deadman is wasting no time laying into Twig with a combination of heavy punches.


The PETA Punisher stumbles backwards with each shot, until he's up against the ropes. The Dead Guy pushes T-Wiggins off the ropes to gain some extra velocity as he whips Twiggie across the ring. Upon his return Twiggers is greeted with a powerful spinebuster.


Lifted back to his feet Twig is backed into the corner with a combination of punches.


Styles: Deadman, hastening those punches as he only has four seconds before he must back off.






Twig grabs the ropes to support himself.




Twig sags in the ropes as his knee's buckle under him.




Heyman: Deaddie ceases his punching, but remains in the corner, towering over Twiggles in an intimidating manner.


The ref tries to squeeze his way in between the two, but Deadman is an immovable rock. In frustration the ref scolds the Big Dead Machine.


Ref: Mr. Man! Back away from the hippy! Let him get off the ropes!


Taking advantage of the ref's limited view, Twig raises a sharp knee to Deadman's groin.


Crowd: OOOOOOOoooohhh!!!


The Man in Black falls backwards and to the mat, holding his crotch.


Styles: A low blow, and Twig just plays it off like the ref pushed Deadman too hard.


Twig: Take it easy there buddy. You must not know your own strength. You been working out or something?


Ref: Well, I have been doing some sit-ups…


Styles: In one swing of his foot, Twig has turned the tide of this match.


Heyman: Twig walks across the ring and across Deadman's face in a spinning foot scrape.


As Deadman convulses on the mat, failing to rid himself of the foul bouquet that is Twig's foot fungus, he's yanked to his feet by the Dirty Hippy.


Styles: Well, I'm amazed at the teamwork. After a monkey flip to their corner, Michael and Niles, hang the former ERE owner in a tree of woe.


Twig backs up, lines up his shot, and nails Deadman's skull with a running dropkick.


Twig: That's right, boys. Just follow my lead. If you take some notes Mikey, you just might get to where I am today.


Deaddie wobbles up to his feet, but is arrogantly tossed off the ropes but the Hippy with a growing head.


Styles: Blind tag by Sickness, Twig tossed Deadman too close to his partners.


The Deadman receives a back body drop and rolls out of the ring. In comes Sickness, and he slowly stalks the Colorado Troubadour.


Twig: Hey, c'mon now Sickness old buddy… we go way back… remember?


Twig's words draw no reaction from the Sick Ba****d, who continues to back Twig into a corner


Styles: Such cowardly actions from Twiggith M'Gee


Heyman: It's not cowardly, he just doesn't want to ruin the friendship he has with the Dark Alliance.


Styles: You think the Dark Alliance has friends?


Twig hits the turnbuckle of his teammates, but they both lean away, refusing to tag. In anger, Twig slaps Michael Howell III in the face.


Styles: Well, the ref saw that as a tag, so Twig's making a hasty exit from the ring.


Howell stands in stunned silence, before Sickness grabs his head and flips him over the ropes.


The Third Michael in a long line of Howell's springs up to his feet and smashes his closed fist into the head of the Sick One. Instead of reeling from the blow, however Sickness grins and takes it.


Styles: What a sadistic man, he's actually enjoying those hard shots to the head.


Heyman: Another shot, and Sickness is lapping up the pain. A standing dropkick has him reeling, but Sickness stays vertical.


Styles: And it takes a snapmare to bring Sickness to the mat.


Michael follows up with a spinning kick to the side of the Sick Man's head.


Mikey the Third bends over to pick up the disturbed individual, but is caught in a quick roll up.


Styles: Shades of our very own Heavyweight champion Brett Banner!










- kickout


Styles: Michael looks as disappointed as Dante did, the other week at Survivor Series.


Heyman: I don't see why he kicked out. He could've saved himself some energy and just grabbed that rope.


The two are back up to their feet and Michael receives a kick to the stomach doubling him over.


Heyman: Cutter!


