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Signature of the Year 2005


Best Signature of the Year 2005:  

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  1. 1. Best Signature of the Year 2005:

    • Colin
    • Inno
    • Tazz13
    • The B-Man
    • Trash

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Please vote for the forum member who you feel had the best signature on the Talk Wrestling Online forums in 2005.


REMEMBER: You can NOT vote for yourself!


[1] Colin:


Device Credit, bash.org


Colin says: I wish there was a device on the internet that allowed you to punch someone in the face

Craig (Analyst/Therapist) says: Invent it

Colin says: Then Shares in Colin would be really up!

Craig (Analyst/Therapist) says: I would consider selling mine to a rich Thai businessman

[2] Inno:



Teach the world to sing "Danny Wallace is the king"

For justice and politeness are the laws that he will bring

Where the order of the crown is to frown upon the frown

We done a constitution and we even wrote it down...


[3] Tazz13:


Triple H is holding down my signature


What is a wedding? Webster's defines it as "the process of removing weeds from one's garden"




Take me drunk, I'm home


Another day, another box of stolen pens

[4] The B-Man:


Don't look here look up.
[5] Trash:


What do I know?, I have a trash can on my head.


I didn't jump on it, I DRIVE the Orton Band-wagon


I mark out for Vince McMahon's power walk.


"Chris Jericho thinks he's so cool. But do you know what? He's not red, white and blue Olympic Gold cool. He's "Canadian cool, eh"!

-Angle, SmackDown! 2001

For more info about the awards see: This thread


Poll ends: Saturday December 31st 2005




Please note: I will NOT be counting votes from members who have registered at Talk Wrestling Online after 1st November 2005. This may mean once the polls are unhidden the final tally may not be totally accurate due to these invalid votes.

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