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Talk Wrestling Online Community Awards 2005 - VOTE NOW!


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You can now vote for the 2005 Talk Wrestling Online Community Awards.


The deadline for votes is Saturday December 31st 2005. The winners will be announced a few days later :xyx


Please note: I will NOT be counting votes from members who have registered at Talk Wrestling Online after 1st November 2005. This may mean once the polls are unhidden the final tally may not be totally accurate due to these invalid votes.


You can NOT vote for yourself - the only exceptions are the thread categories, as those are more of a combined effort.


Heres a list of the final nominations:


[VOTE] Forum Member of the Year 2005:

  • Darkstar
  • DraVen
  • Inno
  • MrFill
  • Russ
  • Wyndorf

[VOTE] Chatroom Member of the Year 2005:

  • Big Craig
  • Devilish Angel
  • Marcus
  • Miss T
  • Naitch

[VOTE] Wrestling Forum of the Year 2005:

  • Product Rating and Discussion Zone
  • International Scene & Mixed Martial Arts Forum
  • UK Scene Forum
  • US Scene Forum

[VOTE] Other Forum of the Year 2005:

  • Entertainment Forum
  • General Chat Forum
  • Humour Forum
  • Other Sports Forum
  • Talk Wrestling Online Stars (E-Fed)
  • Video Games Forum

[VOTE] Forum Leader of the Year 2005:

  • Alan - Other Sports Forum
  • Chris2K - US Scene Forum
  • Darkstar - US Scene Forum
  • Evil Gringo - International Scene Forum
  • MrFill - US Scene Forum

[VOTE] Chatroom Moderator of the Year 2005:

  • A.C.
  • Clarkey
  • Devilish Angel
  • Miss T
  • Russ

[VOTE] Debater of the Year 2005:

  • Beltmark
  • Jack
  • MrFill
  • Mr Perfect
  • The Great Jungta

[VOTE] Forum Newcomer of the Year 2005:

  • ahsatan
  • Brett Banner
  • Jimmy Redman
  • Naitch
  • Twiggieplex

[VOTE] Funniest Forum Member of the Year 2005:

  • A.C.
  • Colin
  • Inno
  • Russ
  • Wyndorf

[VOTE] Thread of the Year 2005:

  • Ask TWO! (Started by Livestrong)
  • Benoit burying Jordan (Started by Ed_666)
  • Explosions on London Transport cause chaos (Started by Dan)
  • Talk Wrestling Onlines Ten Most Interesting Moments (Started by Colin)
  • WWE Ice Cream (Started by Fletch)

[VOTE] Most Controversial Thread of the Year 2005:

  • Breastfeeding in public (Started by Darkstar)
  • Do you trust the Muslim community? (Started by Anime_Otaku)
  • Gay Rights Supporters Mark Anniversary (Started by Anime_Otaku)
  • UK General Election 2005 (Started by Simon)
  • What do you think of these people... (Started by Evil Gringo)

[VOTE] Avatar of the Year 2005:

  • Christof - Dancing Carlton
  • Inno - Dancing Gopher
  • Inno - Dancing Creme Egg
  • MrFill - Will Ferell Cowbell
  • Trash - Giraffe with underpants on his head

[VOTE] Signature of the Year 2005:

  • Colin
  • Inno
  • Tazz13
  • The B-Man
  • Trash


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