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*** Official Raw Discussion Thread - 5th December 2005 ***


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Last week Mr. McMahon gave RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff an ultimatum. He said that Bischoff had to set a goal and accomplish that goal, otherwise McMahon might have to look for a new GM. Bischoff later said his was goal was for WWE Champion John Cena to tap out and lose the his Championship. Well, The Champ rose to the occasion once again and defeated Chris Masters and Kurt Angle in a Triple Threat, Submission, No DQ, No Countout match. After the match Mr. McMahon said that it was time to take out the trash. What will this mean for RAW? Who will be the General Manager Monday night? Tune in to find out.


Also, Triple H said last week that no one was man enough to look him in the eye. Big Show proved him wrong and challenged him to a fight. The Game backed down and left the ring. Will these two Superstars’ paths cross again Monday night?

Source WWE.com

Spoilers are allowed in this thread.

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Well for me, it's about 10 minutes until RAW, but WWE.com has updated their RAW Preview, it also includes:


Shawn Michaels & Shelton Benjamin Vs. Carlito & Kurt Angle


Edge & Lita's Interview Segment, The Cutting Edge w/ Guest: "Nature Boy" Ric Flair




On a side note, whatever happened to last week's "Cutting Edge" w/ Triple H? I know Trips came out and cut a promo but why was the "Cutting Edge" nixed? Just curious.


This week's RAW looks to be action-packed, I'm mostly looking forward to who the G.M. of RAW will be & also the HBK/Benjamin Vs. Angle/Carlito match, which promises to be good.

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Batman Lunchbox, Batman Lunchbox, Batman Lunchbox.


That was great. Mick the comedic genius he is.


Will Eric be fired?


*******Update in the trial of Eric Bischoff***************


Well, it's pretty funny so far, Mick calls Steph to the stand, plays footage of Eric kissing Steph.

(I think the footage of Eric being the priest at Billy and Chuck's wedding would have been better)


Coach objects, and Vince says: SHUT UP!


Well, after the Tajiri thing we had Mae Young, well I can say thanks for helping me remember the worst moment in Bad Blood history.


I like the whole HBK/Shelton Benjamin thing. Maybe HBK will take Shelton under his wing. Might be a good story line.


Alright, Mick with the RC and moon pie

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What the hell am I watching? The prerocorded and badly edited trial of Eric Bischoff??? Vince has truely lost his mind...


Wow what an amazing Diva match, amazingly botched up finish, please explain that one to me? Great way to use Tajiri, make him look stupid because he can't speak English, and then job him out to HHH. This happens in normal coutrooms to punish talented misused wrestlers. May Young will be here after the break, Mae Young = Ratings you fools. Mae is drinking gin on WWE Unlimited, yes she is old and an alcoholic.

It's a good thing every arena in the US has a courtroom to hold emergency courtcases for live television. America, protecting your free speech and right to watch taped live crap on your television. All Hail Bush and He Who Should Never Be Mentioned, Karl Rove
Mae is now making Oral sex gestures, i'm blind and the gay bailiff is called as a witness, highly irregular. Masters is disqualified for generating no heat. And for using his gimmick name...


Now HBK is either teasing a heel turn or motivating Shelton, at least this is resembling a wrestling show now...Good!!


Flairs Roid Rage will be exploited later to help with ratings.


Lance Cade makes his way to the ring to absolutley no reaction, I guess the crowd are still asleep after the Vinny Mac comedy stylings. No mention of Cena tonight so far, which is something I can agree with. In the court Coach gets a phonecall about a surprise witness...


Chavo is here, hopefully not to job to the Cowboy dressed as a playing card. Cade does the job, Chavo's mini push continues.. now wayy too much wrestling so lets get back the courtroom...

Daivari is the witness, and now has a fully blown American accent. Of course Vince can't understand it. Foley eats moon pies. Yes this is really happening, its not a bizarre dream. The ring crew bring out a long roll of carpet, the carpet gets a bigger reaction than Masters usually does, I suppose this is for the exploitation of Flair. Edge and Lita make their way out. I'm sure Flair loves the whole courtroom carcrash, he better get used to that scenario. Lita should never speak ever again. Edge says that Flair wont be on the show tonight, but you know he will.

what, edge is the retarded superstar? i thought that was eugene?

Edge shows the Flair mugshot, and it gets a pop. Well it was one of the best things on the show so far. Slaughter and Hendrix are out to tell Edge to get out of the ring. Where were they for the Divas match? And the Big Visc match? Hendrix shoots on Edge, he says "you walk around in rental cars". No Dok you drive them. I can't believe this one, WWE sure love disrespecting dead wrestlers, Terry Gordy is used in this angle to put Edge over as a heel. Class all the way. I think I'll end my running commentary after that distasteful crap, you know how the rest of the show will be, it will continue to suck. Edited by Dave7g
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What the hell am I watching? The prerocorded and badly edited trial of Eric Bischoff??? Vince has truely lost his mind...

Come on Dave you can't hate that. Masters as a policeman, Tajiri Bischoff translation.:lol


EDIT:Thank you Vince for making me remember Mae Young in a thong. Looks like all this years in therapy have gone in vain.:(


Foley and his lunchbox F'n Rule.:lol


OMG Kurt plugged his eyebrows.:eek

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All I can say in favor of the trial is "All the Mick Foley I could ask for." Okay, not really, but it's good to see him before every commercial break... Moonpie? genius.


Foley has the complete package. Can be hilarious or intense on the stick. Has the physique of a champion, :-0 and he's technically sound. :lol



EDIT- Holy shi'ite, Edge just served Hayes. "Somebody told you I had a bottle of Jack and an 8-ball, didn't they?" That was low


Is it bad when your champion gets mixed reactions? Shouldn't they either love him or hate him?


By the way, the boos are geting louder.

Edited by MrFill
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WAIT A MINUTE?! Why did Vince just introduce HHH and Steph to each other when in the past storylines they were clearly married and did a fake pregnancy angle?! IM CONFUSED!?


Because they have't "Seen" each other on the show in awhile, and that was supposed to be like the akward moment where lost loves meet again.

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I liked it....so there. Oo


I'm genuinely glad to hear that. If the segments that I myself don't enjoy don't entertain anyone else, then there's no reason for them to be there.


My only real problem was that Vince didn't use his opportunity to strip the belt off Cena and drop him down to the mid card. He could have some pretty intense rap battles with the Boogeyman. Yes, the Boogeyman, when he's not remixing a classic lullabye he's dropping some mad raps!

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Well, RAW isn't exactly designed for Brain Surgeons...if ya can't turn the old head off for even the dafter stuff, then you're watching the wrong show. Oo


{ Seriously - Why expect anything else anymore? }


Fact is, it's Sports Entertainment...and as such, it's not about who's the best in the WWE - it's about what's on the script - Vince's stained, dog-eared, ego-tripped Script. XD


I just treat it nearly like a soap opera now...keeps me from remembering all the crap backstage. XD

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Well I personally was waiting to see a new GM. I also was ready to mark out seeing 3MW attack kane and Big Show, maybe next week or after Armageddon then. I am happy Bischoff has gone, yes he might of been ok, but i hated the Cena/Bischoff and i like change suspense and surpise, why is it though that i am hoping and thinking it will be Bret even though i know it won't be, i mean there has been talk on wwe.com of him being a candidate, so that must be some indication.
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So no more Eric Bischoff then? That totally sucks.


i agree its just another example of Vince rubbing Bisch's noses in it. Every few months he decides to remind him who won the monday night wars and pick on him, get over it Vince! :roll , he should be more concerned about the current direction of the WWE at the moment.

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