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Community Awards 2005 - Voting Begins!


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Kind of reminds me of the Best Female award at the Brits. Annie Lennox always gets a sympathy nomination because people remember her from when she was good.


Says the man who wanted a humour forum to start of with because of his sheer comedy genius and STILL doesn't get a nomination in the category.


Still, at least you have TWOStars

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TWOStars isn't a discussion forum, and makes no sense to include it in the awards. Wouldn't it make sense for the Efed to hand out it's own rewards rather than include it in with a bunch of forums where the idea is to discuss topics, rather than play a game as a fictional character?


I'm not taking anything away from the people involved in the game, but I don't see how relevant it is to an award thing on a discussion forum.



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I forgot to add Talk Wrestling Online Stars (E-Fed) to the Other Forums category - its been added now.


Anyone that would like to change their vote, PM me and I'll take that into account when I do the final tally.



Sorry, but I think that's stupid, purely for this reason:




Not to take away from DS and Christofs work, but I'd like to vote for the feedback forum if you're gonna break your own criteria.

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