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Kings Road

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It's a new promotion starting over in Japan that is supposed to be taking the route of Puroresu that Baba and Tsurta did in AJPW... The Kings Road...


It is headed up by DSE as funders it would seem and Kawada will be the figure head...


Apart from that? Nothing much else is known as the group is still on the drawing board...

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Bit more info for you all...


Tenryu official for King's Road, Takanishi jumps ship...


Kenji Aoki and Hideki Takahashi today held a press conference to formalize Genichiro Tenryu's appearance on the King's Road debut show, set for 1/15 at Korakuen Hall. Tenryu said his roots are in Baba's All Japan and said he would give his full support to this group, since it will now carry the spirit of "Oudou". Four matches are planned for the debut show, with Kazushi Miyamoto nominated as the young ace of the promotion by the organizers. Still nothing official on Kawada. As an unofficial declaration of war against All Japan, Aoki and Takahashi announced the capture of Shouta Takanishi from All Japan's dojo, an 18-year-old junior heavyweight, and expect him to debut on the show.

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A bit of news snips about Kings Road....


Tarzan Goto joins King's Road


King's Road today announced the signing of Tarzan Goto as trainer for young men in the promotion. Despite following Onita's path to garbage wrestling, Goto was an All Japan trueborn and "learned King's Road from Baba", hence the selling point of his entry into the "bearer of Oudou". Goto helped train Hayabusa, Mr. Gannosuke (who is close to Goto, so perhaps this could help him land more work, as he is stuck in the tiny WMF and Goto-ippa right now due to bad relations with Kintaro Kanemura leading to him being locked out of many indies), Masato Tanaka, and Tetsuhiro Kuroda in FMW, so has a proven record. Only Shota Takanishi, snatched from All Japan, is a trainee at the moment in King's Road, but the company plans to bring in more shortly after the promotion starts off running shows. Meanwhile, Goto plans to wrestle for King's Road, and show young wrestlers a thing or two about the style.


Aijima joins King's Road, Hashimoto to be a regular, Kea next?




King's Road today held yet another press conference to announce the signing of its second affiliated wrestler, Yuto Aijima (above right). After the NOAH split, Aijima was brought into All Japan from small indy, West Japan, and didn't impress much. But after an injury and re-training from his new mentor, Kawada, Aijima improved a lot and was a stellar figure on All Japan's undercard. After Muto took over, Aijima was no longer booked and has since returned to the small indy scene. This gives him a chance to show what he has again on a bigger stage. King's Road also announced the regular participation of DDT heavyweight, Tomohiko Hashimoto (above left), a man with MMA experience, who hopes to make his presence felt in the company.


Dave Meltzer reports that All Japan trueborn, Taiyo Kea, is on his way out and will join King's Road shortly. Kea was one of three men to stay behind after the split, and despite a close association to Muto, looks to be the second to leave, which will make Fuchi the only one left. Kea's departure, should it become a reality, may mean the demise of RO&D, with its two head honchos, Kea and Jamal, leaving for different promotions. This would be a crushing blow for All Japan, as with so many exits, Kea could have been one of the men moved up a level, as he has been one of Kojima's rivals since Kojima joined All Japan.

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Blue Justice hits King's Road!


Aoki today announced the participation of a mysterious masked man on the King's Road debut show. Named Blue Justice, Aoki said this man has wrestled under other names before, but wants to disguise himself in a blue mask for the time being. Aoki hinted at his identity, suggesting he may bring a certain tag title with him that he won't give back to its owner. His opponent will be announced at a future date.


Blue Justice

Height/Weight: Unknown

Hometown: Togane City, Chiba (same as someone else)

Special Moves: Justice Lock, Justice Lock II, Justice Lock III

- He loves Dragons, especially ones who have held the IWGP Heavyweight Title.

- He loves Hisae (Muto's wife).

- Has experience fighting Chocoball Mukai.

- Has experience in King's Road promotions.


Err.... Anyone think it's a certain Yuji Nagata?

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King's Road began its existence to mild reviews today at Korakuen. About 1,100 fans watched five matches, with the feeling being that only the endurance of Kazushi Miyamoto will keep the interest of the fans who showed up on the second show, unless they find something else. Miyamoto was beaten by Tenryu in a surprisingly close match, where he showed his growth from studying in America and managed to improve his rank. Miyamoto, the "last child of oudou", paid homage to All Japan wrestlers past and present during the match, using Misawa's elbow, Kawada's Stretch Plum, and Muto's Shining Wizard. Tenryu managed to win with two 53-years-old brainbusters, but Miyamoto went down fighting. Miyamoto expressed his desire to face another senior All Japan wrestler on 2/28 at Korakuen, and in the morning press named Toshiaki Kawada as the man he wants to prove himself to. Miyamoto also sent a yell out to fellow generation wrestlers to appear, specifically naming Taichi Ishikari and Masayuki Kono. The company also still plans to try and advance on Baba's old stomping grounds, Tokyo Nippon Budokan, when ready.


Other than the semi final, which saw Omori & Koshinaka beat Koichiro Kimura & Tomohiko Hashimoto, there wasn't much else to the show. Blue Justice (who entered to Nagata's "MISSION BLOW") was the one and only Gran Naniwa, making his return to the ring from retirement, and he was seconded by Kendo Kashin. "Tarzan Goto" was seconded by Ricky Fuji and Gosaku, and when he took his hood off, it wasn't a real Goto either, instead someone else. Kashin said backstage that he appeared as a congratulatory gift to his friend Aoki, one of the men in charge, and isn't sure if there will be any reason for him to return. Ikeda defeated Aijima in the second match, while Shota Takanishi made a decent impression in his debut match, losing to Yuki Ishikawa. Takanishi, KR's first trueborn, said his target is to be the top junior in the promotion.


During intermission, King's Road announced the participation of former All Japan favourite, George Hines, for the next show on 2/28.


King's Road "HATAAGE", 1/15/06

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1,800 Fans - No Vacancy


1. Yuki Ishikawa beat Shota Takanishi (debut) (6:46) with a sleeper hold.

2. Daisuke Ikeda beat Yuto Aijima (7:53) with the Dai-Chan clutch.

3. Tarzan Goto vs. Blue Justice went to a no contest (5:34).

4. Takao Omori ZERO-ONE MAX & Shiro Koshinaka beat Koichiro Kimura & Tomohiko Hashimoto Dramatic Dream Team (16:55) when Omori used an Axe Bomber on Hashimoto.

5. Genichiro Tenryu beat Kazushi Miyamoto (16:09) with the 53-years-old.

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