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RoH 3/12 Results


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Ring of Honor debuted at its new Manhattan venue, Basketball City at Chelsea Piers, last night before a crowd of over 800.




Jason Blade/Kid Mikaze defeated Dunn and Marcos with a top rope moonsault in about 10 minutes.



Davey Andrews defeated Pelle Primeau in about a minute. Following the match, Ricky Reyes came out and destroyed Primeau, Andrews, and other students, as well as the Top of the Class Trophy!



Tony Mamaluke/Sal Rinauro defeated Colt Cabana/Milano Collection AT to retain the ROH Tag Team Titles. Exitenglish said that Mamaluke and Rinauro hit their double team finisher and dropped Milano right on his head!



Bryan Danielson defeated Rocky Romero with a Single Leg Crab in about 17 minutes to retain the ROH World Title.


After the title match, Lance Storm came out. He and Danielson paid respect to one another, and Storm hinted at having one more match in him. The crowd then chanted "One More Match" at Storm.



Jay Lethal defeated Samoa Joe in about 20 minutes with a Dragon Suplex. During the match Lethal attacked Joe with a steel chair, apparently completing the heel turn.



Steve Corino defeated Homicide after a masked man came in and attacked Homicide in a match with a ton of weapon spots.



Steel Cage Warfare:

Generation Next (Austin Aries, Jack Evans, Matt Sydal & Roderick Strong) defeated The Embassy (Abyss, Alex Shelley, Jimmy Rave, and Prince Nana)




Matt Sydal was eliminated at about the 25 minute mark after a Black Hole Slam from Abyss, and a Pedigree from Jimmy Rave. I believe Rave got the pin.


Abyss was eliminated by Jack Evans at about the 35 minute mark with a moonsault off the top of the cage. When Evans entered the match, he hit a double flip moonsault onto the Embassy members still on the floor.


Jack Evans was eliminated by Alex Shelley after a move off the top rope. This was a minute or two after Evans eliminating Abyss. Shelley's move was some sort of a slam.


Jimmy Rave was eliminated by Roderick Strong with the Strong Lock after about 5 backbreakers.


AT THE SAME TIME... Alex Shelley was eliminated by Austin Aries with a brainbuster on a chair, and Prince Nana was eliminated by Austin Aries after a 450 from the top of the cage! Generation Next wins the match with Strong and Aries being the survivors!


Bit late, but anyway, that looks like a brilliant show.


Joe/Lethal was apparently good, and included a good heel turn. I just hope they don't put Lethal on the mic though.


I'm a big Romero fan, and I've grown on Danielson a lot more recently. I always liked him, but since hsi return, I've been a bigger fan. This match will no doubt be fantastic.


Another episode of Corino/Cide, which like the rest of the matches, will be class. Nice to see some violence on RoH shows too. I enjoy the wrestling massively, but a feud that is so hated, needs to show anger, and this match is that. The rest of their matches weere fun to say the least, so I have high hopes for this too.


The Steel Cage Warfare match, on paper, looks incredible. From the reports, it lived up to that, which is all that needs to be said really.


EDIT: Here's another more detailed review.


12/3 was my first live ROH show, but I can guarantee you it won't be my last! Just an absolutely AMAZING show from top to bottom!


I'm not really good with attendance, but I'd have to say that there was at least 1,000 people. Crowd was HOT, with the possible exception of my section, all night long. Show started twenty minutes late because they had to seat the people coming in.


I have to agree with jetsrock2k5 when he says that ROH REALLY needed to do something about that revolving door. There was one entrance/exit and someone could have very easily been crushed by the end of the night.


I went with my dad, who can't stand wrestling, and my 14-year-old brother. As we were walking up to the third floor we got to talking with a couple of guys. When we were about to enter the arena, who but Prince Nana should show up in front of us. I guess these guys were friends or family as he told them that their names were on a guest list and that they should follow some security guard to their seats. As he was walking by I wished him good luck. Seemed like a pretty cool guy.


Show started well enough as Blade & Mikaze beat Dunn & Marcos. Crowd was really into the RCE, but basically crapped on the new kids. Pretty even match that ended when Blade took out Dunn with a corkscrew plancha while Mikaze pinned Marcos.


