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I've been after one of those iAudio (or something similar) multimedia devices and I saw one on Amazon.com, which cost $230 and converted into £146 (I think).


I thought that was a great price and in turn tried to buy the beloved object before Amazon.com informed me that they would not ship that particular item to the UK!


Any reason as to why this is? Or does anyone know where I can buy electrical goods from the US online?


Amazon.co.uk sells the same multimedia device for 200 odd quid!

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Remember that the US is 110 volts, while the UK is 240, so if you buy stuff in the US, it won't without a converter - unless you get one that works on both voltages - so the power lump to recharge it might not work properly.


The reason that they probably don't ship to the UK as it's available over there.

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