Styles: This isn't ECW, it's called a “Stunner” here.


Michael falls backwards, but hits the ropes and rebounds. Sickness grabs his head and takes him to the mat with a DDT.


Styles: Cross Infection! Sickness goes for the pin, this time in the center of the ring.

















From out of nowhere Niles flies across the ring and breaks the pin.


Heyman: Boyo takes exception to that, and Niles is out of the ring with a clothesline over the ropes.


Boyo climbs through the ropes onto the apron, and jumps off.


Heyman: Knee drop to the skull of Niles from the apron, right in front of us!


In the ring Sickness picks up the battered Michael and slaps on the old full nelson. Immediately Howell thrashes about trying to break the hold before he passes out. Sickness does him a favor and breaks the hold himself, but not before-


Styles: Full Nelson Suplex! That has got to hurt!


On the outside Boyo is stomping away at the hamstring of Niles.


Heyman: Now Boyo has a good head on his shoulders. Prepping Niles for Boyo's Cloverleaf Leglock, even when neither of them are the legal man.


Niles is brought to his feet, and whipped into the steel steps. Hitting them knee-first the two pieces of steps separate and the top flies into the barrier.


Sickness brings The CEO to his feet and launches him off the ropes. On his way back Michael leaps over a back body drop.


Styles: The CEO has an opportunity to build some momentum, here.


Back to the outside Boyo smashes the top half of the ring steps across the legs of the fallen butler. The biggest jackass of them all, struts over to his corner and smirks at Deadman, before focusing back on the match.


Sure enough, in the ring, the CEO connects with a Flying Leg Lariat to the face of The Sick, Disturbed Individual.


The two warriors fall to the mat, and a double count out begins
















Howell Number Three turns over to his knees and reaches out for Twig's hand.


Styles: Oh c'mon! Twiggie could easily make the tag!




Twiggie appears to be under the assumption that now is a good time to pick the random pieces of dirt, lint, and God knows what else out of his dreadlocks. He “accidentally” flicks them into Howell's face. Meanwhile, Sickness has made it to his feet. He grabs the CEO in a front face lock, and takes him over to his corner.




Boyo eagerly enters after the tag has been made, and Sickness climbs the turnbuckle. From there he makes his way to Boyo's shoulders, as Boyo stands over Michael Howell III. Sickness performs a 450 splash off of Boyo's shoulders, curling up in a ball and driving his knees into the rich boy's chest.


Styles: The Anvil! Michael Howell is taking one hell of a beating… and Twiggie is just not doing a thing about it.


Heyman: Hey, he didn't ask to team up with Howell.


Styles: Like it or not, they're a team and they have to work together!


Heyman: Like the former tag champs Judge and Jordi Warner?


Styles: And how long did they hold the belts?


Heyman: Hey, the point is, they got 'em. Alright?


Niles grudgingly climbs up the apron, and hangs on the ropes. Sickness drops off the apron after Deadman gives him a menacing look.


The now legal Boyo drags the limp body of Michael Howell the Third up to his feet, and puts the battered man in a reverse headlock.


Styles: The biggest jackass I've ever seen, could be lookin' to break some beacons.


In a gust of a second wind, the CEO grabs Whaley's head and flips over his back planting his head into the mat.


Heyman: Now that was one pretty maneuver, what would you call that, Joey?


Styles: Well, I'd venture so far as to call that a moonsault reverse DDT.


Mr. Howell dives across the rings, slapping the out-stretched hand of Niles. The Butler enters the ring, clearly showing he's still feeling the effects of Boyo's beating earlier on in the match.


Heyman: Boyo's up, and it's payback time for Niles.


The CEO's second-hand man lays into Boyo with a series of kicks and punches, forcing the Jackass back into the ropes.


Heyman: Oh! Out of nowhere. Boyo shows up with the ol' thumb to the eye.


Boyo continues with a Judo Throw Takedown, slapping in a chinlock once he's done.


