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I know there has been a poll on this, but still.....


After failing to accomplish his goal last week, will Bischoff be fired?


If he is, will it be permenant?


Who will take his place?


Will they be a heel or face?



Will Eric be fired? I hope not.


Well I think that if Bischoff gets the boot, the new GM will end up losing control of Raw and then Bischoff will be back, or they will be a great GM and Eric will be gone for good.


Who will take his place? Well, most likely Shane-O-Mac, but there are other rumors, people have even metioned Bret Hart. Personally I would like to see Bret do it just so he can run into HBK.


Will they be a heel or face? Most likely a face since Eric was a heel.

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I've heard that Bischoff will keep his job so I reckon it will be Vince, Shane and Bischoff all trying to screw Cena out of the title and this whole new GM thing was a way of getting the title from Cena. Either that or Eric and Vince are gonna turn against Shane, but I would love it to be Heyman
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I'd like WWE to scrap the gm position and employ another WWE president. A Jack Tunney type with some personality who sees that things are done by the book and that stipulations are enforced no matter how minor they seem. I think that the gm role has been done to death and i'd like to see a different approach.
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