Davey Andrews vs. Pelle Primeau (sp?) was a nice squash. Crowd were into both guys, as the RABID fans behind me were screaming "KILL DAVEY KILL!" Andrews made Primeau tap to the Anaconda Vice. Post-match saw Ricky Reyes come out and punk all the students. He seemed disgusted that these kids were the "future of ROH". He then squashed all of them in less than minute. It then came down to him and Davey, but that didn't last long as Reyes clocked Andrews with his own trophy. Nice segment.


The Tag-Title match was up next! Crowd was solidly behind the challengers, especially Milano; we were just eating up everything that he did. All four guys looked great, but there's something about Mamaluke and Rinuaro I'm not buying. Ending saw Cabana get backdropped to the outside while SalMaluke drilled Milano with an elevated DDT (MNM's Snapshot). Post-match Mamaluke draped Milano in the Italian flag as a sign of respect, as the two were at eachother's throats during the match


Fourth match was one of our quadruple main-events as "American Dragon" defended the ROH Title against a returning Rocky Romero. Pre-match Danielson had Bobby Cruise introduce him as the "ONLY REAL champion in professional wrestling, and YOUR Ring of Honor World Champion". Crowd was solidly into both guys with duelling "Let's go Rocky! Let's go Dragon!" chants. STIFF and methodical would be the best way to describe this. They started out slow with Rocky going after the arm, and Dragon looking to take out the leg. Slaps, chops, and kicks galore! At one point, Rocky slapped Dragon in one of his AWESOME arm submissions as Julius Smokes started running around the ring like a maniac screaming "RING THE BELL CRACKA'! RING THE BELL!" and slapping hands with Rottweiler fans at ringside. Ending came when Dragon put Rocky in a one-legged Boston Crab with EXTREME crank, giving Romero no choice but to tap out. Post-match, Dragon was celebrating his victory in the ring, when all of a sudden LANCE MOTHERF***ING STORM made his way to ringside! Crowd gave him an AWESOME reception, especially after his patented "if I could be serious for a moment" line. Storm cut a really great promo explaining the reason he retired was because he didn't want to be told what he could and couldn't do in the ring; he wanted to leave on his terms. He puts over his match with Jericho at "One Night Stand" and says that if he were to come back for another match he would want it to be with someone like Danielson. He wants a handshake from the ROH champ. Dragon teased being a pr*ck, saying that he doesn't act on ANYBODY'S terms, unless their his...and his terms declared that he should shake Lance Storm's hand. Great segment that the crowd enjoyed. Storm was showered with "ONE MORE MATCH!" chants as he headed back up the ramp. Classy.


Up until that segment the show had ranged from decent-pretty good, that is until we hit our final three matches. In the "Protogee (sp?) vs. Mentor" match, Jay Lethal BEAT Samoa Joe with the Dragon Suplex. Crowd was 80% behind Joe, while me and the other 20% were pulling for a Lethal victory. During the handshake Joe was asking Lethal "are you sure you want to do this?" This was a GREAT match that lasted around 15-20 minutes. The psychology and story was beautiful as Lethal was getting continuously flustered and frustrated by the HUGE love for Joe. Lethal eventually gained the advantage with a tope and started focusing his attack on Joe legs. Lethal drags Joe to the ring post and swings his legs against it. Jay then went all Captain KILL and proceeded to brutalize Joe's leg with a chair. MASSIVE "**** YOU LETHAL!" chant from the crowd. Sinclair was shocked, but didn't disqualify the protogee. Hot ending that saw Joe nail a sick German Suplex and then haul Lethal up for the Musclebuster. Unfortunately Joe's leg gave out from under him allowing Lethal to nail him the Dragon Suplex for the 3. After the match Jay acted like a complete dick by shaking Joe's hand and then stomping on the injured leg multiple times. Lethal then yelled at some little kid who said he sucked; it was AWESOME! Joe staggered to the back seriously pissed off. A heel Lethal is going to be great!