N to the Izzle frantically claws at Boyo's arms and hands, but the hold is locked in tight. Boyo decides to up the ante and digs his knee into the small of Nile's back, drawing a roar of pain from the Indentured Servant.


Styles: And Boyo continues prepping Niles for his patented Cloverleaf Leglock.


Boyo suddenly rolls Niles onto his belly, breaks the chinlock, hits Niles with a hard stomp to the hamstring, and slaps in a _ Boston Crab. The ref drops down and solemnly waits for Niles to drop his raised hand.


After pacing about on the outside for a good while Sickness climbs back up the apron and stands stiffly, refusing to even glance at his partner, Deadman.


Niles reaches out towards the ropes, but is a good _ foot away.


The one time ERE Intercontinental Champ leans back in the hold, cranking up the pressure.


Niles reaches out again, and this time miraculously grabs the ropes. From another angle we can see that this is due to MH3 standing on the bottom rope, pushing it inward. All from behinds the ref's back.


Ref: Okay Boyo, break that hold.








Ref: Break it, Boyo!




The former tag champ lets go of Niles' leg, which is immediately cradled in Niles arms. The Jackass in green trunks puts on a hammerlock, and draws the Butler to his feet. He marches him across the ring and Boyo tags in Sickness.


Styles: The team of Deadman and the Dark Alliance, keeping each other fresh with consistent tags.


Sickness takes over the hammerlock, but switches it up. He quickly changes into a Full-Nelson, and tops it off with a Full-Nelson Suplex.


Niles is yanked up to his feet, and tossed off the ropes on spaghetti legs. As the man who lives to change Howell's shoes hits the ropes Twig comes down with a clubbing blow to Niles' shoulder, knocking him face-first into the mat.


Ref: Tag!


Styles: Well, it looks as if Twiggie's antics have come back to bite him in the ass.


Twiggie reluctantly steps through the ropes as Niles roll to the outside, and eventually to his corner.


Styles: Again, Twig's looking for anything he can do to not have to square off against Sickness.


Twig: Hey, c'mon now! EARTH!


The PETA Punisher lifts his official Captain Planet “Earth” ring to the air. This causes Sickness to stop in his tracks.


Sickness: HEART!


The Sick man raises his corresponding ring. Suddenly and all too familiar cartoon sequence plays across the TWOtron.


Captain Planet: Your powers combined… I am, Captaaaiiin Planet!


Twig drops his guard long enough for Sickness to lock in his favorite submission of the night: The Full-Nelson. The Sick One hits an Acid Drop, and slams Twig's face right into the mat.


Styles: The Boyo Bulldog, obviously named after the man Sickness once held the tag titles with.


Sickness grins, clearly biting his tongue and drawing blood, which dribbles down his chin. Twig crawls across the ring desperately seeking a tag. At that moment, Michael Howell III and Niles suddenly launch into an intense conversation about the cut of Michael's ring attire.


The Sick One decide it's now time to dish out more pain, and grabs Twiggle's head and shoves it between his legs. He lifts up the Colorado Troubadour for a powerbomb.


Heyman: Twig's not quite as hurt as he let on! Hurricanrana!


Styles: It looks more to me, like that was a move of desperation, not careful contemplation.


Leaving the bloody man on his back Twig leaps to the top of a neutral turnbuckle and faces the ring.


Styles: Twig connects with the Shooting Star Press. And hooks the leg in a cover.















Heyman: A kickout, from Sicky.


Twiggith stumbles to his feet and to his teammates. He outs all his weight and the little energy he has left into a punch to Niles' face.


Ref: Tag!


He has to start a countout, because the now legal man has been knocked to the outside by his “tag”




Styles: Referee Brian Hebner, loosening the rules as to what may be construed as a tag.




Michael swings at Twiggerton, but the shot is ducked. The dirty hippy connects with a shoulder block launching Howell into the barrier on the outside.








