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Perfectly built feuds

Fidel Cashflow

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Well, with the Gen-Next/Embassy feud coming to a close last night(or did it?), I looked back and realised just how perfect this rivalry/feud/storyline was built. For a year it was built to pure perfection.


Also, the Lethal-Ki feud was great, stretching for abhout 5 months and some great matches. AJ Styles/Jimmy Rave was yet another great one. And Homicide-Corino continue's to get better.


Anyway, what feuds do you think were booked perfectly, in any fed.



Raven/Dreamer was a good one for me, and I think Rhino/RVD was going to absolutely own 2001 if ECW didn't fold. RVD/Lynn was also solid.


Your picks for the perfect feud?

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Sting vs Hogan 97


The absolute shocking mess that was Starrcade 97 completely undermined any good buildup in the feud. The whole world and their granny could see that Sting should have went to the ring, kicked Hogan's ass for 10 minutes and made him tap out in the middle of the ring to the Scorpian Deathlock, only it didn't exactly turn out that way, to say the least. I'll let you ponder over the reasons why.

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Batista vs HHH 2003/04, i think was really good because they were both big wrestlers that just beat down their apponent if ya get what i mean, so it was good to see how things worked out!


Also Vince vs Austin 1998/99 was a classic!

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AJ vs Daniels

Joe vs Punk ( i think)


They made an attempt at making something of AJ-Daniels but it ended as just a series of matches, lack of time contributed to this.


Joe vs Punk, an AMAZING series of matches, yes. But there was never really a feud there. They never really encountered each other afterwards. I think that was more like "CM Punk isn't just another close call" type thing. It makes him stick out as Joe's toughest competitor who took him to the limit three times. Punk/RoH and Joe/Rottweilers were much more in the sense of feuds.

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Flair/Harley Race

Flair/Dusty Rhodes


Flair/Terry Funk


Bret Hart/Owen Hart

Bret Hart/HBK


The Rock/Austin











Eddie Guerrero/Benoit

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