Simply labeled a "grudge match" at the start, Homicide-Corino turned into a WAR by the finish. Crowd was AMPED for this battle! Homicide received a great ovation by the hometown fans as we were ALL pulling for the "Notorious 187". Crowd was ready to murder Corino during his introduction, which was a poem that basically **** on New York and claimed that Corino MADE Homicide. Homicide just sat in a chair in the middle of the ring and stared a hole through Corino. The whole thing was like a throwback to 2003. The match started hot and heavy, and never let up. At one point, Homicide went for what looked to be a regular tope, overshot Corino, and at the last moment turned it into a twisted tope con hilo! At this point a masked man, [WINK] NOT Colt Cabana [WINK], attacked Julius Smokes with his own baseball bat forcing J-Train to the back. The rest of this match was ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING as Homicide went right for Corino's deaf ear, ripping it open with a barbed wire chair and then stabbing him with the ghetto fork. In one spot, Homicide stuck the fork INSIDE Corino's ear and proceeded to hammer it in further. TWO table spots both saw Corino get the worst end of it. In the end, Homicide went to throw the barbed wire chair at Corino's face, only for the "King of Old School" to move, and see the chair hit the ref in the face! Homicide just laughed; awesome! Sinclair made his way down but also found himself physically ejected from the ring. It was at this point that the masked man came down again, hit a move on Homicide (I forget), allowing Corino to pick up the 3-count. Worth the price of the DVD itself!


Intermission time...bought myself a hoodie and three tickets to the return show in Manhatten on March 25th, 2006. During this time they set up the STEEL CAGE!


STEEL CAGE WARFARE!!! One of the most awesome, well-worked, and emotional matches I have ever seen. The first entrant for The Embassy was Jimmy Rave. His entrance and interactions with the crowd was so amazing. The toilet paper was out in full force and it pissed Rave off to no end. Chants of "DIE JIMMY DIE!" and "RAVE'S A ?????GOT!" echoed throughout the arena before the match even started. The first entrant for Generation Next was Austin Aries, who possibly got the pop of the night. The crowd just LOVED him to death! The remaining entrants were in this order: Alex Shelley, Matt Sydal, Abyss, Roderick Strong, Prince Nana, and Jack Evans. Jade Chung also made an unexpected appearance.


I'm not going to go into as much detail with this match, as it's nearly 50 minutes long, suffice to say it's AMAZING! Some ???? include: Jack's DOUBLE MOONSAULT off the cage, Shelley drilling Aries with the Skull****** on a chair, Strong's gutbuster on Abyss, Jack SKIPPING A GENERATION from the top of the cage, Shelley hitting a Kryptonite Krunch on Jack from the middle rope, and the last five minutes. Just awesome, awesome stuff!


I've said it before, and I'll say it again; ROH IS THE ****!!! For a first show I couldn't have had a better time. The atmosphere was great, the people were great, and most importantly, the show itself was FANTASTIC!!! THANK YOU ROH!!!

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I'll be honest, it's a decent looking show considering the talent involved, but I've seen more stacked ROH cards than this. Apparently the crowd weren't all that great and seemed to have litte interest in the main event aside from reacting to the high spots. Lethal as a heel will need to work on his ring work alone, because he doesn't have the mic skills to turn a crowd on him. I'm not surprised to see Milano popular with the US crowds due to a lot of his comedy being physical stuff. The Rottweilers looked to have impressed once again, with two good matches and Reyes continuing to look like a bad ass. Storm's appearance was a big unexpected to say the least, but I doubt he'll actually get involved with the company once again.


With so many ROH shows coming out these days, I'm needing to skip a few non-essential ones. I doubt I'll be buying this one.

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I have to see Steel Cage Warfare. That match has culminated a year long feud. It was almost a yearago when GenNext kicked out Shelley, then later the Embassy got involved. Either way, this sounds incredible. Evans hitting the double moonsault was mandatory, for a super skipping a generation? SICK.


I can't wait to see this match


Joe-Lethal sounds good, his best promo to date is his one challenging Joe to this match. I wonder what altercations will happen between him and the Rottweiler's now.

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