Twig climbs the turnbuckle and motions something to the crowd.


Styles: What's that supposed to mean?


Unknown to anyone but Twig he signaled for, and connected with, a double SSP to his own partner. Both men are out cold.


Crowd: HOLY $#¡† HOLY $#¡† HOLY $#¡†


Styles: Good God! Was that absolutely necessary!?




Heyman: Necessary? No. But, he's proving to us all that he's the man to take the strap from Brett banner at Zero Tolerance.




We see the Double SSP replayed from ever angle manageable, as Niles rolls back onto the ring. The two trade closed fists until Niles, the larger man kicks Sickness in the gut, doubling him over.


Styles: The CEO's butler gets Sickness into position for a DDT, but Sickness manages to get his head out of his grip and still hold onto his arm.


Sickness then wrenches Niles' DDT arm around the back of his waist into a Hammerlock. Sickness holds the hammerlock in for a few seconds. With his left hand Sickness reaches around and pulls on the chin of Niles, The Perpetual Butler now looking at the arena roof. Sickness kicks the back of his knees, making him buckle over backwards. Sickness then drops to his knees and plants Niles' spine right on his knee, with the hammerlock and the chin lock still locked.


Styles: The hammerlock-chinlock-backbreaker combo, commonly referred to as the Darkness Falls!


Twig and Michael show the most basic signs of life on the outside. They're rolling around in agony. Sickness whips the oversized butler into the corner, and climbs the buckles behind him.


Styles: Diamond Dust! That's a wrap!










Sickness breaks the cover and slides out of the ring.


Heyman: Deadman's presence in the ring alone is enough to drive the Sick One out of the ring. Deadman strolls over to the fallen butler and drops down in a lateral press






The Dead One hooks Niles' leg while staring into the soul of Sickness.












Chimmel: And your winner's the team of Deadman, and the Dark Alliance: Boyo and Sickness!


Styles: Well… we've seen some interesting forms of teamwork on both sides of this matchup.


Heyman: It's like I've said before: “The team that doesn't hit eachother with double shooting star presses, stays together.”


Styles: Really? You've said that before?


Heyman: Well…


Cut to commercials.

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When we return from commercials Todd Grisham is stood outside the dressing room where we hear shouting and smashing going on


TG: Inside this locker room is an angry Black Dragon who earlier tonight was supposed to have a crack at the US Title but before the match The Lonely Avenger attacked VVV and the match never happend so I'm going to try and get a word with Black Dragon


Grisham enters the room where a flying chair just misses him


TG: Hey Dragon


BD: (angrily) What the hell do you want?


TG: Errrm, I just wanted to get your thoughts on what happend earlier tonight with TLA and Triple V?


BD: My thoughts? I think it should be pretty damn obvisous what my thoughts are.... Lonely Avenger you son of a bitch you screwed up my chance to win the US Title tonight, so I'm going to make this short and sweet you better be watching your back because Black Dragon doesn't forget and Black Dragon doesn't forgive, now Toddy get the hell out of here before I kick your ass


JS: Oh man Black Dragon angry and well he should be


PE: Meh the way I see it is Lonely Avenger saved him from getting his ass beat by Vinnie Vengeance


JS: Well Black Dragon clearely on TLA's that should be an interesting situation to follow


Goes to Taboo Tuesday / Zero Tolereance hype video

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Back from Zero Tolerance promo.


Styles-Well we have our main event coming up, and this one promises to be interesting. We have the Assassin Dante Mueller teaming with Tom Trash to take on Brett Banner and The Evil Gringo.


Heyman-This is an absolute travesty of justice!! Making anyone tag with that scum Tom Trash, ESPECIALLY the man who should be our World Heavyweight Champion. Its just disgusting.


The lights go out and the Spinning Red Radiation symbol comes onto the Tron. The crowd cheer as dry ice seeps out from the entranceway and the ramp is bathed in eerie, deep blue light.


