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Extra Special Photoshop Competition!!!


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Ok folks,


With a new editorial team of myself, Moobs and Miss.T taking over the Newsletter I'm launching a special one off paint competition to design a Newsletter logo.


What I'm looking for is something no more than 400 * 100 pixels. It can be designed in whatever you like, using whatever tools you like as long as it is presented in a useable format.


It must contain the following:








I'm looking for something to set the tone of the Newsletter and will reveal the winner in the first edition of the Newsletter on Sunday.


If someone could pin this it would be muchly appreciated.


Have Fun





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To while away an hour tonight:










It's so difficult to do a banner... You think to yourself - "Right, something original..." and - for those of us who can't really draw, at least - you end up with only one option: words and pictures of wrestlers.


Tried to pick groovy pictures at least...

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