Banner steps out onto the entrance ramp, head bowed and covered by the hood of his blue and red boxing robe. He slowly spins around, arms outstretched, to reveal that the back of the garment is emblazoned with his symbol.


As he makes his way to the ring he shrugs his shoulders and cracks his neck like a boxer as he psyches himself up for his match.


He steps up onto the ring apron, pauses, then pulls the hood back to reveal his face.


He enters the ring between the top and middle ropes and proceeds to pace like a caged tiger.


Styles-And your other half of this tag team is now coming to the ring.


The lights dim and the crowd buzz as Not Listening by Papa Roach booms through the in house speakers.... The crowd Pops for the Mexican Sensation as brooding dark red and green lights flash and spiral around the ramp and ring and pyro explodes as the Evil Gringo emerges from the back, eyes full of rage, ready for war with his Mamcita, Becki standing proudly behind her man...


Heyman-That is one pissed off Mexican.


Styles-Latino. And besides, he’s not pissed off, he just has his game face on is all.


Heyman-I still say pissed.


You Don't See The Signs by Mark B. Blade starts to play. Trash comes to the ramp complete with a trash can, with the latest victim's names sprayed on the side. He pauses at the top of the ramp as none other than The Incredible Holt appears with him.


Styles-Well that doesn’t seem fair. I mean, come on, why is Holt coming to the ring?


Heyman-He’s probably just here to watch the match.


Styles-OH I doubt it.


A graphic flashes up on the Titantron. First it is just undistinguishable blurs, but soon it turns into an actual picture. A storm is seen and heard in the background. Lightning hits and thunder cracks loudly. The camera goes through the graveyard as the storm continues. Eventually several small shapes are seen in the background. As the camera approaches them, it turns out to be identical tombstones, With names across them all. From left to right they read,



Omega Red

Draven Cage

Mickhail Mills

Chris Eagles

Jordi Warner

Evil Gringo

The Incredible Holt


Behind the graves is a figure perched on the top of a Mausoleum. In the lightning flashes, the figure is revealed to be Dante, trench coat billowing out behind him. Lightning strikes the mausoleum where Dante is perched and at the same time lightning strikes in the arena. The crowd jumps at this as the all to familiar pyro explodes. F*cking Determined by Mudvayne is blaring through the arena as Dante walks from amidst the flames. The crowd again pops massively as Dante makes his way to the ring. He throws the guns again and "shoots" each turnbuckle, making pyro blast out in succession as each one is "hit"


Heyman-At least the fans are showing respect for our future world heavyweight champ. After all, he SHOULD be our champ now, but due to bad reffing, he got screwed.


Styles-Would you DROP it already? He already told us that Banner simply got the better of him.


Heyman-He was just being nice.


Styles-When has Dante EVER been nice?




Styles-My point exactly. Well the bell rings and we’re underway. Looks like Trash and Gringo will be starting this one off.


The Drunk and Gringo are in the ring. They tie up, with Gringo getting the upper hand. He delivers some stiff chops to Trash backing him up against the ropes. He whips his opponent to the opposite ring side. The Disciple rebounds from the ropes, and Gringo meets him with a textbook drop kick. Trash crashes unceremoniously to the mat.


Heyman-Well Tom Trash doesn’t seem to be looking to good here.


Styles-There’s been two different moves in this match. Give him a break man.


Trash is on the ground, and Gringo grabs him by the hair and lifts him to his feet. He hooks his arm around the neck of Trash and delivers a vertical suplex. He goes to his corner and quickly tags in the champ, to a large pop from the crowd.


Styles-Holt is on the outside, looking like he wants to help his partner, but seems to be torn between the decision.


Heyman-He’s just watching the match, cut him some slack.


Banner comes into the ring and stands over Trash. Trash has the presence of mind to sweep Banner’s legs out from under him, thusly allowing him to stand. Trash gets to his feet and begins to kick the champ in the ribs. This causes Banner to roll to his side, and Trash begins to kick him in the lower back.


Styles-Well it seems like Styles has a game plan here.


Heyman-And a smart one. Take out the champ so Dante can beat him later.


Styles-You’re an idiot. You know that? I’m surprised we’ve not seen any involvement from Holt thus far.


Heyman-I told you he was just watching the match.


Back in the ring, Banner has managed to grab a hold of Trash’s leg and executes a dragon screw to take The Disciple down. Both Banner and Trash rise to their feet. Trash delivers a strong left to Banner’s face, and is quickly met a forearm shot from The champ. They exchange blows with The Brutal one eventually gaining the upper hand. He whips Trash into the ropes and delivers a Side Effect Slam. He stands up and poses to the crowd.


Heyman-Well Banner sure seems to be proud of himself.


Styles-Well he’s the champ, not to mention he OH MY GOD!!!!


Heyman-(voice getting higher as he speaks) DID YOU SEE THAT?? WE NEED TO SEE A REPLAY!!


A replay is shown of Trash coming off the ropes. As he rebounds, Dante slaps his back to make the tag, unbeknownst to Banner. As the Brutal one is standing to pose to the crowd Dante has scaled the top ropes and has launched into his Into the Void Shooting Star Press, catching Banner squarely and dropping them both. Dante drops for the pin.
























Styles-Long two count there on Banner. Dante showing some guts there, and MAN did it pay off.


Heyman-That’s why he should be champ. That was a slow count too.


Styles-I’m not even dignifying that with a response, other then this match is going to continue.


Dante gets up and drags Banner with him and lifts the champ into the Powerbomb position. Banner tries to punch The Eternal Opportunist in the head to escape, but to no avail. He’s driven into the mat and hard.


Dueling chants of “LETS GO BANNER” and “LETS GO DANTE” are heard from the crowd.


Dante grabs Banner by the neck and raises him to his feet. He delivers a textbook fisherman’s suplex and bridges into a pin.






















Styles-Another kick out by Banner.


Heyman-Another slow count by the ref. That guy should be fired.


Styles-Dante is again pulling Banner to his feet. Oh wow. What a whip into the corner.


The Opportunist hit’s a Stinger Splash on Banner and whips him to the opposite corner. Against his wishes though, Gringo is awaiting this, and quickly tags in. He charges Dante and connects with a clothesline. Dante is back up to his feet, and is met with another clothesline. Again he gets up and again Gringo charges him. This time, Dante ducks and prepares for the rebound. Gringo stops short, and the two are facing each other and looking at the other, seeing who will make the first move. After a brief stare down, they advance and tie up, with Gringo getting the advantage. He whips Dante into the ropes and when the Assassin returns, he delivers a drop to hold to lay Dante’s neck on the second rope.


Styles-Gringo trying to choke Dante out here.


Heyman-That’s why he was a terrible champ. He can’t even respect the rules.


The ref is admonishing Gringo, and it looks like The Incredible Holt is about to jump into the ring. He seems to be feeling upset about attacking his former partner, and while the ref is administering the 5 count to Gringo, The Green Destroyer pulls the rope down and holds Dante’s head up, so he’s not being choked. Just as Gringo looks at Dante, Holt lets go. The Mexican Sensation gets a puzzled look on his face, and Holt turns away, not meeting the other man’s gaze.


Style-What is Holt doing? Its almost like he’s not wanting to do what he’s doing.


Heyman-I don’t know, but this is just weird.


Gringo lifts the not choked Dante, and is met with a stiff kick to the head from Dante. Dante opens up on Gringo with lefts and rights, peppering his opponent. The Mexican Sensation covers up, only to be whipped across the ring by Dante. As he rebound from the far ropes, the Eternal Opportunist delivers a drop toe hold. Dante then runs to the ropes and shoots back, hitting a Shining Wizard as the downed Gringo regains his knees.


Styles-What’s Dante doing here?


Heyman-He’s going up top for something….This kid should be champ, and I’m sure he knows what he’s doing……HOLY CRAP


Styles-OH MY GOD!!!! Dante just NAILED Gringo with that Into the Void SSP!!


Heyman-That’s two in this match. The Assassin is just AMAZING!! THAT is why this kid should be champ. On a slightly more depressing note, Trash just blind tagged Dante, and is now the legal man.


Dante is staring a hole through The Drunken Disciple. He grudgingly exit’s the ring, per the ref’s request. Trash drops to make the cover on a still downed Gringo. After the ref gets The Assassin out of the ring, he drops to make the count….






























Styles-NO!! Gringo just BARELY kicks out. You have to think if Dante had left just a second earlier, this one would be over.


Heyman-I blame Trash. He’s a drunk.


Styles-You would.


Trash grabs Gringo by his hair and whips him into the ropes. As he’s about to rebound, Holt is there and grabs The Mexican’s foot watching as Gringo eats canvas.


Heyman-I’m still not sure why Holt is looking upset here.


Styles-Yeah, something is definitely weird here.


Gringo gets to his feet and looks at Holt, who refuses to meet his gaze. With rage in his eyes, Gringo tags in Banner, all the while keeping a murderous glare on The Incredible Holt.

Banner hit’s the ring, and starts to wail on Trash. They eventually tie up and The Brute goes for a Powerbomb. He hoists Trash up and….


Heyman-NICE reversal by Trash. He managed to turn that Powerbomb into a Hurricarana.


Styles-Well he just made sure his team was in it for that much longer, if nothing else.


Runs off the ropes as Banner is gaining his feet again. He leaps and….




Heyman-This one is OVER! Dante’s team has won.


Trash drops to make the count, but as he does, Gringo is about to run in and save his partner. As he gets his first foot over the rope, Holt grabs his trailing foot, keeping him from getting into the ring. Gringo turns and starts to yell at his former team mate. Trash sees what’s going on, and begin runs over to translate so Holt can plead his case. As Trash and Holt argue with Gringo, Banner begins to regain his sense in the middle of the ring.


Heyman-What the hell is going on here?


Styles-Apparently Gringo took some exception to his former partners interference.


Gringo turns from yelling at Holt, a look of disgust painted on his face. As he returns his gaze to the ring, Dante charges and takes both Gringo and himself to the outside with a wicked looking spear. As Trash is about to turn back to the ring, after seeing Gringo and Dante fly past, Banner comes up behind him and…..


Styles-Belly to back suplex there by Banner.


Heyman-Things don’t look good for Trash right now…..


Banner stands over The Disciple, facing his feet and grasps his left leg with his left hand and his right leg with his right hand. He steps between Trash’s legs with his right leg then crouches down, bending Tom’s left leg over his left leg whilst trapping his adversary’s right leg behind his right knee. Trash tries to fight it, but is in the middle of the ring, so he has nowhere to go. Banner then leans back and slaps The Drunk’s left side with his right hand until he gives him his left arm, which the Brutal One then grasps by the wrist and stretches over his right leg. A look of anguish is painted across the face of Trash as he tries to find an escape option, but nothing is apparent.


Styles-This has to be over.


Heyman-FIGHT IT!!


Trash tries in vain, but can’t get to the ropes. Dante is still on the floor with Gringo after the spear, and Holt is too busy watching the two men on the outside.


Styles-HE TAPPED!! TRASH TAPPED!! ITS OVER!! Banner gets another win with that Gammalock. That is one deadly move.


Serial Thrilla by The Prodigy begins to play on the arena speakers. Banner releases the hold and stands to have his hand raised by the ref.


Heyman-I will give him credit. The Gammalock is definitely something to be feared.


Styles-Ladies and Gentleman, that is one dangerous man. Who will be able to stop Banner? Well that does it for us. For myself and on behalf of my partner Paul Heyman, Goodnight.


End of show.

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